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simple interprocess messaging system (Qt-based shared library)

D-BUS is a message bus, used for sending messages between applications. Conceptually, it fits somewhere in between raw sockets and CORBA in terms of complexity.

This package provides the Qt-based shared library for applications using the Qt interface to D-BUS.

See the dbus description for more information about D-BUS in general.

Package version:0.62.git.20060814-2build3


D-BUS is a simple IPC library based on messages.

See also the file HACKING for notes of interest to developers working on D-BUS.

See for lots of documentation, 
mailing lists, etc.


A core concept of the D-BUS implementation is that "libdbus" is
intended to be a low-level API, similar to Xlib. Most programmers are
intended to use the bindings t


D-BUS 0.62 (12 June 2006)
- Doc fixes
- Added support for all data-types for the dbus tools
- Fixed eavesdropping on method calls (dbus-monitor)
- Fixed silent dropping of method calls with interface=NULL
- Fixed console ownership problems in Solaris
- Fixed installation of dbus-signature.h and #include it in dbus/dbus.h
- Flush the user database cache on config reload
- GLib bindings:
  - Fix 


dbus-qt3 (0.62.git.20060814-2build3) lucid; urgency=low

  * rebuild rest of main for armel armv7/thumb2 optimization;

 -- Alexander Sack <>  Fri, 05 Mar 2010 04:06:45 +0100

dbus-qt3 (0.62.git.20060814-2build2) karmic; urgency=low

  * No-change rebuild to gain FORTIFY defaults.

 -- Kees Cook <>  Sat, 09 May 2009 10:10:


Olivier Andrieu <>
Philip Blundell <>
Anders Carlsson <an


This package was debianized by Colin Walters <> on
Thu,  6 Mar 2003 18:01:37 -0500

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