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Extracts URLs from text

This utility is used to extract URL from text files, especially from mail messages in order to launch some browser to view them. This used to be a part of mutt but has now become an independent tool.
Package version:0.9-19


urlview 0.9

`urlview' is a curses program for extracting URLs from text files and
displaying a menu from which you can select a specific URL to view using
your favorite browser program.  It respects the BROWSER convention
(see <>)

Requires: working regcomp() or GNU rx.

Michael Elkins <me@cs.hmc.


urlview for DEBIAN

The urlview package was created with some slight modifications on the 
upstream sources. The most important is that Debian's urlview will 
read a system-wide configuration file. This allows the system administrator
to set a unified way to handle embedded URLs.

From release 0.7-4 was substituted with a version developed 
by Martin Schulze <joey


urlview (0.9-16) unstable; urgency=low

     This release introduces the WRAP option. 
     The default behaviour is to NOT wrap URLs; if you want to change this, 
     set WRAP to 'yes' in your config file.

     See urlview(1).

 -- Emanuele Rocca <>  Wed, 05 Oct 2005 18:35:52 +0200


urlview(1)                                                urlview(1)

       urlview - URL ex


urlview (0.9-19) unstable; urgency=low

  * Acknowledge NMU. Thanks, Matt Kraai!
  * Alpine added to


Michael Elkins <>


This package was debianized by 
Luis Francisco Gonzalez

It was downloaded from 


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Download urlview_0.9-19_i386.deb

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