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Apache Traffic Server Software Developers Kit (SDK)

This package provides the Apache Traffic Server Software Developers Kit. This is a collection of development header and bindings for the C programming language, the tsxs linking helper and examples to write your own plug-ins for the Apache Traffic Server.
Package version:3.0.2-1


About add-header.c

This plugin adds a header to a request.

Enter the text of the header to be added into the plugin.config file; for 
enter the following line in plugin.config

	On NT:	AddHeader.dll "name1: value1" "name2: value2"
	On Solaris: "name1: value1" "name2: value2"

The TSPluginInit function does the following:

- creates a MIME field buffer that contains the hea


About append-transform.c

This example is based on null-transform.c. It appends text to the body
of an HTML text response document on its way from the cache to the

The plugin first makes sure that it has received a "200 OK"
response from the origin server.  It then verifies that the returned
document is of type "text/html".  It "transforms" the document by
appending text to the file.  


The basic-auth.c plugin performs basic HTTP proxy authentication.

-- The plugin checks all client request headers for the Proxy-Authorization
   MIME field, which should contain the user name and password.

     TSPluginInit sets up a global HTTP hook that calls the plugin
     whenever there is a host DNS lookup. The plugin's continuation
     handler, auth-plugin, calls handle_dns to check the 


How to run the blacklist plugin

1. Modify blacklist.cgi to specify 


About file-plugin.c

This plugin simply reads a file and writes its contents to
a buffer. 

In a typ


Gzip / Gunzip plugins

These plugins work only in conjunction and should not b


The null-transform.c plugin performs a null transformation
on response content. 

The plugin is call


A sample internal plugin to use the HdrPrint functions and the TSIOBuffers 
that the functions until

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