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A web server log file analysis tool

A fast, free, flexible web server log file analysis program. Produces XHTML output for viewing with a web browser. Features multiple language support, incremental processing capabilities, reverse DNS lookup support, export via tab separated ascii files to popular databases and spreadsheets, and much more. Supports standard CLF and combined (Apache), as well as W3C (IIS) logs format.
Package version:0.5.4-12.1


WebDruid for Debian

* The Debian package of The WebDruid does not setup cronjobs automatically
  as the webalizer package does. You have to set it up yourself, hook it
  to the logrotating of apache or whatever suits your needs.

* You have to install the graphviz package if you want The WebDruid to
  generate User Flow charts.


Upgrade information for The WebDruid 0.5.3

This document is for people in a hurry, who want to
upgrade their system to the latest version of The WebDruid
without read the entire manual :-)

For the others who want to learn a bit more about what they can do with
the webdruid, they should definately read carefully the README file.

You must follow instructions in the appropriate sections below.


IPv6 port by Arkadiusz Mi´┐Żkiewicz <misiek@pld.ORG.PL>
for PLD GNU/Linux, Sun Sep 2 2001


The WebDruid - A web server log file analysis tool

Copyright 2003-2004 by Fabien Chevalier (fabien@


webdruid(1)                 The WebDruid                 webdruid(1)

       webdruid - A web


webdruid (0.5.4-12.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * add.format.arguments.pat


This is a short reminder for things that must be done quickly.
For a more long term TODO, see Roadma


This package was debianized by Klaus Reimer <> on
Mon, 23 Feb 2004 22:39:58 +0100.


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Download webdruid_0.5.4-12.1_i386.deb

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