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Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers (master part)

iTALC makes it possible, to access and influence the pupils activities just from the computer of the teacher. With the help of iTALC, for example the teacher is able to see the content of the pupils screens on his screen. If a pupil needs help, the teacher can access the pupils desktop and give support from his computer. The pupil can watch all activities, the teacher is doing on his desktop. So the pupil can learn new processes. For teaching something to all pupils, you can switch into demo-mode where all screens of the pupils show the teacher-screen. Furthermore things like locking pupil's screens, killing games, power on/off clients and much more can be done with iTALC.

This package contains the software necessary to observe and control iTALC clients provided by the italc-client package.

Package version:1:


italc for Debian

1.1) Create keypairs to allow watching
	To configure italc in order to allow teachers and/or admins to watch what
	the pupils/people do, you have to create key pairs. These keys are automatically
	stored in /etc/italc, and they are created by this command:
		ica -createkeypair -role $role
	where $role could be: teacher, admins, other or supporter. 
	If you don'


ITALC(1)                                                    ITALC(1)

       italc - iTALC Master Application


       iTALC  is the actual software to control iTALC-clients. Using
       it's GUI you can remote-control, lock,  shutdown/reboot  com‐
       puters  as  well  as show a demo, send text-messages to users
       and much more.



This package was debianized by Steffen Joeris <> on
Sat, 12 Nov 2005 00:20:36 +0100.

It was downloaded from

Copyright Holders: 

Main Developer:	   Tobias Doerffel <>
Other Developers:

		Rohit Kumar <>
		Copyright (C) 2005
		List of files:

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