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	These files allow you to compile 2.10 on another machine,
in this case a VAX.  Makefile.vax is the Makefile, VAX.c replaces
the .s files.  An interesting fact (for contemplation as you wait
for your 11/34 to compile the kernel) is that 2.10 compiles and
loads in just under eight minutes on an VAX 8600.  Just thought
you'd want to know.
	Fix cpp.c so that it defines the right things; this one has
been altered so that "vax" isn't defined.  Probably should alter it
so that it defines BSD2_10, too, but I didn't and just defined BSD2_10
in the Makefile.  It's also defined in param.h, so it's probably a
safe thing.
	Fix cc.c so that it calls the right cpp.

		(cd cpp;make cpp)
		mv cpp/cpp CPP
		cc -O cc.c -o CC
		(cd ..;config VAX)

		rm ../../VAX/Make*		# use shell script install
		cp VAX.c Makefile ../../VAX	# to do this

		cd ../../VAX
		make unix

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