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This is a modified mod_cgid.c from httpd-2.0.46. The changes have
purposely been kept at a minimum to hopefully reduce patch merge
issues in the future. This version was chosen to be compatible with
the Apache shipped on RHEL 3.


This is needed so we can retain root priviledges when running some
specific CGIs in the admin server. Caution should be taken when
configuring your server. RetainPerms must be "on" in order for the
CGI to be executed by mod_restartd, otherwise this dumps out. It is
registered to run before mod_cgi so anything not handled here will
be executed by mod_cgi. You definitely don't want any random CGIs
executed by mod_restartd.

In order to compile standalone, local copies of mod_suexec.h and
mod_include.h are needed. They are also from 2.0.46.


This is built as part of the Admin Server build.  It is not intended to
be built standalone.


This is installed as part of the Admin Server install.  It is not intended to
be installed standalone.
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