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* 1 Apr, 2011  : 0.0.10
	- Improved aborting behaviour for filters

	User Visible Bugfixes/Changes:
	- In cluster filter, datasets consisting of "core" only can now be clustered. Previously some "bulk" was required, due to programming error.
	- Fix drag/drop loading bugs
	- Fix multiple data files not being accepted at command line
	- Fix crash-on-exit in OSX 10.7 bug
	- Improved rangefile reader - more tolerant of oddly formatted rangefiles
	- Fix bug where downsample filter would not update ion selection if parent rangefile filter was altered.
	- Data loading can now use custom string for data name - defaults to "mass-to-charge"
	- Plot region dragging now disallowed if region not shown (ie lies outside visible data area).
	- Fix bug in plot panel, where I beam would not show if user did Y zoom starting below plot X axis
	- Fix bug in plot zooming, where a perfectly X or perfectly Y zoom (ie mouse moved exactly horizontally or vertically) would fail to zoom.
	- Fix bug in clip & composition cylinder where perfectly horizontal (XY plane) would result in incorrect direction for analysis.
	- Better drag/drop support when dropping into tree "base" - now will only allow filters that can be a data source on top level.
	- Most buttons/checkboxes/spinbuttons etc ("controls") now have tool tips when hovering mouse.
	- Several previously untranslated items added to translation database
	- Minor layout change to ion info properties.

	Technical Bugfixes/Features:	
	- Major internal reorganisation (refactor) of viscontrol. Now split into two parts, a tree manipulator & refresher (FilterTree), and UI/backend sync (Viscontroller)- Some export dialogs now take advantage of tree cache, making exporting dialog appearance faster in complex filter trees.
	- More unit tests for filters, rangefiles and filter trees.
	- Some export dialogs now take advantage of tree cache, making exporting dialog appearance faster in complex filter trees.
	- Improved dependency retrieval script, making porting a bit easier.
	- More QA checking in release script
	- Compiles against GCC 4.7.
	- Re-enable convex hull based algorithms in OSX.
	- Remove unneccessary #includes.
	- Some code de-duplication, thanks to
	- Hidden debug only Autosave with ctrl+insert.
	- Fix memory leaks in filter devices, rangefile filter 
	- Property keys now throw assertion error if not unique.
	- Fix small array overrun in NN histogram generation in RDF filter
	- Fix MK1 KD tree stack underrun for some trees.
	- Properties in XML files are now escaped and unescaped, avoiding malformatted/broken state and configuration files, if using any of "<>&" in saved elements.

* Dec 17, 2011  : 0.0.9
	- Rangefile filter now has "all ions/ranges" enable/disable option
	- Autosave dialog now shows timestamp on file, eg "autosave.123.xml,
	one day ago"
	- Density computation in volume estimation filter 
	- Implement scroll-to-zoom in plots
	- Rangefiles can now be dropped onto program to open.

	User Visible Bugfixes/Changes:
	- Fix crash-on-load due to strict floating point checks under some
	  wxGtk (linux) systems (Reported by users)
	- Fix text file loading when loadlimit is 0.
	- Fix hang when loading incorrectly formatted text files
	- Fix bug where primitives might not show from transform filter until
  	  forcing a refresh
	- Spectrum filter no longer resets bincount when no data passed to it.
	- Composition profile now matches 3D cylinder size when using fixed
	  number of bins. (Reported by user)
	- Fix bug where only line plots could be selected for plot dropdowns.
	- Fix random crash/weirdness bug when dragging 3D items.
	- Fix several internal debug dialogs being shown in wx2.9 (OSX 10.7)\
	- Fix non-responsive dialogs in wx2.9 (OSX 10.7)
	- Fix occasional corruption of volume estimate in IonInfo filter
	- Better colouring of ranges in plot area (now uses exact colour, not
	  closest from fixed palette)
	- Better error messages when failing to load data files
	- Fix config file error message for new 3Depict installs
	- Fix double message dialog when failing to load autosave
	- Fix bug where dataset would appear rotated when changing view axis
	for certain orientations.
	- Fix various bugs in autosave dialog

	Technical Bugfixes/Features:
	- Implement quality assurance code : unit testing of most filters, add
  	  release build checks.
	- Cluster filter now can do morphology (ellipse fit), but user frontend incomplete.
	- Many small memory leak fixes 
	- Fix corner case bug in  cluster analysis filter where small data
	  corruption could occur for very small datasets.
	- Fix duplication of final range in rangefile
	- Fix large memory leak in convex hull estimation.
	- More strict checking for source dependencies in configure script
	- Marginally faster data loading by removing unneeded shuffle
	- More correct and strict rangefile checking
	- Fix bogus error in debug mode when dragging mouse move rate slider to max
	in pref. dialog
	- Fix bogus error in debug mode when using smoothing filter on voxels
	- Colourbar overlay no longer affected by scene lighting.
	- Fix bug where editing a property, then switching cameras can cause
	  hang in debug mode.

* Sep 30, 2011  : 0.0.8
	- Data files can now be monitored for changes, prompting
	  auto-reloading of filter tree if file changes.
	- Multiple autosave files (per running program copy) are now
	- Annotation filter, including angle measurement, text annotation,
	  and linear measurement.
	User Visible Bugfixes/Changes:
	- Voxel smoothing option now works if smoothing kernel is larger
	 than dataset (i.e. small bin numbers or large sigma values).
	- Fix bug in density scaling (this was prev. included in some builds)
	- Fix bug in refreshing code which would not cause tree to be
	  loaded correctly in some filter combination cases (such as pos
	  Load->pos Load)
	- Fix preferences not respected when loading data files
	- Fix text files not selectable by default from load menu
	- Minor changes to ion info filter
	- Fix segfault if loading text data files with too few columns

	Technical Bugfixes/Features:
	- wxWidgets 2.9 support (incl. source build now supported under OSX 10.7, in theory)
	- Minor correctness improvements to configure script
	- wxWidgets correctness fixes (assertion failures etc).
	- Fix build for libpng 1.4 (infopp_NULL -> NULL)
	- Respect user choice of system background in plot area

* Jul 30, 2011  : 0.0.7
	- Improved isosurface computation, incl. data filtering.
	- Foreign language support
		- German translation (de_DE).
	- Ion Info filter : volume and composition estimation.

	User Visible Bugfixes/Changes:
	- Periodic update checks (Unmanaged systems only, ie OSX, windows).
	- Improved window positioning on startup.
	- Fix voxel state saving - now restores range selections.
	- Fix cropping with camera coordinates incorrect behaviour 
	  due to numeric instabilities.
	- Fix range file reading under locales with non-english decimal
	- Better handling of relative paths in analysis packages.
	- Ion transform filter now has "value transform" mode
	- Faster voxel computations (caching + cache introspection)
	- Improved crop controls  -- better reset behaviour.
	- Fix pointcloud representation off-by-1/2 voxel pitch.
	- Fix bug where zooming repeatedly in 2D plot caused hang
	- Manually changing composition profile Cylinder axis respects
	  lock axis magnitude setting.
	- Fix off-by-one in tick computation for bounding box.
	- Fix value setting when changing between clip objects
	- OpenGL status is now checked upon startup.

	Technical Bugfixes/Features:
	- Rewrote plot code to allow for more extensible plotting.
	- Improved checking of filter stream outut.
		- Checking of block masks against emit.
		- Other misc. checking.
	- Depth sorting framework for improved transparency rendering.
	- Removed many small memory leaks in parsing & UI.
	- Improved numerical stability in some rotation operations

* May 16, 2011  : 0.0.6
	- Text data file loading
	- Cameras can now be locked
	- Add noise mode to transform filter (gaussian/white)

	User Visible Bugfixes/Changes:
	- Clustering algorithm now gives sensible results. 
		- Previous implementation was wrong in several respects. Now
		  should behave correctly, even on corner cases.
		- Now performs bounds-in-sphere check for large queries,
		  significantly improving the scaling characteristics of
		  the search when using large bulk link radii
	- Fix crash when moving range on empty data 
	- Workaround for wxWidgets bug where recent file list >9 items
	  would not load
	- Fix bug in undo/redo where tree may not reset correctly if it
	  contains range data after undo/redo op.

	Technical Bugfixes/Features:
	- Signficantly more complex refresh system, now performs type analysis
	  on tree to determine minimal subsections of tree to refresh. Now filters
	  that cannot cache well will penalise the refresh system much less.
	- Fix corner case bug in LFSR selection routines (power of two
 	  selection from same size array results in single duplicate).
	- Fix opengl bug with isosurface draw which appears up under some
	  video card/driver combinations, which lead to undefined video
	  behaviour (bad glPopAttrib()/glEnd() ordering)
	- Fix incorrect "loaded file" message if uninterpretable pos file
	- Fix error in plot causing assertion error during mouseover
	- Fix plot behaviour when all data == 0.

* March 27, 2011  : 0.0.5
	- Clustering algorithm
		- Modification of methods of Stephenson et al.; this
		includes Max. Sep algorithm. See manual for algorithm
		description and parameter details
	- Value shuffle mode in transform filter
	- Mouse preferences for zoom and other controls
	User Visible Bugfixes/Changes:
	- Add hint to resolution dialog to maintain aspect ratio in output plots by default
	- Mac binary now distributed through packagemaker.

	Technical Bugfixes/Features:
	- Major code refactor; simplify code layout to aid further code development, speed compilation
	- Fix "press shift to refresh" hint not working
	- Fix voxels not reporting cache size
	- Fix possible crash bug in double click plot when no plot visible.
	- Filters now support named sections in property sets
	- Disallow zero sized ion streams from rangefiles	
	- Fix off-by-one bug in boundcube set func (can cause assertion error)
	- Improve progress reporting for LSFR random selections

* January 23, 2011  : 0.0.4
	- Preferences dialog 
		- User defined defaults for each filter 
		- Window startup behaviour
	- Postprocessing effects
		- Interactive/fast depth buffer based cropping
		- Analgyphic (oldschool coloured glasses) stereo
	- Fullscreen now has "partial" and "really" fullscreen modes
	- Ion downsampling filter now aware of ranges

	User Visible Bugfixes/Changes:
	- Improved parsing of points, so more styles of 3D point entry is 
	allowed, eg when cutting/pasting from scilab
	- Plot now zooms in X or Y only by double clicking below axis
	- Some sections that were supposed to be paralellised, but were not
	due to typos, now actually are.
	- Fix bugs in state file writing for ion clipping (non saved var)
	- Fix parallelism in KD tree building
	- RDF was not paralellised, and could not be aborted
	- Voxels no longer crash due to non-ion input
	- Fix assertion errors when working with cylinder clipping tools
	- Fix overlays hints being drawn "below" other points in the scene (disable
	depth buffer, and draw last)

	Technical Bugfixes/Features:
	- Improve compilation structure to simplify builds under all
	platforms, particularly when using paralell or similar
	- Various crash fixes due to re-entry bugs
	- Fix a few unititalised variables (eg spat. analysis ->cache on plot)
	- Implement "effects" framework to allow insertion of arbitrary openGL
	calls using derived effects classes.
	- Some internal refactoring to reduce code duplication (Filter

* November 29, 2010 : 0.0.3
	- Added range interaction on-plot
	- Show marker for transform in mass-centre && boundbox mode. Allow
	user to show or hide marker.
	- Add drag and drop support for files
	- Add on-screen colourbar  for ion colour
	- Add axis drawing
	- Added better error messages to XML file read
	- Added RDF filter
	- Add mode to lock cylinder magnitude during rotation
	- Plot panning (hold shift key)
	- Filters can report stepwise progress
	- Improvements to manual.

	User Visible Bugfixes:
	- Better error messages for PNG/SVG plot save
	- Fix bug in binding which caused object to move more than it should
	 during 3D drag
	- Set dialog default item focus
	- Fix escape key not working in dialogs
	- Switch ms-windows camera roll to use alt, rather than tab, because
	ctrl+tab advances through controls, regardless of focus
	- Remove buggy parallel code in rotation filter
	- Fix transform filter behaviour to +origin after rotate
	- Fix bugs in transform filter
		- origin behaviour
		- copying/stashing filter
	- Fix bug whereby region colours in mass spectrum had green and blue
	channels swapped (typo)
	- Fix for crash when exporting images at high resolutions,
	due to uncaught std::bad_alloc in conjunction with a missing return
	after popping up dialog box
	- Fix bug with loading multiple files at command line
	- Fix bug in voxels where axis aligned data caused crash
	- Fixed animation tiling 
	- Ensure visibility reset actually resets to looking down +ve axis
	- Change plot axis to show log_10 rather than just log() during log
	- Fixed interaction overlay drawing transparancy

	Technical Bugs/Features:
	- Really fast "random" sampling.
	- Fix memory leak where textures were continually reloaded at every
	use due to bad name handling
	- Fix incorrect usage of std::unique that was leading to assertion
	- Make conjugation in quaternions implicit for even faster quat
	- Fix bug in GenericLoadFloatFile, where the output vector was too
	small for cols<4, resulting in mem overflow
	- Fix bug in transform filter where data limits were requirested for
	ion data sizes < 2
	- Fixes for spatial analysis filter
		- Catch and report errors to console, rather than crash.
	- Fixes to plot bound get function with multiple plots
		- Only returns visible plots now
	- Fix aspect ratio not set during scene overlay draw
	- Added export analysis package
	- Added abort to rendering sequence
	- Fix assertion error during refresh due to bad total filter count
	after ion export
	- Fix bug in BoundCube::setBounds where incorrect assignment for z
	was made
	- Valgrind out two crash bugs due to uninited mem

* September 24, 2010: 0.0.2

	- Files with arbitrary number of data channels can now be loaded,
	but only one channel at a time can be analysed.
	- Many functions are now openMP parallellised, and thus will
	take advantage of multiple CPUs, if enabled at compile time
	- Simple animation support (PNG sequences in an orbit)
	- Voxelisation support; voxel data can be generated using the new
	Voxelise filter. Supported visualisation methods are Isosurfaces and
	point clouds.
	- Undo/redo support : filter operations can now be undone, and redone.
	- Windows build: we now have a windows build.
	- Improved rangefile parsing. This should now work on every range file
	I have ever met. If you have one where it does not work, let us know.
	- Several filters have been improved to be easier to use (eg transform
	- Some core functions have been optimised (eg rotation, composition
	profiles), and should be significantly faster.
	- Many bugfixes -- program should be significantly more stable, but
	requires testing (please help us with this if you can )

* August 11, 2010 : Released 0.0.1
	- Initial release
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