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TODO List - worlds simplest bugtracking system 


--Main app--
	To Implement:
		== Next version ==
		* Voxelisation filter should not show ions disabled in upstream range

		== Eventually == 
		* Support for XY scatter plots
		* Status bar message queue
		* Voxel export dialog 
		* VTK voxel data export
		* Binomial? (MM edition)
		* OPS and other 3DAP formats reader?
		* Improved resolution dialog (Easy fix, but needs time/thought)
		* Stream information filter (Easy fix, but needs time/thought)
		* Polynomial error estimator in graph
		* Shear-warp volume render mode for voxels
			- This can be broken into two useful stages
				(1) transfer function editor, could be tested with point cloud mode
				(2) Volume render code (check out SMVIS, Author gave perm. under GPLv3+)
		* Ion exchange/explode filter
		* DTD (Document type descriptor) for state files, to
		  specify a consistant statefile structure
			- How to ensure version compatibility in future
			state files?
		* VTK/xyzm output
		* BB cache for ion data?
		* Option to warn on file overwrite with save after merge (default off)
		* Theora video?
		* Multiple selection in filter tree for many to one stash/unstash operations
		* We are using too many timers. There are limits to max. timers (win32?).
		* Front-to back alpha blending ordering support for
		 scene drawing of non-pointcloud objects
		* Voxelisation filter needs progress
		* Better progress during cluster ranging
		* Clipping should be parallelised
		* Billboard text
		* Camera animation control (slerp?)
		* Undo by timestream
		* MD5sums could be used on filter input to determine cache-refreshingness! (clever!)
		* Per ion type ion display sizes?
		* CSR fit to NN Hist in spatial analysis 
		* NN "shift" algorithm (delta sqrmag -> value)

	Outstanding bugs:
		== Next release==
		* File -> export image -> Height*=2, results in aspect ratio of output image being distorted
		* Ensure getdeps does not clash with fink/homebrew, so we don't stuff a user's machine
		== Eventually==
		* Lighting calculations on isosurfaces can be problematic. See example package
		* Voxelisation "filter" option appears to be reducing voxel intensity
		* Loading a full pos file directly onto the video card cannot be aborted.
		* OSX drag/drop functionality broken.
		* Scroll wheel on text area for camera drop down does
		  not scroll cameras; only on button (wxGTK only??)
		* Switching between fixed width and num bins in voxel
		  repeatedly causes "drift" of values -- aliasing errors?
		* Colour bar drawing broken when tiling an output image
		* Error bar masking for graph (mathgl draws error bars outside plot boundary)
		* Pos load add could always add to bottom of filter list,
		 rather than default value
		* Grid copy/ctrl-c doesn't seem to work under GTK. The data gets
		  passed to the clipboard, but then wx doesn't appear to
		  do anything with it...
			- Could be constrained to wxGTK2.8 or less (
			 wxWidgets Bug Ticket #11811 ??? )
		* Under mac osx, changing languages does not cause stock
		  wx translation strings to change, even after app restart.
		* Select an X-Y crop, camera coords, on a dataset,
		  then view   target  (-9.14237,-0.995174,83.2904) origin
		  (188.23,-0.995174,83.2904). Now press ctrl+space. Note
		  dataset disappears until mouse motion. This is due to
		  camera up vector not being updated, I suspect.
		* Text bounding boxes are wrong.
		* Range file drag/drop ignores drop coordinates; this could be useful
		  in trying to interpret where the user wants to drop the object

		== Needs reproducing ==
		* Invalid range file being opened cause Package export to crash
		* Windows appears to have weird front-back drawing behaviour for point clouds.
		* Duplicate range at end when exporting range
		* Large datasets causing crash?
		* Ion transform leaking memory??
		* Windows (32 bit on 64) crash on startup bug -- seems to happen after
		  locale init, maybe openGL related (there was a second
		  opengl program running at the time - context problem???). Cannot reproduce... Maybe fixed by improved glpane error code?

		== Next release ==

		* Scene is sometimes continuously refreshed during post effects, causing CPU usage
		  to max out.
		* Clipping sphere/cylinder does BB test? (only useful if we have bb cache)
		* Pos limit loader could alter its behaviour when
		 sampling rates some percentage to be determined (load
		 file, skip buffer).
		* Clustering could be paralellised, but is complex. Split & weld along KD tree lines using 
		  cluster BB interactions.
		* Examine performance characteristics of HULL_GRAB in ioninfo

-- Refactor/cleanup --
	* updateFilterPropertyGrid is in a bad location, need new
	  file that knows about filters and wx at the same time,
	  but is not viscontrol ;)
	* Interaction code needs to be cleaned up. Currently it is a substatiative hack.
		- Viscontrol should store a copy of the original tree,
		  then periodicially compare it to the current tree. if it
		  is different, then it should invalidate the caches for
		  the different bits, and then force a refresh. This would allow for removal 
		  of the callback mechanism that is currently in use
	* work out which inline FIXMEs and TODOs are still valid, and need attention
	* I have multiple colour classes floating about. might be an idea to unify them.
	* K3DTree currently requires public access to members of boundcube

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