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$Id: README 94653 2011-10-07 09:09:21Z msmit $

Kokyu is a portable middleware scheduling framework designed to
provide flexible scheduling and dispatching services within the
context of higher-level middleware. Kokyu currently provides real-time
scheduling and dispatching services for TAO's real-time Event Service
which mediates supplier-consumer relationships between application
operations. Kokyu also provides a scheduling and dispatching framework
for threads. This is being used by the TAO RTCORBA 1.2 scheduler
implementations. For more information, see


To build Kokyu on Unix systems, from under $ACE_ROOT/Kokyu do


To build Kokyu on Windows, open the workspace
$ACE_ROOT/Kokyu/Kokyu.dsw and build it.

An mpc file has also been provided - $ACE_ROOT/Kokyu/Kokyu.mpc from
which IDE specific build files can be generated.
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