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Revision history for App-Cmd

0.307     2010-03-09
          bump up required version of Getopt::Long::Descriptive

0.306     2010-03-08
          return the App::Cmd object (when non-Simple) in the Tester result
          allow App::Cmd::Tester subclasses to chose another Result class

0.305     2010-03-07
          App::Cmd::Tester now reports (probable?) exit code of tested apps
          some improvements to the tutorial and other docs
          added some documentation for App::Cmd::Setup
          now searches for plugins under App::Cmd::Plugin::; use = to prevent

0.304     2009-12-07
          remove use of deprecated "-run" from synopsis (thanks, George

0.303     2009-11-27
          revert behavior of App::Cmd 0.302 -- GLD no longer gives undef opts

0.302     2009-11-27
          expect undef values for acceptable-but-ungiven options in $opt

0.301     2009-09-02
          fix App::Cmd::Simple docs to show ->execute (noticed by MIYAGAWA)

0.300     2009-08-28
          "use MyApp -run;" is deprecated; it will be removed after no less
          than a year

          this led to problems where normal exit-on-error messages confused
          users by complaining about failing to compile; magic to stop this is
          not worth the tiny savings

          COMMANDS SHOULD NOW HAVE ->execute RATHER THAN ->run
          this will not break you code... except:

          WILL BREAK YOUR CODE: App::Cmd::Simple programs must use ->execute
          rather than ->run

0.207     2009-08-27
          add option to allow any unambiguous command abbreviation
          (thanks, Jerome Quelin)

0.206     2009-08-19
          add a ->description to commands (thanks, Jerome Quelin)

0.205     2009-08-18
          add the long-missing arg0 and full_arg0 accessors (resolves 35528)
          thanks to GAISSMAI and Jerome Quelin for reporting

0.204     2009-06-27
          document the need for calling ->import on Simple apps
          add tests for Simple-based apps
          correct a few errors in the tutorial (thanks, Jason Crome)

0.203     2009-01-16
          add repo info to metadata

0.202     2008-10-16
          update App::Cmd::Tester to use IO::TieCombine

0.201     2008-10-14
          fix typos in Tutorial.pod (thanks, HARTZELL!)
          fix prereq for Sub::Exporter to ensure we have curry_method

0.200     2008-09-14
          new super-concise ::Setup interface provided by Sub::Exporter
          added plugin system
          consult App::Cmd::Tutorial to see the new interface
          your old code should still work!

0.013     2008-03-19
          add arg0 and full_arg0 methods

0.012     2007-11-19
          refresh Module::Install

0.011     2007-10-12
          BUG FIX: note new prereqs

0.010     2007-10-05
          MAJORLY NEW: App::Cmd::Simple for one-command apps

0.009     2007-10-05
          BUG FIX: default_command/_plugin method names were not consistent
          TRIVIA: come into line with some code writing policies

0.008     2006-11-16
          documentation fixes
          perl-critic tests

0.007     2006-08-25
          documentation improvements
          refactoring and reordering of code

0.006     2006-08-25
          gracefully ignore invalid plugins (NUFFIN)
          some tweaks to "help" (NUFFIN)
          actually make "help" the default
          some documenation improvements

0.005     2006-08-23
          this release brought to you by NUFFIN!
          allow subcommands (commands beneath commands)
          add a default "help" command
          support global options
          improve documentation and tutorial
          extensive minor refactorings and improvements

0.002     2006-06-14
          fix test plan

0.001     2006-06-12
          first release (not counting Rubric::CLI)
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