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Simple validation of CGI parameters and runmodes.


CGI::ValidOp is a CGI parameter validator that also helps you manage runmodes.
Its aims are similar to Perl's: make the easy jobs easy and the complex jobs

CGI parameter validation is boring, and precisely for that reason it's easy to
get wrong or ignore.  CGI::ValidOp takes as much of the repetition as possible
out of this job, replacing it with a simple interface.  Any data provided by
CGI::ValidOp's parameter methods will have been untainted and validated.

In addition to validating parameters, CGI::ValidOp has a number of methods for
dealing with runmodes (henceforth referred to as 'ops').  In fact, the 'op'
concept is key to ValidOp's advanced usage: parameters are subsidiary to ops.
Each op has zero or more parameters, each defined with as much or as little
specificity as you please.

If you're going to trust someone else's code for security purposes it's nice to
have proof that it works.  CGI::ValidOp has an extensive test suite that checks
every part of its operation, particularly the validation routines.  I keep the
current version running at with a full test
page.  If you can produce unexpected output, file a bug report.


Randall Hansen <>


Thanks to:  Josh Heumann for good simplification advice; Joshua Keroes for
trading code review for beer; Alison Randall for thinking it was a good idea in
the first place.
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