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    cpan-packager - create redhat/debian packages from perl modules

    case1: build a module

        sudo cpan-packager --module Test::Exception --builder Deb --conf conf/config.yaml --verbose

    case2: build multiple modules at a time

        sudo cpan-packager --modulelist modulelist.txt --builder RPM --conf conf/config.yaml --verbose

    options --module module name (required option) --builder Deb or RPM
    (optional. default is Deb) --conf configuration file path (required)
    --always-build always build cpan modules if module is aready installed
    (optional) --modulelist File containing a list of modules that should be
    built. (optional) --verbose print command result (optional)

    RPM/Deb Packages are generated at ~/.cpanpackager/{deb or rpm}

  Configuration location and schema
    config.yaml is located at github repo.


    Please see the configuration schema if you want to write config your
    self. You can see schema like below.

        perldoc CPAN::Packager::Config::Schema

  Configure CPAN mirrors
    CPAN::Packager downloads modules from cpan_mirrors if you set CPAN
    mirror uri in your config.

            - file:///home/dann/minicpan

  Use cpan-packager with minicpan
    You can use minicpan with CPAN::Packager. At first, you mirror CPAN
    modules with minicpan.

        minicpan -r -l ~/minicpan

    Set cpan mirrors uri in your config if you want to use minicpan. after
    that you just use cpan-packager ;)

            - file:///home/dann/minicpan

  Specify installation location (optional)
    It is possible for a CPAN::Packager user to explicitly specify
    installation locations for a distribution's libraries, documentation,
    man pages, binaries, and scripts. Setting both of the below environment
    variables, for example, will accomplish this.

        INSTALLVENDORBIN=/usr/local/bin INSTALLVENDORSCRIPT=/usr/local/bin"

        PERL_MB_OPT="--config installvendorman1dir=/usr/local/share/man/man1
        --config installvendorman3dir=/usr/local/share/man/man3 --config
        installvendorbin=/usr/local/bin --config

    Additionally, for RPMs, you may specify the directory in which non-man
    documentation (Changes, README, etc) are installed via adding an entry
    to your ~/.rpmmacros file:

    %_defaultdocdir /usr/local/share/doc

  Additional setup (For debian users)
    Copy conf/debian/rules* to ~/.dh-make-perl directory. copying
    perllocal.pod is conflited if you dont do that.

    cpan-packager will create the files required to build a debian or redhat
    source package out of a perl package. This works for most simple
    packages and is also useful for getting started with packaging perl
    modules. Given a perl package name, it can also automatically download
    it from CPAN.

    Please report any bugs or feature requests to "<bug-CPAN-Packagerat>", or through the web interface at
    <>. I will
    be notified, and then you’ll automatically be notified of progress on
    your bug as I make changes.

    Takatoshi Kitano <>

    This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.

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