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2009-04-11  James Youngman  <>

	*, NEWS: Prepare for release of version 1.2.0.

	* INSTALL: Remove from the source repository; allow Automake to
	use its own copy.
	* missing: Likewise.
	* install-sh: Likewise.
	* docs/texinfo.tex: Likewise
	* (AC_CHECK_DECL_IN_HEADER): Quote the definition of
	the function.
	(AC_CHECK_GLOBAL): Likewise.

2009-01-03  Alain Williams <> (tiny change)

	* auxfiles/ Reflect changes in the RPM spec
	file format and requrements since 2003.
	(License): Changed "Copyright" tag to "License".  
	(%makeinstall): Do not make the /usr/sccs symbolic link.  
	(%files): Add various binaries to %files.

2008-01-18  James Youngman  <>

	* Prepare for release of version 1.1.1.
	* NEWS: Likewise.
	* docs/cssc.texi: Updated copyright year.  Bumped the revision
	number and updated the VERSION macro.  Updated the "UPDATED"
	variable to the current time.
	* version.h (version): Don't show the RCS ID of the main program
	in the version output; just keep the existing CSSC release number.

	* Updated copyright notice to GPL3.
	 (show_system_line_max): Removed awkward line break.

2008-01-07  James Youngman  <>

	* (validate_isomorphism): Warn if a delta has two
	derived deltas on the trunk.  

	* release.h: Fixed typo in the file header comment.

	* delta-table.h (class cssc_delta_table): Don't initialise sid
	objects from NULL.  

	* (sccs_file_iterator): Ignore subdirectories, even if
	they do start with "s.".
	* (is_directory): New function.
	* file.h: Declare is_directory.

2008-01-06  James Youngman  <>

	* (add_delta): Removed obsolete "XXX" comments.
	* (get): Likewise.
	* (main): Avoid initialising a sid object by assignment
	from NULL, because it's not quite clear what that is intended to
	do.  Instead, use an assignment from sid::null_delta().
	* (null_sid): Implement the function.
	* sid.h (class sid): Declare sid::null_sid().
	* (main): Avoid initialising a sid object by assignment
	from NULL.
	* (delta_main): Likewise.
	* (main): Likewise.
	* (main): Likewise.
	* (main): Likewise.
	* (sccs_file::sccs_file): Likewise.
	* (admin): Likewise.
	* (main): Likewise; also disable the -R option.

	* (validate_isomorphism): Extend the comment setting out
	the design for this method.  The method is still unimplemented,

	Various tidyings-up of TODO items.
	* (prompt_user): Now that this code is well tested,
	increase the allocation chunk size and remove the TODO item
	reminding me to do that.   Use a small _initial_ chunk size to
	make sure that at least one reallocation takes place, for adequate
	code coverage.
	* Removed TODO comments which actually don't need to
	be done.

	* (admin): If all releases are locked ("admin -fla")
	and the user tries to unlock just one release, issue an error
	message (instead of just ignoring the attempt).
	* docs/cssc.texi (admin): Explain the (already existing)
	restriction and how to get around it.

	Implement "get -l", "get -L" and "get -lp".
	* (main): Added options -l and -L for get.
	(main): Print the name of the s-file before the delta summary (for
	-l) and the gotten body (for -p).
	* tests/get/ New tests for the -L, -l and -lp
	options of get.
	* sccsname.h (class sccs_name): new method lfile(), returning the
	name of the l-file.
	* (sccs_name::lfile): Implement it.
	* sccsfile.h (sccs_file::get): Take a parameter summary_file,
	being a FILE* pointer to which we should emit a delta summary if
	it's not NULL.
	* (sccs_file::get): Add the new summary_file parameter
	and, if it's not NULL, emit a delta summary.
	* docs/cssc.texi (get options): Document the options -l, -lp and
	(Filenames): Mention the l-file.
	(prt usage): Mention that the delta summary file contains much the
	same information.
	* NEWS: Mention this change.

2008-01-05  James Youngman  <>

	* (sccs_file::prt): Fixed typo in comment.

	* NEWS: Updated with changes for the early 0.02 releases by
	diffing the unpacked tar archives.  

2007-12-19  James Youngman  <>

	* String constants chould be const.

	* (validate_substituted_flags_list): Added missing
	return statement.

	* (sccs_file): Specify the member initialisers in the
	order they will actually be executed.

	* linebuf.h (class cssc_linebuf): Make buflen size_t rather than

	* (CONFIG_LINEBUF_CHUNK_SIZE): Avoid signed/unsigned
	issues by using an unsigned constant.
	(read_line): Ditto for constants in this function.

	* (set_file_mode): Add missing return statement.

	* bsd/sccs.c (makefile): Avoid signed/unsigned issues by using
	size_t to index into strings, rather than ints.
	(form_gname): Ditto.
	(gstrcat): Ditto for parameter 'length'.
	(gstrncat): Ditto for parameter 'length'.
	(gstrcpy): Ditto for parameter 'length'.
	(gstrncat): Ditto for parameter 'length'.

2007-12-18  James Youngman  <>

	* bsd/sccs.c (FBUFSIZ): Make unsigned.
	(cleanup_environment): Removed unused variable 'pfail'.
	(main): Avoid spurious warning about lack of return statement, by
	putting in return statements instead of calls to exit.

	* uu_decode.c: #include <sys/stat.h>, for a declaration of chmod.
	(test_decode): Avoid compiler warnign about unused argument 'arg'.
	(test_all): Likewise.

	* user.c: #include <stdlib.h> for a declaration of qsort and malloc.
	(do_groups): Removed unused variable 'duplicates'.

	* (main): Avoid compiler warning about unuised argc, argv.
	* seeker.c (do_unbuffered): Avoid compiler warning about unused
	argument NAME.
	(do_blockbuffered): Likewise
	(do_linebuffered): Likewise
	(do_nothing): Likewise

2007-12-17  James Youngman  <>

	* docs/cssc.texi (Missing Features):  Updated URLs to point to the
	GNU web site instead of SourceForge.
	* README: Likewise
	* auxfiles/ (URL): Likewise
	* docs/URLs: Likewise
	* docs/patches.txt: Likewise
	* docs/BUGS: Likewise

	Migrate to GPL version 3.
	* COPYING,,,, bodyio.h,,,,, cssc.h, defaults.h,, delta-iterator.h,,
	delta-table.h,, delta.h, depcomp, docs/,
	err_no.h, except.h,,,, file.h,, filediff.h,, fileiter.h, filelock.h,
	filepos.h,,, ioerr.h,,,
	linebuf.h,, missing,, my-getopt.h, mylist.h,
	myset.h,, mystring.h,,,,
	pfile.h,,,,, quit.h,,
	rel_list.h, release.h, relvbr.h, remove.c, rename.c,,,, run.h,, sccs-cgi/sccs.cgi,
	sccs-cgi/sccs.cgi.text,,, sccsdate.h,,, sccsfile.h,, sccsname.h,, seqstate.h,,,,, sf-chkmr.h,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
	sid.h, sid_list.h, sl-merge.h,, stack.h, strerror.c,
	strstr.c, sysdep.h, testutils/ekko.c, testutils/last-time.c,
	testutils/, testutils/seeker.c, testutils/user.c,
	testutils/uu_decode.c, testutils/yammer.c, testutils/yes.c,,, valcodes.h, version.h,,,
	testutils/ekko.c, testutils/last-time.c, testutils/seeker.c,
	testutils/user.c, testutils/yammer.c, testutils/yes.c:
	Update license to GPL version 3.
	* NEWS: Mention this change.
	* docs/cssc.texi (Copying): Put the GPL in a separate, unnumbered,

	* docs/cssc.texi: Change license to version 1.2 of the GNU Free
	Documentation License.
	* docs/ (cssc_TEXINFOS): Depend on fdl.texi, so that it
	gets distributed. 
	* NEWS: Mention this change.

	* docs/ (cssc_TEXINFOS): Don't depend on
	config-info.text, since we don't actually use it.  This prevents
	us trying to rebuild the info file during "make distcheck", when
	the source directory is read-only anyway.
	* doc/texinfo.tex: Update to the version of texinfo.tex used in
	automake-1.8.  Yo avoid future compatibility issues, it makes
	sense to remove this file from CVS in fact, but we won't do that
	just yet. 

	* tests/bsd-sccs/ (cleanup): Also clean up ./ when
	we're finished.

	Fix build problems caused by the fact that generating
	testutils/Makefile in the top level directory produces
	a Makefile that expects to use config.h, while we actually 
	want to use DEFS in the testutils subdirectory.
	* Call AC_OUTPUT only once.  Do not emit
	* testutils/ Fixed typo.

2007-06-21  James Youngman  <>

	* bsd/sccs.c: Updated the copyright text to be consistent with the
	COPYING.bsd file (by removing the advertising clause).

	* (print_subsituted_flags_list): Return true if
	nothing failed (as opposed to falling off the end of the
	function).   This prevents spurious x-file write errors if the y
	flag is unset.

	* cssc.h: Require exception support to compile.  This is not
	strictly necessary for successful operation, but without exception
	support "get" will not process if we failed on  So exception support is required for full SCCS

2007-06-20  James Youngman  <>

	* bsd/sccs.c (unedit): Fix "sccs unedit /tmp/SCCS/ will
	cause ./ to be unlinked" bug, by forming the g-file name
	from the p-file name, as opposed to the name of the file on the
	command line (because the file named on the command line gould be
	either the g-file or the s-file).
	* docs/BUGS: Mention the bugfix.
	* tests/bsd-sccs/ New test, for this bug.

	* .gitignore: Ignore Emacs editor backups.

	*, Add explicit template instantiation directives to
	support compilation with GCC's -fno-implicit-templates option.
	*,, ditto
	* Ditto.  Also include "mylist.h" to get the method
	definitions for the templates.

	* .gitignore, docs/.gitignore, testutils/.gitignore: New files.

	* tests/common/test-common: Work around an apparent bug in Bash
	3.1.17(1) in which "$@$ac_c" expands to DEL${ac_c} when $1 is "".
	That broke echo_nonl, causing some tests to fail.

2007-06-19  James Youngman  <>

	* unused/configs/cf-bcc.h, unused/configs/cf-djgpp.h,
	unused/configs/cf-redhat.h, unused/configs/cf-sls.h,
	unused/configs/cf-xenix.h, unused/configs/mf-msdos.mak,
	unused/configs/mf-unix.mak, unused/, unused/README,
	unused/, unused/configs/README, unused/,
	unused/, unused/, unused/,
	unused/linux.diffs, unused/move-if-change, unused/,
	unused/pipe.h, unused/ Removed unused files.

	Update or add various copyright notices.
	* sccs-cgi/sccs.cgi, testutils/ekko.c, testutils/last-time.c,
	testutils/, testutils/seeker.c, testutils/user.c,
	testutils/uu_decode.c, testutils/yammer.c, testutils/yes.c,
	docs/gpl.texi, docs/texinfo.tex, sid_list.h, sl-merge.h,,
	stack.h, strstr.c, sysdep.h,,, valcodes.h,,, rel_list.h, release.h, relvbr.h,,,, run.h,,,, sccsdate.h,, sccsfile.h,,
	sccsname.h,, seqstate.h,,,,, sf-chkmr.h,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sid.h,,,, cssc.h, defaults.h,, delta-iterator.h,,
	delta-table.h,, delta.h, depcomp,,,, err_no.h, except.h,,,, file.h,, filediff.h,, fileiter.h, filelock.h, filepos.h,,, ioerr.h,,, linebuf.h,,
	missing,, my-getopt.h, mylist.h, myset.h,, mystring.h,,,, pfile.h,,,,, quit.h,,,,,, bodyio.h, Updated FSF address in source files
	* COPYING: Fixed the FSF address.
	*, remove.c, rename.c,, strerror.c,
	version.h: Included copyright notices in some files where these
	were missing 

2007-03-14  James Youngman  <>

	* NEWS, ChangeLog: Updated with (not very) recent changes.

	* AUTHORS: Fixed typo

	*, Fixed a typo in a comment

2007-03-14  James Youngman  <>

	* AUTHORS: Fixed typo

	*, Fixed a typo in a comment

2006-07-13  James Youngman  <>

	* tests/prt/TODO: Updated email address

2005-12-04  James Youngman  <>

	* docs/cssc.texi: Corrected typo (tirivial change, from Alex Brincko)

2005-11-23  James Youngman  <>

	*,, sccsfile.h, NEWS:
	Tolerate leading spaces in the counts of inserted/deleted/unchanged lines in the delta table; System III seems to produce/tolerate these (see Neil Mayhew's bug report regarding a pre-1985 file)

2005-06-18  James Youngman  <>

	*, filelock.h,, quit.h:
	Applied Sourceforge patch 1223116, allowing CSSC to be compiled on Darwin.  Darwin's version of GCC doesn't like #pragma implementation.

2005-04-06  James Youngman  <>

	* docs/Platforms:
	Indicate that under Cygwin, CSSC must be used on filesystems mounted
	in 'binary mode'.

2005-04-04  James Youngman  <>

	* Updated copyright year.

	Removed some unused code (which had already been disabled with #if 0).

2005-01-22  James Youngman  <>

	* CSSC release 1.0.1

	* NEWS: Better description of the problem for SourceForge bug 865422

	* docs/cssc.texi: Added 2005 top copyright years.

	* docs/cssc.texi: Updated timestamp.

	* ChangeLog: Indicated the release of 1.0.1.

	* ChangeLog: Updated change log from CVS comments.

	* NEWS: Added latest news.

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	Ensured that the section names for cross-references which appear in
	the printed output actually bear the correct title for the section
	they refer to.

2004-10-17  James Youngman  <>

	* docs/Platforms: CSSC now builds under GCC-3.4.

	* docs/cssc.texi: Updated edition/version.

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	Indicate that "admin -h" performs the same checks as "val" as well as
	checking the checksum.

	Fixed SourceForge bug 1043880: admin -h should invoke val

	*, tests/get/
	Fixed SourceForge bug 865422: if a SID is listed in a pfile, that can force a branch

	Fixed SourceForge bug 966010, sccs sccsdiff -r cannot have space
	before revision number.   We still will have similar problems
	elsewhere in the suite, I suspect.

	Fixed SourceForge bug 1045768: CSSC does not compile with gcc 3.4

2004-10-16  James Youngman  <>

	* docs/CREDITS, docs/CREDITS.short.txt: Added Yann Dirson.

2004-10-10  James Youngman  <>

	* ChangeLog: Updated from CVS log messages.

	* README: Fixed typo

	* docs/cssc.texi: Added missing full stop.

	Indicate that this is once again the CVS development version.

	* This is release 1.00.

	* docs/URLs:
	Added GNU FTP site URL in preparation for official 1.0 release.

	* docs/TODO: Added disclaumer about the obsoleteness of the file.

	* docs/tests-todo.txt:
	Removed a couple of entries for tests that now exist.

	* docs/Platforms: Minor updates and corrections to typos.

	* README: Updated the status of the release.

	* NEWS,, myset.h,, sccsfile.h,,,,,,,, ChangeLog:
	update copyright years

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	The file was also changed in 2003 and 2004.  Hence update the
	copyright years.

	* docs/cssc.texi: Updated edition - to be released with CSSC 1.00!

	SF bug 1040827: Solaris 9's "prs" does not produce any output for the
	"y" flag.  Hence for compatibility nor should we.

	* tests/admin/, tests/admin/, tests/admin/, docs/cssc.texi, myset.h,, sccsfile.h,,,,,,,
	Added support for the SCCS 'y' flag - SF bug 1040827

2004-10-03  James Youngman  <>

	* NEWS: Updated with new news.

	* bsd/sccs.c:
	Fixed SourceForge bug 806715 (incompatibility of -d flag with the
	"sccs print" command).

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	Be more specific about which version of SCO has the 'x' flag.

	* docs/cssc.texi,, file.h,,,, sccsfile.h,,,,
	Implemented SCO SCCS's x flag; Sourceforge bug ID 969833

2004-04-25  James Youngman  <>

	* tests/common/command-names:
	Make sure we locate the "sccs" binary correctly now that $dir will
	normally not begin with "..".

	* tests/common/command-names:
	Oops, make the tests work if you don't set the $dir variable.

	* tests/common/command-names:
	Figure out the absolute pathname of the directory containing the CSSC tools.

	* depcomp: depcomp - new file required by automake

2003-12-13  James Youngman  <>

	* tests/what/
	Provide a more helpful error message when 'ekko' fails

	*, linebuf.h,
	Resolve the strchr() problem pointed out bin SourceForge patch 857193

2003-12-10  James Youngman  <>

	* NEWS, bsd/sccs.c,
	Some changes to eliminate compilation errors/warnings from Sun CC 5.5

	* docs/CREDITS.short.txt, docs/CREDITS: Added Tom Duffy.

2003-12-09  James Youngman  <>

	* bsd/sccs.c,, NEWS:
	pass through more options to diff (be it GNU diff or vanilla diff)

	* bsd/sccs.1:
	Documented the extra options now passed to diff by "sccs diffs".

	* bsd/sccs.c:
	Also pass through the w option (which is not GNU diff specific).

	* bsd/sccs.c:
	Pass through the options aBdHpqsvy to diff (these are GNU diff options).

	* bsd/sccs.c: Support "sccs diffs -u".

2003-12-08  James Youngman  <>

	* auxfiles/
	Handed over "Packager" status for Red Hat to Thomas Duffy.

	* auxfiles/
	Applied SourceForge patch 856398, submitted by Thomas Duffy

	*, file.h,
	Various changes as suggested by Dick Streefland, relating to the setting/clearing of the DOS archive bit and to systems which lack CONFIG_UIDs

	* tests/delta/
	Oops, this change should have been in 0.16alpha.pl0

	Fixed SF bug 768002, mismatch in output of sact between CSSC and SCCS when only one file name is given on the command line

	* Fixed SF bug 856158, compilation error on CYGWIN

2003-12-07  James Youngman  <>

	* ChangeLog: Brought up to date (again).

	* docs/ make mostlyclean should delete

	* testutils/
	make distclean should delete

	* tests/get/, tests/get/
	Remove test files at the end of testing.

	* tests/get/
	Remove the working files at the end of the tests.

	* ChangeLog: Brought up to date.

	* docs/cssc.texi: Indicated the new version.

	* Bumped the version number.

	* NEWS: Fixed SourceForg bug 581740.

	* bsd/, testutils/,, file.h,
	Honour the user's choice of umask - fixes SpurceForge bug 581740

	* docs/get-spec.txt: Removed the out of date file get-spec.txt

	* docs/ Removed getspec.txt (since it is out of date).

	* NEWS:
	On Red Hat Linux, info files live in /usr/share/info not /usr/info.

	* auxfiles/
	infodir has moved from /usr/info to /usr/share/info.

	Fix SourceForge bug number 816679, which caused a coredump if
	cleanup::~cleanup() was called before there are any entries in the
	cleanup list.

	* tests/bsd-sccs/, tests/bsd-sccs/
	Fixed SourceForge bug 806699: Make the test work even if the user had

	* NEWS,, tests/get/
	Make "get -e" take account of the "d" flag.

2003-05-29  James Youngman  <>

	* sccs_file::sccs_file(): Ensure that this->f is NULL when
	we return for mode CREATE (previously it was uninitialised).
	This fixes SourceForge bug 745608.

	CYGWIN: end_update: Only close the SCCS file if it is open (the FILE*
	is not NULL).  On platforms other than CYGWIN, we don't close he file

2003-05-19  James Youngman  <>

	* docs/Platforms: Corrected email address for Clement T. Cole.

2003-05-18  James Youngman  <>

	* tests/common/test-common:
	Cope with the case where "remove" is called with no arguments.

2003-05-16  James Youngman  <>

	* Also clean "sccsdiff" for "make clean".

2003-05-05  James Youngman  <>

	"get -e" now takes notice of the default SID when deciding the SID of the new delta.

2003-03-15  James Youngman  <>

	* README: Added pointer to docs/Platforms.

	* docs/Platforms: Added MacOS X porting tip from Brad Crittenden.

2003-03-08  James Youngman  <>

	* tests/get/ Don't cat the s-file at the end!

	* tests/get/
	Added test for Sourceforge bug #699318 ("get -t" when foo
	contains only one SID, created by "admin -iX -r1.1.1.1").

	* sccsfile.h,
	Fixed Sourceforge bug #699318 ("get -t" when foo contains only
	one SID, created by "admin -iX -r1.1.1.1").

	* Simplified the matching code.

	find_requested_sid(): separated the does-this-SID-match decision from
	the is-this-the-best-yet decision.

2003-03-01  james_youngman  <>

	*, sccsfile.h:
	Recognise BitKeeper files by their different checksum lines, and
	accept also the BK-specific comment lines and extra flags (though
	don't accept them if the file is not a BK file).

	* Updated copyright years.

	* sccsfile.h,
	Recognise BitKeeper files by their different checksum lines, and
	accept also the BK-specific comment lines and extra flags (though
	don't accept them if the file is not a BK file).

2003-02-13  james_youngman  <>

	* tests/get/,
	One-line fix for SourceForge bug 664900 by Darren Warner.

	*, acconfig.h:
	Fix CSSC bug 650420 - warnings from autoconf/autoheader about obsolete usage
	of acconfig.h file.

2002-12-08  james_youngman  <>

	* testutils/
	Include "" in the distribution.

	* ChangeLog: Updated for 0.15pl0.

	* Bumped to version 0.15pl0.

	* NEWS: Added NEWS items for version 0.15pl0.

2002-11-02  james_youngman  <>

	*, seqstate.h,,
	support for ignored deltas

	* tests/get/ added new test script

	* tests/get/ enabled test xg6

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	Added section on included, excluded and ignored deltas.

	* tests/get/
	Tut - use ${admin} not "admin" as a command name - make sure we are
	testing the correct instance!

	* tests/bsd-sccs/
	Tut - use ${sccs} not sccs as a command name - make sure we are
	testing the correct instance!

	Indicate the presence of the -p option in the usage message.

	Fixed SF bug 623164: you need to include <ctype.h> to use isdigit().

	* cssc.h:
	SF bug 623164: you need to include <ctype.h> to use isdigit().

	* Updated copyright year.

	* Recurse into subdirectories where appropriate.

	* tests/common/command-names:
	Corrected bug where more than one argument is passed to test (which
	now justifiably complains when you do this).

2002-10-04  James Youngman <>

	* auxfiles/
	Change references to sccs.1 to sccs.1* because RPM v4 compresses all manpages.

2002-09-27  James Youngman <>

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	Changed all instances of @url to @uref, except where that would
	produce a broken link.

	* docs/cssc.texi: Updated the update timestamp.

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	Applied changes suggested by Timothy Bedding (SourceForge bug ID

2002-09-20  James Youngman <>

	* docs/cssc.texi: Updated the "last update" time.

	* docs/cssc.texi: Corrected typo.

	* docs/cssc.texi: Re-ordered some paragraphs for clarity.

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	Explain that the line length limits apply only to lines which will end
	up in the histry file - and that over-length lines already in the
	history file will be correctly coped with by "get".

	* docs/cssc.texi: Corrected cross-reference.

	* docs/cssc.texi: Explain how to figure out which diff command is used.

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	Expanded the discussion of the (lack of) line length limits in CSSC.

2002-08-16  James Youngman <>

	If we fail to set the mode on the g-file correctly, delete it and propagate the failure information

	* tests/bsd-sccs/, tests/common/command-names,
	SourceForge bug 595594 - all g-files processed after a failing file are deleted

	* tests/get/
	SourceForge bug 595594 fixed - if we failed to get a previous file, all g-files processed later are deleted even if they were successful

	* tests/bsd-sccs/ Initial version of test.

2002-07-26  James Youngman <>

	* Updated copyright year.

	Fixed inappropriate boolean inversion on systems where HAVE_FORK is not defined

	* testutils/,
	Removed old files - replaced by

	* testutils/COPYING, testutils/ChangeLog, testutils/INSTALL, testutils/NEWS, testutils/, testutils/ekko.c, testutils/lndir.c, testutils/, testutils/seeker.c, testutils/user.c, testutils/yammer.c, testutils/yes.c, README,,, testutils/AUTHORS:
	Updated to - we can now use autoconf version 2.53

2002-04-07  James Youngman <>

	* tests/delta/
	Some initial tests for the "-p" option of delta.

	* NEWS: New check of link count when opening SCCS file

	* docs/cssc.texi, tests/admin/,,
	It is not allowed to have hard links to an SCCS file (that is, the link count may not be greater than 1).  Violating this rule now results in CSSC refusing to open that SCCS file

	* scripts/ Corrected a shell syntax error

2002-04-05  James Youngman <>

	* tests/admin/, tests/admin/, tests/binary/, tests/binary/, tests/common/need-prt, tests/prt/, tests/prt/, tests/prt/, tests/prt/, tests/prt/, NEWS, README, docs/cssc.texi,
	Added support for running the test suite against versions of SCCS that lack a prt program

2002-04-04  James Youngman <>

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	get -a now has test cases, so we no longer need to indicate that it is untested.

	*, sccsfile.h, support for the -a option of get

	*, quit.h,,,,,,
	Added global function 'warning' so that we don't have to issue warnings by calling 'errormsg'

	* tests/get/
	Removed redundant comment about tests that used to fail with CSSC (but
	no longer do so).

	* tests/get/ Fixed typo

	* tests/common/test-common:
	minor changes for the formatting of labels at the start of the lines of output of the tests - to preserve whitespace

	* tests/get/ Tests for the "-a" option of "get".

2002-04-03  James Youngman <>

	Updated the version number to indicate that any version someone checks
	out of CVS is from CVS (we use the suffix CVSDEVEL).

	Up-date version number to 0.14alpha.pl0, prior to making the release

	* Added file myset.h to the distribution

	* testutils/
	Added some files missing from the distribution (notably mogrify.awk).

	* ChangeLog: updated from log entries on other files

	* docs/cssc.texi: enhancements to the sections on interoperability

	Added HAVE_GNU_DIFF, which indicates if the diff command to be used s GNU diff

	Show the likely limit on the length of a line for the diff utility being used

	* acconfig.h:
	Added HAVE_GNU_DIFF, which indicates if the diff command to be used s GNU diff

	Show the likely limit on the length of a line for the diff utility being used

	*,, tests/get/
	Invalid options produce a return value of 1 (on Solaris 2.6) not 2

	* testutils/
	Do not compare removes deltas - so do not pass -a to prs

2002-04-02  James Youngman <>

	* NEWS: Corrected typos.

	* tests/delta/
	Unknown option error results in return value of 1, not 2.

	* tests/delta/,
	A pre-existing d-file is not an error condition

	*, seqstate.h,,,, tests/get/, tests/get/
	Do includes before excludes (except in the case of command-line includes) - fixes bug reported by

	* tests/get/sf111140_full.txt: test file

	* tests/get/ Extra checks as we go along.

2002-03-28  James Youngman <>

	* NEWS: Updated with the latest info

	* docs/TESTING: added Gerry Green

	* tests/get/, sccsfile.h,,,,,,
	Make sure everybody is using sccs_file::prepare_seqstate() in the same way

	* tests/get/ new test script from Gerry Green

2002-03-26  James Youngman <>

	* tests/get/, docs/tests-todo.txt,
	gcov fixes - invalid SIDs for get -i and get -x

	* docs/.cvsignore: Ignore

	* sccs-cgi/.cvsignore: Ignore

	* docs/tests-todo.txt, tests/delta/
	Added extra 5test cases to increate test coverage

	If the p-file indicates a SID which is not in the SCCS file, indicate
	which SID we have a problem with in the error message we produce.

	* docs/tests-todo.txt: Removed todo items for the tests we've addded.

	* testutils/user.c: Various enhancements for testing "delta".

	* docs/cssc.texi: Comments about authorised user list

2002-03-25  James Youngman <>

	* tests/delta/
	Extra test cases for the authorised user list.

	* Do not use '!' exclusion for authorised user list

	* sccsfile.h,,,
	delta should check that the invoking user is allowed to make deltas

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	Made the SCCS file flags section headings reflect the contents better

	* tests/delta/ initial checkin

	* tests/delta/
	fixes to the tests - after testing against Solaris 2.6

	* tests/delta/
	Added tests for the no-id-keywords-is-fatal flag

	* testutils/user.c:
	added feature - 'tell me a group of which I am not a member'

	* sccs-cgi/ initial version

	* docs/tests-todo.txt: Removed the todo-items we've already done

	* NEWS: We removed the -Y and -M options of delta

	* recurse into sccs-cgi also

	* generate  sccs-cgi/Makefile in AC_OUTPUT

	* Fixed header comment which indicated what the file was for

	Use  v_unknown_feature_warning() instead of  v_errormsg() since the latter is no longer exported from

	Produce usage message is the command line exhibits wrong usage of options

	* tests/common/test-common: Added function rename()

	* tests/delta/
	Extra test - should not be able to check in file without specifying an MR if the v flag is set

	* tests/delta/
	extra tests (deletion of lines, checking of -r option against p-file)

	* tests/delta/
	remove any test files we will need to control at the start

	*, quit.h: Don't export v_errormsg as a global function

2002-03-24  James Youngman <>

	* testutils/ Put the title in <title>...</title>.

	* testutils/
	Define $NOW (date at which the summary was prepared).

	* testutils/
	Tool for slicing and dicing the results of gcov.

	* docs/tests-todo.txt:
	Added list of tests to be written in tests-todo.txt

	* Removed options -M and -Y (not in normal SCCS anyway)

	* tests/delta/
	Added tests for the various command-line options of delta.

	* NEWS: Brought the NEWS fie up to date with the ChangeLog file.

2002-03-23  James Youngman <>

	* docs/cssc.texi: Use @option for options, not @samp.

	* spell --disable-max-line-length correctly

	Print sequence numbers in correct (reverse) order; don't include ignored deltas in :DI: (for Solaris 2.6 compatibility)

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	Documented val.  Included information about differences between the various SCCS versions

2002-03-22  James Youngman <>

	* tests/prs/ Re-enabled all the tests...

	* tests/prs/
	Added test cases for having more than one SID in the included or
	excluded SID list.

2002-03-21  James Youngman <>

	Backed out of the change made for previous revision - they should be
	shown as seq_nos after all...

	* tests/prs/ :Dx: and friends should emit seq_no values.

	For lists of included/excluded deltas, print the SID rather than the seq_no.

	* myset.h,
	Only list each included/excluded delta once in each include/exclude list.

	* tests/prs/ Added tests for more keywords.

2002-03-20  James Youngman <>

	* ChangeLog: Brought up to date with new log entries.

2002-03-19  James Youngman <>

	Various fixes for the value returned in all sorts of validation-faulure cases

	* tests/what/
	We have a file but no

	* tests/common/command-names: added val

	* tests/ New test directory, 'val'

	* tests/sact/, tests/val/, tests/val/, tests/val/
	reduced lines of untested code to 2083 - tests added for valand sact

	* bsd/sccs.c: Fixed typos causing compilation errors

	* bsd/sccs.c:
	Fixed SourceForge bug 531884, compiler warning on 64-bit systems

	While trying to do atomic NFS file locking, sleep for a bit if we fail
	to make the hard link from nfslckNNNN to z.foobar.

	*,, filediff.h:
	Fixed SourceForge bug 530969 - FILE* leak in

	* docs/Platforms:
	Updated following testing on the SourceForge compile farm

	* README: Inform reader that GNU make is probably required.
	Removed the "stop press" which is now old news.

2002-03-18  James Youngman  <>

	* tests/what/,
	Added an extra test (test w22) in to cover the whole of the print_what() function in

	* tests/ Added test-what.

	* docs/cssc.texi, tests/, tests/what/, NEWS,, my-getopt.h,
	Added tests for what - and therefore some bugfixes too

	* tests/what/
	On the other hand, this version passes when run against Solaris 2.6...

	* tests/what/
	This version passes for CSSC but has not been checked against SCCS.

	* docs/Platforms:
	Works on Solaris 2.6 and Debian 3.0 as well as GCC version3

	* docs/patches.txt: Corrected a typo

2002-03-17  James Youngman  <>

	* tests/common/config-data:
	Include binary file support tests on SunOS.  Note that some tests are
	*still* disabled on SunOS, because they still fail (e.g. the ability
	to automatically revert to binary-mode when reading the initial body
	from stdin).

	* bsd/sccs.c:
	Issue more helpful messages about the unimplemented comb and help commands.

	* bsd/sccs.c: Corrected spelling error in warning message.

	* bsd/sccs.c:
	Since we are not includeing <strings.h> and there is not need to
	depend on it, roll our own rindex() and index() functions from the
	functions provided by <string.h>.

2002-03-16  James Youngman  <>

	* tests/prs/, tests/prs/s_foo_bd_output.txt, tests/prs/sample_foo:
	Test the :BD: keyword of prs

	valgrind-detected bug: do keyword checking on the uuencoded version of the data

	* docs/cssc.texi, tests/prs/ Tests for prs -d:GB:

2002-03-10  James Youngman  <>

	*,,, sccsfile.h,,
	valgrind: don't use sccs_date(NULL) - previously we had an uninitialised variable sccs_date.second as a result of using sccs_date::sccs_date(NULL)

2002-03-04  James Youngman  <>

	* docs/cssc.texi:
	Added glossary; spelling corrections; updated copyright years

2002-03-03  James Youngman  <>

	* tests/sccsdiff/
	Fixed sourceforge bug 489311 (Locale settings cause test failure)

2002-02-25  James Youngman  <>

	* tests/, tests/sact/, tests/sact/, tests/sact/sf513800_1.uue, tests/sact/sf513800_2.uue,
	test for Sourceforge bug and a fix for the same

2002-02-23  James Youngman  <>

	* ChangeLog, ChangeLog.2:
	Moved the changelog entries from ChangeLog into ChangeLog.2.  New
	changeLog entries to go into ChangeLog, and the ChangeLog.1 and
	ChangeLog.2 files contain historical changelogs.

2001-12-04  James Youngman  <>

	* Fixed SourceForge bug 489005

2001-12-02  James Youngman  <>

	* NEWS, except.h,, quit.h,, sccsfile.h, tests/prt/, tests/prt/, tests/prt/
	Added warning when we see an excluded delta (since we are not certain
	we handle this correctly).  The warnig includes a pointer tot he web
	page explaining what the user should do about this.

2001-12-01  James Youngman  <>

	bumped version - to avoid confusion with previous release

	* NEWS,,, file.h,,,,
	Fixed sourceforge bugs 480136, 481519, 481707, 484278 - all related to setuid operation, and in fact all dupliactes of each other

2001-11-29  James Youngman  <>

	* docs/CREDITS, sccs-cgi/sccs.cgi, sccs-cgi/sccs.cgi.text, AUTHORS:
	Added Richard Kettlewell's sccs.cgi script.  Updated AUTHORS and
	CREDITS files appropriately.

	Fixed compilation error ocurring when HAVE_EXCEPTIONS is not defined

2001-11-25  James Youngman  <>

	Set the language back to C after doing the check for broken printf
	macros in the glibc header files.  (Also set up for a release).

	*,, tests/common/command-names, tests/get/
	Fixed sourceforge bug #479916 - get -t problem

	* Corrected a syntax error.

	* NEWS: Fixed SF bug 450900.

	* tests/get/ Test case for SourceForge bug 450900

	SF bug #450900 - if you try to check out a version for
	editing, and the SID that would ordinary be selected exists
	but is removed, we should indeed use it.

	* ChangeLog: Updated with recent change log entries.

	*, NEWS,
	Fixed debian bug #120080 (sccsdiff cannot find get iuis /usr/sccs
	symlink is missing)

	fixed Debian  Bug#120080: sccs sccsdiff doesn't work (sccsdiff assumes /usr/sccs symlink exists)

	* bsd/sccs.c, tests/admin/, tests/admin/, tests/admin/, tests/admin/, tests/admin/, tests/prs/, tests/prs/, tests/prt/, tests/prt/all.expected.Z, tests/prt/expected/nodel.-u, tests/prt/expected/nodel.-u-f, tests/prt/expected/nodel.-u-f-t-b, NEWS,,,,
	Brought test suite - and code - into line with Solaris 2.6 behaviour; largely changes for formatting of prt/prs output, but also a change to the behaviour of admin -fl

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