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Revision history for Catalyst-View-Download

0.06    September 5,2009
        Encorporated a fix to Catalyst::View::Download which was missing support for the new module Catalyst::View::Download::XML

0.05    September 5,2009
        Encorporated a fix to Catalyst::View::Download::CSV submitted by Kevin Frost which prevents a warning in process().
        Encorporated a change to Catalyst::View::Download::CSV submitted by Michele Beltrame such that it will always quote each field in the document.
        Cleaned up POD code snippets and used perltidy on everything. Thanks for the tips Kevin!
        Added another supported format, xml. Which will either support content as a string or convert a hashref into an xml document using XML::Simple.

0.04    March 14, 2008
        Added Catalyst::Download::HTML. Fixed some typos in the POD documentation.

0.03    March 8, 2008
        Modified the way each format Class worked so that each accepted a hash ref where data could then be stored in a 'data' key.

0.02    March 5, 2008
        Fixed some problems with the test scripts.

0.01    March 4, 2008
        First version.

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