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$Id: README,v 1.19 2001/11/29 13:07:58 sphair Exp $

Getting started
PLEASE! Please read the INSTALL files for the platform/compiler you want to use.
See INSTALL.win32, INSTALL.linux, INSTALL.borland, INSTALL.beos.

Upgrading from earlier ClanLib versions
If you are upgrading your ClanLib project from ClanLib 0.4.x, read the
file README.upgrade for API changes.
Also, changes within 0.5.x is described in this file.

Documentation / FAQ
If you get any problems, there is a FAQ in the Documentation folder; it might have
an answer to your questions. Otherwise, read the overviews for specific info on
the various areas of ClanLib.

  Documentation/Examples: Many small examples showing features of ClanLib.
  Documentation/Overview: Articles about certain features of ClanLib.
  Documentation/Reference: The complete API reference to all ClanLib classes.
  Documentation/Tutorial: A tutorial about game programming with ClanLib.
  Documentation/FAQ: Frequently asked/answered questions.

If you are using Windows, and haven't got the tools required to
build the documentations, we suggest you download them from our website.

Mailing lists
You can subscribe to our mailing lists, either by visiting the website
at, or do it manually by sending
mails as described below.

You can subscribe to the ClanLib mailing lists by sending a mail to:
You can then afterwards send mail to:
If you want to unsubcribe at any time, just send a mail to:

We also have digest versions of the lists, the email addresses there are:

We also have a CVS commit message mailing list:

Everytime anything is commited to cvs, it will be posted on that list. This
is very useful for people that want to follow cvs development very closely.
To subscribe, send a mail to:
To unsubscribe:

Making ClanLib even better
We are grateful for all the help we can get, and if you wish to contribute with
anything, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you have fixed something in ClanLib, you can send us a patch. Please have a
look at the PATCHES file for more detailed information.

We have an archive of cvs logs at

ClanLib Website
Check out ClanLib homepage at:

Here you will find:
- News about ClanLib development
- Downloads of ClanLib and other required/optional libraries
- Links to ClanLib games
- Much more!

The ClanLib development team
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