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=encoding utf-8

=head1 NAME

Dist::Zilla::Role::MetaCPANInterfacer - something that will interact with MetaCPAN's API


    # in your plugin/etc. code
    with 'Dist::Zilla::Role::MetaCPANInterfacer';
    my $obj = $self->mcpan->fetch(...);


This role is simply gives you a L<MetaCPAN::API> object to use with caching, so
that other plugins can share that cache.  It uses the awesome example provided in
the L<MetaCPAN::API/SYNOPSIS>, contributed by Kent Fredric.


All of these attributes are f'ing lazy, because they like to sit around the house.
They are also read-write, as this is a role, and you might want to change around 
the defaults.

=head2 mcpan


=item *

B<Type:> A L<MetaCPAN::API> object

=item *

B<Default:> A new object, using C<<< mcpan_ua >>> as the Tiny user agent


=head2 mcpan_ua


=item *

B<Type:> A L<HTTP::Tiny> compatible user agent

=item *

B<Default:> A new L<HTTP::Tiny::Mech> object, using C<<< mcpan_mechua >>> as the Mechanized user agent


=head2 mcpan_mechua


=item *

B<Type:> A L<WWW::Mechanize> compatible user agent

=item *

B<Default:> A new L<WWW::Mechanize::Cached::GZip> object, using C<<< mcpan_cache >>> as the cache attribute,
and some UA string changes.


=head2 mcpan_cache


=item *

B<Type:> A caching object

=item *

B<Default:> A new L<CHI> object, using the L<CHI::Driver::File|File> driver pointing to C<<< ~/.dzil/.webcache >>>


=head1 TODO

The caching stuff could potentially be split, but frankly, none of the existing 
plugins really need caching all that much.  I've at least called the C<<< .webcache >>>
directory a generic name, so feel free to re-use it.

(Honestly, the only reason why this is a DZ module B<IS> the caching directory

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Prereqs>, which uses this quite a bit.


The project homepage is L<>.

The latest version of this module is available from the Comprehensive Perl
Archive Network (CPAN). Visit L<> to find a CPAN
site near you, or see L<>.

=for :stopwords cpan testmatrix url annocpan anno bugtracker rt cpants kwalitee diff irc mailto metadata placeholders metacpan

=head1 SUPPORT

=head2 Internet Relay Chat

You can get live help by using IRC ( Internet Relay Chat ). If you don't know what IRC is,
please read this excellent guide: L<>. Please
be courteous and patient when talking to us, as we might be busy or sleeping! You can join
those networks/channels and get help:

=over 4

=item *

You can connect to the server at '' and join this channel: #distzilla then talk to this person for help: SineSwiper.


=head2 Bugs / Feature Requests

Please report any bugs or feature requests via L<L<>|GitHub>.

=head1 AUTHOR

Brendan Byrd <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2012 by Brendan Byrd.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)

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