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2002-01-10  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* version to 1.1.6
	(GCONF_REVISION): increment

2002-01-08  Mark McLoughlin  <>

	* backends/xml-dir.c:
	(struct _Dir): kill unused subdir_cache.
	(dir_sync): move incorrect assertion.

2002-01-07  Mark McLoughlin  <>

	* gconf/gconf-database.c: (gconf_database_new):
	* gconf/gconf.c: (gconf_get_config_listener):
	* gconf/gconfd.c: (main): no need to explicitly activate CORBA objects,
	the RootPOA has the IMPLICIT_ACTIVATION policy.

2002-01-05  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-client.c (gconf_client_cache): return bool for
	whether the value in the cache changed
	(notify_from_server_callback): short-circuit notification if a
	value hasn't actually changed. would be better to do this
	server-side, but that's a bit complicated for now.

	* gconf/gconf-value.c (gconf_value_compare): new function,
	internal for now to avoid API addition

	* gconf/gconf-client.c (cache_entry_list_destructively): new
	static function
	(gconf_client_all_entries): cache the requested entries, if 
	we are monitoring the dir we get the values from.

	* gconf/gconf-value.c (gconf_entry_copy): new function, internal
	for now to avoid API addition

2002-01-04  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-client.c (gconf_client_class_init): add
	GCONF_DEBUG_TRACE_CLIENT setting, to debug spew about
	what's going on
	(gconf_client_real_unreturned_error): also ignore
	GCONF_ERROR_NO_WRITABLE_DATABASE since it's typically not 
	an error to report.

2002-01-04  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-client.c (gconf_client_preload): allow preloading 
	directories that are below directories being monitored, not just
	the exact directory being monitored.

2002-01-04  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-database.c: support storing names of clients
	and new ConfigDatabase3
	(client_alive_predicate): fix backward predicate; we were removing
	all live clients, and keeping all dead clients. Doh! Doh! Doh!

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_notify_add): use
	add_listener_with_properties if available to send name of client
	to the server

	* gconf/GConf.idl: put in ConfigDatabase3 with a couple of new
	methods, just to make this file more horrible
2002-01-04  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c (main): if GCONF_DEBUG_OUTPUT is set, 
	enable gconf_log_debug_messages

2002-01-03  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconftool.c (main): honor
	* backends/xml-cache.c (cache_sync): fill in the error if we
	return a failure code.

2002-01-03  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* Add quotes to
	GCONF_SCHEMA_FILE_DIR='$(sysconfdir)/gconf/schemas' so that "make
	install sysconfdir=/foo" will work. May break some conceivable 
	usage of this variable.

2001-12-22  Duarte Loreto <>

        * Added portuguese (pt) to ALL_LINGUAS

2001-12-17  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-listeners.c: reference count the listeners, make a
	copy of listener lists and ref all listeners prior to doing the
	notifies, to minimize reentrancy screwups.

2001-12-17  Josh Barrow  <>

	* examples/basic-gconf-app.c:

2001-12-17  Darin Adler  <>

	* doc/gconf/.cvsignore:
	* examples/.cvsignore:

2001-12-11  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c (drop_old_clients): fix this

	* gconf/gconf-database.c (client_alive_predicate): fix spelling in
	log message

2001-12-11  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c (drop_old_clients): use
	CORBA_Object_non_existent() instead of ConfigListener_ping

	* gconf/gconf-database.c (client_alive_predicate): use
	CORBA_Object_non_existent() instead of ConfigListener_ping

2001-12-11  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_get_default): change to not start
	gconfd immediately, so we can avoid starting it if 
	we're just going to shut it down, and just generally do 
	things lazily.
	(gconf_shutdown_daemon): ignore NO_SERVER error code

	* backends/xml-dir.c (dir_get_value): always get schema name, not
	just if value is unset

	* gconf/gconfd.c (main): don't free logname since there are atexit
	handlers for now

	* gconf/gconf-sources.c (gconf_sources_query_value): don't look
	for a default value for the schema. Useless and adds a bit of

	* gconf/gconfd.c (main): set log handler for GLib
	(log_handler): mask extra flags out of log level

	* gconf/gconf-sources.c (gconf_sources_query_value): Fix this so
	Gergo's bug doesn't happen; hope no other semantic gets broken.

	* tests/testschemas.c: do some unbreaking, and put in a test that
	exposes Gergo's bug (failure to read schema name if a key is set)

	* tests/*: put in a big comment saying don't use these as example
	code since they are ugly-ass and broken.

Sun Dec  9 18:22:50 2001  Jonathan Blandford  <>

	* Just when I think I understand the depths of the
	bogosity autoconf, something else comes up to impress me.

2001-12-09  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (gconf_load_source_path): for fuck's
	sake - we've been reading the config source backward forever - 
	this has never fricking worked. Dammit.

	* gconf/gconf-sources.c (gconf_sources_set_value): make huge error
	message even more so
	(gconf_sources_new_from_addresses): add debug log about config
	source writability

2001-12-08  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-client.c: fix some warnings

	* gconf/gconf-internals.h: try to fix gettext issues

2001-12-08  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-value.c (gconf_value_validate): take const arg

	* gconf/gconf.c: add internal API to check that GConfEngine isn't
	being used "underneath" its owning GConfClient, thus causing 
	cache inconsistencies. Bad hack, yay.

	* gconf/gconf-client.c: Use new internal GConfEngine "exclusive
	owner" API
	silently ignore GCONF_ERROR_OVERRIDDEN, because if the system 
	is "locked down" most apps will probably call gconf_client_set 

	* gconf/gconf-client.h: fix comment to be accurate about how 
	overlaps are handled

2001-12-06  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* fix up check for gettext to do glib-gettext instead

	* add gtk-doc checks and remove --docs-only
	since I don't think --docs-only works and don't see how it could.

	* doc/gconf/ make makefile use snazzy canonical
	gtk-doc makefile from gtk

	* doc/gconf/gconf.sgml: make it reflect current reality a bit

	* examples/basic-gconf-app.c: Update the example

	* examples/complex-gconf-app.c: Move the old basic-gconf-app.c
	into here.

	* gconf/gconf-listeners.c (gconf_listeners_remove): remove
	g_return_if_fail on 0 ID, since that will probably end up
	happening from time to time

2001-12-04  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (open_empty_locked_file): improve error

	* gconf/gconftool.c (main): complain about using --config-source
	but not --direct

	* backends/xml-backend.c (resolve_address): don't try to lock 
	readonly sources; fixes the case where users install to a prefix 
	that they can write to, was causing problems for people using
	build scripts.

	* gconf/gconfd.c (gconf_set_exception): add missing value to case
	statement so we don't crash

	* examples/basic-gconf-app.c: update comment to say that the
	example isn't really right anymore

	* gconf/gconftool.c (process_schema_list): make sure we have an
	element instead of a text node before we try to process it; kills
	a bunch of irritating warnings.

	* (SUBDIRS): remove standard-schemas subdir, should
	have long ago

2001-12-04  jacob berkman  <>

	* gconf/ add an explicit dependency on the built files

2001-12-03  Laszlo Peter  <>

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c: oops, s/ulong_t/gulong/

2001-12-03  Laszlo Peter  <>

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (get_hostname): fix memory alignment
	problem on Solaris.

2001-12-02  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-value.h: put casts in the accessor macros, so they 
	can accept void pointers. Doh.

2001-11-26  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* version to 1.1.5

Tue Nov 20 15:37:58 2001  Owen Taylor  <>

	* gconf/gconf-client.c: Remove extraneous gobject/* includes.

2001-11-18  Miles Lane  <>

	* gconf/gconf-client.h: replace include of gobject/gobject.h
	with glib-object.h, due to a change in gobject/gobject.h
	that forces an #error for all direct includes.
	This checkin was approved by Havoc.

2001-10-31  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* bump version to 1.1.4, and set revision to 1

	* doc/gconf/ fix this

	* doc/gconf/gconf.types: update
2001-10-31  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconftool.c: add --recursive-unset command line option

2001-10-31  Zbigniew Chyla  <>

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (gconf_activate_server): Plug leak.

2001-10-30  Frederic Crozat  <>

	* backends/val-encode.c: add missing headers to remove
	some warnings.

2001-10-29  jacob berkman  <>

	* gconf-editor/gconf-editor.c (main): bind to GETTEXT_PACKAGE
	rather than PACKAGE

	* call glib-gettextize

	* set the GETTEXT_PACKAGE to be more like the gnome
	1 one

2001-10-30  Abel Cheung  <>

	* When probing for db3, check libdb-3.3, libdb-3.2 and
	  libdb-3.1 in addition to libdb-3 .

2001-10-16  Ross Golder  <>

	* updated installation paths

2001-10-15  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconftool.c (main): don't create config daemon for
	(main): shut down daemon in makefile install mode

2001-10-14  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* bump version, increment GCONF_CURRENT
	and GCONF_AGE due to API additions

2001-10-13  Jaka Mocnik  <>

	* allow for db3 headers/includes installed in a
	strange location.
	* backends/ add BDB_CFLAGS to INCLUDES.
2001-10-12  Havoc Pennington  <>

        Merge from stable.
	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_set): check UTF-8 validity here,
	instead of at the higher levels	

	* gconf/gconf-value.c (gconf_value_validate): new internal function

2001-10-12  Havoc Pennington  <>

        Merge from stable.
	* tests/testschemas.c (check_schema_storage): add some UTF-8

	* tests/testpersistence.c: UTF-8 test

	* tests/testgconf.c: add a UTF-8 test

	* gconf/gconf.c: UTF-8 checks, and some indentation

	* gconf/gconf-schema.c: UTF-8 checks

	* gconf/gconf-value.c: add some UTF-8 robustness

2001-10-12  Havoc Pennington  <>

        Merging from stable.
	* backends/xml-entry.c (entry_unset_value): don't translate "%s"

	* backends/xml-cache.c (cache_sync_foreach): printf string screwup

	* backends/xml-backend.c (query_value): fix printf string derived
	from untrusted data
	(query_value): ditto

	* ensure we find the right bdb headers, if we find
	the library, error if not. Reported by Samuel Stringham

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (gconf_double_to_string): use g_snprintf
	not plain snprintf for Solaris 2.5.1 friendliness

	* doc/gconf/tmpl/gconf-value.sgml: fix docs to mention that pairs
	contain only primitive types; pointed out by Gregory Merchan

	* (BDB_CFLAGS): patch from Nils Philippsen to detect
	DB 3.1 if available.

2001-10-11  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* tests/testgconf.c (check_utils): add test for the key
	escaper/unescaper thingy

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_escape_key): new function
	(gconf_unescape_key): new function

2001-10-10  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_valid_key): disallow non-ASCII characters
	in key names

2001-10-10  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* backends/xml-dir.c (dir_sync): fix to reflect bizarre behavior
	of xmlSaveFile() (it tries to unescape the filename as a URI,
	resulting in mangling my filename!)

2001-10-04  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (gconf_release_lock): do wack-ass juju
	to avoid .nfs23344534543 files appearing in the lock directory 
	and causing warnings.

2001-10-04  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* backends/xml-dir.c (dir_fill_cache_from_doc): remove an 
	extra warning

2001-10-04  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (open_empty_locked_file): include
	strerror in the error message on lock failure

2001-10-01  Michael Meeks  <>

	* gconf/gconf.h: fix deprecated guard.

	* gconf/gconf.c (ctable_remove_by_client_id): remove unused.

2001-09-29  Carlos Perell� Mar�n <>

	* gconf/gconf.h (GCONF_DISABLE_DEPRECATED): closed a comment.

2001-09-28  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c (main): fix write_byte_fd to always be initialized

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (gconf_get_current_lock_holder): read
	IOR file, not directory it's inside

2001-09-26  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.h: mark gconf_init() deprecated

	* gconf/ (INCLUDES): libxml cflags

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_init): make this a no-op, instead init on

        Merge from stable
	* patch from Yanko Kaneti to have AM_GCONF_SOURCE
	define a GCONF_SCHEMA_FILE_DIR variable for the directory where
	schema files should be installed

	* gconf/ (install-data-local): don't install oafinfo

	* don't generate oafinfo

	* gconf/gconftool.c (main): remove error message about running
	gconfd while installing schemas, instead we'll fail to get a lock.

	* gconf/gconfd.c (main): redirect stdin/out/err to /dev/null
	instead of just closing them, saves ORBit some confusion

	* backends/xml-cache.c (cache_clean): change the "items remain in
	cache" message to DEBUG level 
 	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (gconf_get_lock_or_current_holder):
	rearrange locking to just use fcntl()
 	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_connect): fix error message in
 	default daemon case
 	* gconf/gconfd.c (gconf_main): reduce exit-after-unused timeout to
 	2 minutes
 	* gconf/ (INCLUDES): add -DGCONF_BINDIR
 	* gconf/gconf-internals.c: delete nanosleep junk
2001-09-27  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* backends/ (INCLUDES): srcdir != builddir fixage

	* increment version for release
	(ORBIT_IDL): look for orbit-idl-2 using pkg-config

2001-09-17  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* look for orbit-idl-2 not orbit-idl, 
	add option to explicitly enable/disable bdb backend

2001-09-08  Wang Jian  <>

	* Renamed zh_CN.GB2312 to zh_CN.

2001-08-25  Darin Adler  <>

	* backends/
	* examples/
	* gconf-editor/
	* tests/
	* wrappers/guile/
	Got rid of extra unneeded -I directives.

	* examples/basic-gconf-app.c:
	* examples/simple-controller.c:
	* examples/simple-view.c:
	Changed includes to use the normal <gconf/*> format, because
	that is both better for examples, and works fine when building
	gconf too, without any special -I trickery.

2001-08-19  Jesus Bravo Alvarez  <>

	* Added gl (Galician) to ALL_LINGUAS.

2001-08-17  Maciej Stachowiak  <>

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c: (gconf_handle_oaf_exception): Handle
	rename for ParseFailed exception.

2001-08-15  Havoc Pennington  <>

        Merge from stable.
	* backends/xml-backend.c (x_shutdown): ditto
	(resolve_address): ditto

	* backends/bdb-backend.c (vtable_bdb_shutdown): ditto
	(vtable_bdb_resolve_address): ditto

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (gconf_load_source_path): ditto

	* gconf/gconfd.c (gconf_server_load_sources): change to DEBUG

	* backends/xml-backend.c (g_module_check_init): change a log
	message to DEBUG level

2001-08-14  Michael Meeks  <>

	* depend on bonobo-activation >= 0.9.1

	* gconf/ Update to install GNOME_Config.server.

	* update to GNOME_Config.server

	* gconf/ (-DIID): rename to GNOME_Config_Daemon
	to fit with the bonobo namespace guidelines.

	* gconf/ update & indent.

2001-08-13  Marco Pesenti Gritti  <>

	* doc/gconf/gconf.sgml: small explanation about 
2001-08-13  Havoc Pennington  <>

        Merge from stable.
	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (gconf_load_source_path): patch from
	Adam Spiers to honor variables in include lines

	* gconf/gconf-database.c (notify_listeners_cb):
	indentation/whitespace changes

	* backends/xml-entry.c (entry_fill_from_node): Only print a
	warning if there's no schema name. Avoids spurious warnings 
	on nodes that only have a schema name.

2001-08-13  Michael Meeks  <>

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c: remove nano_sleep; it's unused.

	* remove nanosleep check.

2001-08-07  Marco Pesenti Gritti  <>

	* remove the chmod on gconf-config,
	the file has been removed
	to not break parallel installs
2001-08-07  Marco Pesenti Gritti  <>

	* gconf/ remove duplicate macro
2001-08-07  Marco Pesenti Gritti  <>

        * gconf/ New file. GCONF_SCHEMA_CONFIG_SOURCE macro
	* add gconf.m4 to AC_OUTPUT
        * add gconf.m4 to EXTRA_DIST and install-data-local
	Setup a default gconf source on make install.
        * Distribute also the path file and
        the directories for the default source.
        * gconf/ install the default path as "path" instead
        of "path.example". Add GCONF_ETCDIR define.
        * gconf/gconftool.c: Add --get-default-source option.

2001-08-03  Martin Baulig  <>

	* gconf/ Renamed ->

	* Install gconfd.server into the correct dir
	for bonobo-activation.

2001-08-03  Abel Cheung <>

	* Added "zh_CN.GB2312" to ALL_LINGUAS.
2001-08-02  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* version 1.1.1

	* don't search for subdirs to autogen, that's just
	annoying if you have a make dist directory laying around

2001-08-01  Michael Meeks  <>

	* port to bonobo-activation from oaf.

2001-07-28  Yanko Kaneti  <>

	* gconf/gconftool.c (main): s/all-pairs/all-entries/ in the error

2001-07-24  Darin Adler  <>

	Merge from stable.

	* acinclude.m4: Set BUILD_INCLUDED_LIBINTL for compatibility
	with newer versions of gettext.

2001-07-23  Havoc Pennington  <>

        Merge from stable.
	* gconf/gconfd.c (main): don't warn about failure to create
	~/.gconfd if EEXIST

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_all_entries): convert empty string 
	to NULL

	* gconf/gconf-database.c
	(impl_ConfigDatabase2_all_entries_with_schema_name): don't give
	ORBit any NULL strings in the array, avoids a core dump

	* gconf/gconftool.c (list_pairs_in_dir): put a newline after the
	error message

2001-07-16  Havoc Pennington  <>

        Merge from stable.
	* gconf/gconfd.c (main): add super-lame hack to 
	pass currently-running gconfd to oafd if oafd has lamely leaked it
	due to lame-assness

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (gconf_get_lock): fix leak of object
	reference belonging to server that held the lock
	(gconf_get_lock_or_current_holder): add function to get current
	owner of a lock

	* gconf/GConf.idl: add subclass of ConfigDatabase for some
	exciting new hacky functions. 

	So an extensible IDL interface would probably have simply passed
	XML messages. But then what's the point of an IDL interface, if
	it's just going to be parse_string() get_string()?  Hmm. Cosmic
	question. ;-)

	* gconf/gconf.c (try_to_contact_server): make the error on
	OAF-did-not-set-exception really, really verbose, and explicitly
	say "do not file a GConf bug report." But with fixed OAF this 
	shouldn't happen anymore anyhow.

	* gconf/gconf-sources.c (gconf_sources_set_value): lengthy verbose
	error message about possible causes of lack of a config database.
	But my lame-ass hack above should keep this from happening so
2001-07-18  Anders Carlsson  <>

	* Remove gconf-config and gconf.m4 from AC_OUTPUT

2001-07-17  Anders Carlsson  <>

	* Remove gconf-config and gconf.m4 from EXTRA_DIST
	and do not try to install them.

	* Remove this file.

	* Remove this file.

2001-07-17  Darin Adler  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c: (gconf_postinit):
	Let CORBA generate the ID instead of providing one ourselves.

2001-07-17  Laszlo Peter  <>

	* gconf/ remove the -Wno-unused flag; not portable.

2001-07-14  Kjartan Maraas  <>

	* Added "nn" to ALL_LINGUAS.
2001-07-13  Darin Adler  <>

	Fix a bunch of warnings.

	* backends/bdb-backend.c: (vtable_bdb_set_value): Add const.
	* backends/bdb.c: (bdb_put_value): Add const.
	* backends/bdb.h: Add const.
	* backends/val-encode.c: (bdb_serialize_value): Add const.
	* backends/val-encode.h: Add const.
	* backends/xml-backend.c: (set_value): Add const.
	* backends/xml-dir.c: (dir_set_value): Add const.
	* backends/xml-dir.h: Add const.
	* backends/xml-entry.h: Add const.
	* gconf/gconf-backend.c: (gconf_get_backend): Add const.
	* gconf/gconf-backend.h: Add const.
	* gconf/gconf-internals.c: (fill_corba_value_from_gconf_value),
	(corba_schema_from_gconf_schema): Add const.
	* gconf/gconf-internals.h: Add const.
	* gconf/gconf-sources.c: (gconf_source_set_value),
	(gconf_sources_set_value): Add const.
	* gconf/gconf-sources.h: Add const.
	* gconf/gconf.c: (gconf_engine_set): Add const.
	* gconf/gconf.h: Add const.

	* gconf/gconf-value.h:
	* gconf/gconf-value.c: (gconf_value_set_list): Remove const,
	because const GSList * doesn't do anything useful.

	* backends/xml-entry.c: (entry_get_value), (entry_set_value),
	(entry_sync_if_needed), (entry_fill_from_node): Got rid of
	unused GValue * parameter to entry_sync_if_needed. Also, add
	const in one place.

	* gconf/gconftool.c: (main): Add cast.

2001-07-07  Peter Williams  <>

	* backends/bdb*: s,uint32_t,guint32,g

2001-07-11  Michael Meeks  <>

	* gconf/ (CLEANFILES): add stamps so we can
	clean & make.

2001-07-03  Michael Meeks  <>

	* add ORBIT_IDL check.

2001-07-02  Carlos Perell� Mar�n <>

	* gconf/gconf-client.c: /s/g_signal_newc/g_signal_new to reflect
	the changes at glib2 module. Now It compiles.

2001-06-29  Laszlo Peter  <>

	* gconf/ Fix the marshaller rules to avoid looping.

2001-06-20  Peter Williams  <>

	* (ACLOCAL): Save flags to aclocal -- life
	easier when changes.

2001-06-15  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* remove library versioning for 
	no-longer-existing gconf-gtk lib and Guile wrapper

2001-06-01  Peter Williams  <>

	* Check if DB3 headers are in db3/db.h as well.

	* acconfig.h: Add HAVE_DB3_DB_H

	* backends/bdb.c: #include config.h to get HAVE_DB3_DB_H

	* backends/bdb.h: Include the proper db.h

2001-05-11  Tomas O Connor  <>

	* gconf/gconf-internals.h, gconf/gconf-value.h: move
	gconf_value_new_from_string to make it a public API

2001-05-11  Havoc Pennington  <>

       Merge from stable.

	* gconf/gconfd.c (signal_handler): on SIGUSR1, enable/disable
	debug spew.

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (gconf_log): use a runtime variable to
	decide whether to log debug messages

	* gconf/gconf-database.c, gconf/gconfd.c, gconf/gconf-internals.c:
	Change some GCL_WARNING to GCL_DEBUG to chill out logging of
	fairly normal events

2001-05-09  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/ remove testgconfclient from build, should 
	now be made nongraphical and stuck in tests/

	* (SUBDIRS): remove "wrappers" from subdirs

	* remove Guile cruft, fix up pkg-config usage

	* acinclude.m4: Use the pkg-config macros, remove gnome-common
	dependency. Requires CVS pkg-config, need a pkg-config release.
        (Since OAF doesn't build against ORBit1 anyway, I figured why not
	check this in too...)
2001-04-28  Murray Cumming  <>

	* gconf/gconf-client.c, gconf/gconf-client.h,
          gconf/gconf-schema.c, gconf/gconf-schema.h,
          gconf/gconf-value.c, gconf/gconf-value.h,
          gconf/gconf.c, gconf/gconf.h: Use of const with function
          args. e.g. gconf_value_copy(const GConfValue* src).

2001-04-17  Michael Meeks  <>

	* gconf/ (dist-hook): don't distribute built

Wed Apr 11 08:07:11 2001  George Lebl <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_unref): If unreffing the default engine
	  set the default_engine pointer to NULL

2001-04-02  Federico Mena Quintero  <>

	* acinclude.m4: "", not "".

2001-03-24  Anders Carlsson   <>

	* (REBUILD): Add gconf-2.0.pc to AC_OUTPUT files.

2001-03-23  Marius Andreiana  <>

	* Added ro (Romanian) to ALL_LINGUAS

2001-03-18  Martin Baulig  <>

	* gconf/gthreadpool.[ch]: Removed.
	* gconf/gconf-glib-private.h: Removed.
	* gconf/gconf-glib-public.h: Removed.

	* gconf/gconf-client.[ch]: Moved here from wrappers/gtk/
	and migrated to use GObject.

	* gconf/testgconfclient.c: Moved here from wrappers/gtk/.

	* gconf/gconf-internals.h
	(gconf_CORBA_Object_hash, gconf_CORBA_Object_equal):
	New static inline functions.

	* gconf/gconfmarshal.list: New file.

	* gconf/gconftool.c: Use libxml 2.

	* backends/xml-backend.c, backends/xml-cache.h,
	backends/xml-dir.c, backends/xml-dir.h,
	backends/xml-entry.c, backends/xml-entry.h: Use libxml 2.

	* wrappers/gtk/*: Moved to gconf/.

2001-03-18  Martin Baulig  <>

	We're now on the GNOME 2.0 platform.

	* Set MAJOR_VERSION to 2, use pkg-config to
	check for stuff; GTK+ is now optional and only used for
	the examples; depend on ORBit2.

	* acinclude.m4: Add the contents of
	gnome-common/macros2/gnome-pkgconfig.m4 here.

	* Install gconf-2.0.pc.

	* New file.

2001-03-13  Kjartan Maraas  <>

	* backends/xml-entry.c: Merge from branch. Use xmlFree().
	* gconf/gconftool.c: Merge from branch. Use xmlFree() and
	don't free until after referencing stuff.
2001-03-12  Timur Bakeyev  <>

	* Made warning printing a bit nicer.
2001-03-06  Havoc Pennington  <>

        Merge from stable.
	* gconf/gconfd.c (gconf_main): change the periodic timeout to 15
	minutes, to be a bit more aggressive about cleanup.
	(open_append_handle): add a timeout to close the 
	saved_state filehandle after a short time, to avoid keeping
	descriptors open.
	(gconfd_need_log_cleanup): new internal function used to control 
	whether the periodic cleanup function needs to save a log file

2001-02-27  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* %define prefix %{_prefix} instead of @prefix@

2001-02-27  Havoc Pennington  <>

        Merge from stable.
	* gconf/gconfd.c (main): Close stdin/stdout/stderr. Also, set the
	log handler, so we don't need stdout/stderr to see GLib messages,
	they go to syslog.

	* gconf/ (INCLUDES): set the log domain

	* gconf/gconftool.c (recurse_subdir_list): the list contains full
	directory paths to start with, fix from Colm

	* gconf/gconfd.c (register_database): bugfix from Colm

	* gconf/gconf.c (lookup_engine): fix from Colm to check that we
	have an engines hash
	(gconf_engine_get_for_address): improve warning message, fix from
	(gconf_engine_remove_dir): new function from Colm, this was
	implemented on the server side but somehow never exported.

	* gconf/gconf-database.c (gconf_database_get_persistent_name): Fix
	from Colm to handle the case of empty databases (no sources).

2001-02-05  Havoc Pennington  <>

        File permissions fixes, problem pointed out by Steve Fox.
	* backends/xml-dir.c (dir_sync): chmod() the XML file after
	xmlSaveFile creates it

	* gconf/gconfd.c (main): following Stevens advice for daemons, we
	were calling umask(0), change to umask(022). We need a predictable
	umask, but a safer one would be good since this is a per-user
	daemon not a system daemon.
	* backends/dir-utils.c (mode_t_to_mode): make this more portable,
	for paranoia

	* backends/xml-dir.c (dir_load): We were getting directory
	permissions from the %gconf.xml file, instead of from the XML root
	directory. Fix.

2001-01-23  Stanislav Visnovsky  <>

	* Add 'sk' to ALL_LINGUAS

2001-01-21  Havoc Pennington  <>

        * change version to 1.1
        Sync from stable
	* backends/xml-entry.c (schema_subnode_extract_data): don't warn
	about <local_schema> with no locale field, because that's normal 
	for the default case
	(schema_node_extract_value): use <local_schema> with no locale
	if it exists and we don't find anything better

	* tests/testschemas.c (check_schema_use): fix indentation and mem

	* gconf/gconftool.c (do_get): print default value from schema

2000-12-19  Rebecca Schulman  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c: (gconf_server_load_sources):
	Added a return value to a g_slist_append that would
	cause a segfault in some cases.

Fri Dec 01 00:54:33 2000  George Lebl <>

	* gconf/gconf-locale.c (gconf_split_locale):  When inserting "C"
	  into a list, dup it first to avoid a possible crash later.

2000-11-30  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_unset): Fix dereference of NULL GError**

2000-11-20  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* doc/gconf/ Fix "make scan" to actually work, so 
	you can build the docs

2000-11-11  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-value.c (gconf_entry_set_is_writable): Add this

2000-11-05  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-glib.c, gconf/gconf-glib-private.h: Remove the 
	GMarkup and Unicode stuff, turned out to be unnecessary.
	Left only GError.

2000-11-05  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c (parse_listener_entry): fix strtoul error

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (gconf_string_to_gulong): Fix error
	checking on strtoul

2000-11-05  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-glib.c (g_propagate_error): Sync from GLib,
	should fix one very minor memory leak in GConf

2000-10-31  Almer S. Tigelaar  <>

	* Add 'nl' to ALL_LINGUAS

2000-10-26  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* Bump version to 0.11

2000-10-25  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c: remove get_nocopy, since it can't
	be implemented since we don't cache everything. Oops.

2000-10-16  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c
	(gconf_client_real_unreturned_error): implement default error
	handler that prints to stderr
	(gconf_client_key_is_writable): hmm, this function didn't compile
	very cleanly

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.h: Remove the ParentWindowFunc
	concept. Two reasons: a) it was really hard for users to implement
	such a thing, and if they did then implementing an error dialog
	function was pretty trivial also b) decided to make the default
	error handler use fprintf(stderr) since GConfClient is going to
	move into the main GConf library and thus not depend on GTK.

	So, this is mild API breakage (but hopefully no one was using the
	feature anyway).
2000-10-10  Christophe Merlet  <>

	* backends/ Added README.bdb in EXTRA_DIST.

	* gconf/gconf-glib.c: Corrected mispelling string.

2000-10-10  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-value.c (gconf_value_to_string): fix segfault when 
	pair contains unset car or cdr
	(gconf_value_set_car): allow setting car or cdr of a pair to
	NULL. I'm not sure if this is the normal thing in the code
	right now, but, hmm.

	* gconf/gconf-sources.c (gconf_sources_all_entries): fix
	cut-and-paste error resulting in NULL pointer dereference.

2000-10-08  Havoc Pennington  <>

        gconfd should now exit when not in use.
	* gconf/gconf-database.c (gconf_database_drop_dead_listeners):
	function to drop any listeners with dead clients.

	* gconf/gconfd.c (drop_old_databases): before checking 
	whether the listener count is 0, clean up listeners belonging 
	to dead clients.

	* gconf/gconf-listeners.c (gconf_listeners_remove_if): New
	function removes listeners matching some predicate
	(ltable_remove): fix some indentation

2000-10-08  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* version to 0.10

2000-10-06  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c: indentation/formatting

	* gconf/gconfd.c (parse_listener_entry): extra paranoia error
	check. Also, make log messages level DEBUG, not WARNING.

2000-10-06  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* check for flockfile.
	Check for BDB, but don't make it fatal; do an AM_CONDITIONAL and
	don't build the BDB backend if it's not found.

	* gconf/gconfd.c (main): unregister with OAF after all shutdown is
	(signal_handler): do the full, clean shutdown on SIGTERM; should
	reduce the damage caused by those pesky killall gconfd scripts ;-)
	Try to do the same on FPE and PIPE, though it's not likely to
	work, it doesn't hurt to try.
	(logfile_read): rewrite the logfile reading code; somewhat more
	robust, possibly.

	* gconf/gconf-database.c, gconf/gconfd.c: Make all CORBA
	implementation return immediately with an error if we're currently
	shutting down. We'd just unregister with OAF, or deactivate our
	objects, but then another gconfd would start up before we finish
	cleaning up our stuff and introduce a mess of race
	conditions. Instead clients will automatically retry lots of times
	if they get the IN_SHUTDOWN error. Actually this possibly
	shouldn't even happen, since we aren't normally in the main loop
	once we start to shut down, I don't think - not sure.
	* gconf/gconfd.c (gconf_set_exception): add ConfigInShutdown

	* gconf/GConf.idl: add ConfigInShutdown error

	* gconf/gconf.c (corba_errno_to_gconf_errno): add ConfigInShutdown

	* gconf/gconf-error.h: two error codes had the same integer value.

	* gconf/gconfd.c (gconfd_in_shutdown): Add a flag 
	to indicate we're shutting down; all operations will 
	return an error at that point.

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_server_broken): treat ConfigInShutdown 
	as a broken server.
2000-10-06  Colm Smyth  <>

	* Committed BerkeleyDB back-end:-

	  backends/bdb.c backends/bdb.h backends/bdb-backend.c
	  backends/val-encode.c backends/val-encode.h
	  backends/dir-utils.c backends/dir-utils.h backends/README.bdb

	* Changes to make GConf build with an ISO C compiler:- backends/ backends/xml-cache.c
	  gconf/gconf-database.c gconf/gconf-sources.c gconf/gconfd.c
	  tests/testchangeset.c tests/testencode.c tests/testgconf.c
	  tests/testlisteners.c tests/testpersistence.c

2000-10-03  Robin * Slomkowski  <>

	* is not a directory
	OK I am less foolish now

2000-10-03  Robin * Slomkowski  <>

	* updated the spec file again
	if you are interested we are trying to track it

2000-10-03  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c (close_append_handle): set invalid FILE* to 
	NULL afterward, avoid segfaults.

	* add install-schemas target here which recurses
	into standard-schemas and runs install-schemas

	* standard-schemas/ (install-schemas): Move schema
	installation to a special target install-schemas which must be 
	run manually _after_ make install. This should resolve problems
	people are having with RPMs and such. However it means spec files
	have to explicitly add a 'make install-schemas'

2000-09-29  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (drop_all_caches): don't spew warnings here for
	(invalidate_cached_values): no spew
	(update_listener): remove more spew

2000-09-29  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (ctable_reinstall): we were overwriting the hash
	key before trying to remove the old server ID from the hash, so
	the removal failed, leading to an assertion failure later (this
	hopefully fixes one of the bugs reported by Ramiro, if not then
	I'll keep looking)

2000-09-26  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-locale.c (gconf_locale_cache_expire): fix a
	static initialization with non-const value

2000-09-25  Havoc Pennington  <>

        Bug fixes and portability issues reported by Colm Smyth
	* gconf/gconf-sources.c (gconf_sources_query_value): fix NULL
	pointer dereference

        * s/__FUNCTION__/G_GNUC_FUNCTION/g;
	* Add check for GCC before using -Wall (can't
	believe no one has _ever_ tried building GConf without gcc, 
	but it appears so...)

	* gconf/gconftool.c: use N_ not _ with static strings.

	* tests/testschemas.c: Don't include locale.h

	* gconf/gconf-internals.h: Remove some of the #defines from 
	the non-ENABLE_NLS case. 

2000-09-24  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* NEWS: Put release notes for 0.9 in here.

2000-09-24  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c (gconf_main): With debugging turned on, use
	obscenely short timeout for periodic cleanups, to ensure bugs 
	get triggered.

	* gconf/gconf-database.c (impl_ConfigDatabase_all_dirs): Set
	_release to TRUE for sequences
	(impl_ConfigDatabase_all_entries): ditto

	* gconf/gconfd.c (half_hour_timeout): exit only if client count is
	0 after dropping all dead clients.
	* gconf/gconf-database.c (impl_ConfigDatabase_all_dirs): Don't
	put memory in the out param if we set an exception
	(impl_ConfigDatabase_all_entries): Ditto

	* backends/xml-dir.c (dir_all_subdirs): Fix a memory leak

	* gconf/gconfd.c: Implement client list logging

	* gconf/gconf.c: Add self to the server's client list 
	whenever we get a new server objref

2000-09-23  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c: Implement add/remove client methods; 
	still need to log these to disk, and on restart tell the
	logged clients to drop their caches.

	* gconf/GConf.idl: Add methods on ConfigServer to maintain
	a list of active clients; this allows us to invalidate client
	caches on daemon restart.

2000-09-21  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* remove intl/Makefile

	* remove intl subdir

2000-09-17  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c: Update to reflect IDL change

	* gconf/GConf.idl: Change invalidate_cached_values() to take
	multiple keys to invalidate; better efficiency that way

2000-09-17  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-database.c: Add new methods on ConfigDatabase

	* gconf/gconf.c: Add new methods on ConfigListener, but they
	do nothing at the moment

	* gconf/GConf.idl: Add some methods to ConfigListener to tell
	clients when they need to drop cached values Add batch_lookup()
	and batch_change() methods to ConfigDatabase so we can implement 
	them later

2000-09-16  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_key_is_writable): And actually 
	implement it here. Doh.

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c (gconf_client_key_is_writable): Gee,
	forgot to actually implement this function after implementing all
	the backend work for it... 

	* gconf/gconf.c (corba_errno_to_gconf_errno): add
	NO_WRITABLE_DATABASE handling here also

	* gconf/gconfd.c (gconf_set_exception): handle

	* gconf/GConf.idl: Add NoWritableDatabase to error type enum

	* wrappers/gtk/testgconfclient.c (entry_attached_to): Update 
	to properly handle writability

	* examples/simple-controller.c (main): set entry sensitivity

	* examples/basic-gconf-app.c (main): Remove ref/sink and destroy,
	just use plain refcounting
	(create_config_entry): Set entry sensitivity according to key

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c (gconf_client_finalize): Move all
	cleanup to finalize, remove destroy handler	

2000-09-16  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* doc/gconf/tmpl/gconf-value.sgml: Update some docs

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c (notify_listeners_callback): Update
	to reflect new callback signature for GConfClientNotifyFunc

	* gconf/gconf-sources.c (gconf_sources_set_value): Make it an
	error to if we try to write a value for a non-writable source.
	This is new; it used to silently fail.

	* gconf/gconf-database.c (gconf_database_notify_listeners): Add
	is_writable here

	* gconf/GConf.idl: Add writable flag to notification

	* gconf/gconf.h: Update GConfNotifyFunc to have fewer args, and 
	a GConfEntry is just passed in (since I was going to have
	to add an is_writable arg, and passing in a GConfEntry 
	gives us future extensibility against this sort of thing)
	BREAKS USER CODE, many apologies.

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c (gconf_client_get_entry): Update
	to reflect GConfEngine changes

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_all_entries): Get the writability
	(gconf_engine_get_full): rename to gconf_value_get_entry 
	and return an entry; drop the is_default argument.

	* gconf/gconf-sources.c (gconf_sources_query_value): Implement 
	finding out if a value is writable
	(gconf_sources_all_entries): Implement setting is_writable 
	flag on the entries

	* gconf/gconf-value.c (gconf_entry_new_nocopy): Default to 
	the entry being writable

	* gconf/gconf-database.c: Change to match IDL changes

	* gconf/GConf.idl (lookup_with_locale): Add out param for
	(all_entries): Add out param for writability

	* gconf/gconf-value.h: Add is_writable field to GConfEntry
	(gconf_entry_get_is_writable): Add this

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c (gconf_client_key_is_writable): Add 
	the matching stub here

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_key_is_writable): Go ahead and add
	this function so we can implement it later, but it always returns 
	TRUE at the moment.

	* gconf/gconf-changeset.c (gconf_change_set_set_user_data,
	gconf_change_set_get_user_data): Add user data for language

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_set_user_data,
	gconf_engine_get_user_data): Add user data for language

2000-09-15  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* s/gconf_concat_key_and_dir/gconf_concat_dir_and_key/g

2000-09-14  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_all_dirs): Update to 
	return fully qualified name in GConfEntry
	(gconf_engine_all_entries): missed the local case
	earlier when adapting it to use fully-qualified name

	* acinclude.m4: Add never-use-included-gettext macro

	* Bump version to 0.9

2000-09-14  Darin Adler  <>

	* backends/xml-dir.c: (dir_load): Fixed code that set up file mode
	to always be 0600 to instead inherit from parent directory as
	* gconf/gconf-sources.c: (gconf_sources_new_from_addresses):
	Removed unused variable.
	* tests/.cvsignore: Added some generated files.

2000-09-13  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* More renaming:





2000-09-13  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_all_entries): Put full key in
	GConfEntry (but we only get the relative key over the 
	CORBA wire)

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c (cache_pairs_in_dir): Change to 
	reflect fact that GConfEntry now contains full key

	* gconf/gconftool.c (list_pairs_in_dir): Change to reflect full
	key in GConfEntry

	* doc/gconf/tmpl/gconf-value.sgml: updated GConfEntry docs on this
2000-09-11  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* Actually use gettext. Involves checking in, linking
	to it in, making _() do the right thing.

	I have gettext in libc instead of -lintl though, so I'm not going
	to see Makefile bugs - maybe someone can check on it.

2000-09-10  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-value.c (gconf_entry_new): New function
	(gconf_entry_set_value): New function

2000-09-10  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* Another rename fest:

	#!/usr/bin/perl -pi.bak

	## note that this regexp could affect non-GConf stuff


2000-09-10  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-value.c (gconf_value_new): don't use

	* gconf/gconf-internals.h, gconf/gconf-error.h:
	Move these to gconf-internals.h, now they aren't needed due
	to GError

	* gconf/gconf.c: Get rid of GConfEnginePrivate, just define struct
	_GConfEngine in the private .c file, like a sane person.

	* gconf/gconf-value.h: remove GCONF_INTERNAL_VALUE_TYPE_VALID

	* gconf/gconf.h: #ifdef the GNOME module system and popt stuff for
	GNOME 1.4. This stuff is tied to GNOME 2.0 and still unstable in
	that respect; should not be used before GNOME 2.0
	(gconf_get_string): forgot to rename this earlier
2000-09-09  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c (half_hour_timeout): Convert one_hour_timeout to
	half_hour_timeout() to more agressively prune resources. In the
	half hour timeout, if we have no connected listeners on any
	database, shut down gconfd. (We might want to make the timeout
	length configurable; and for laptops people might not want any 
	timeouts at all, since it will wake up their laptop.)
	(fast_cleanup): Remove comment about getting incoming connections
	after shutting things down; this is no longer a problem because
	we deactivate databases in the POA

2000-09-09  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/ (libgconf_1_la_SOURCES): Move gconf-backend.h
	here, I don't see why it was in the public headers

	Throughout, rename a bunch of stuff:

	#!/usr/bin/perl -pi.bak





	## These require some care, since they can be the prefix for unrelated stuff.
	s/gconf_get /gconf_engine_get /g;
	s/gconf_set /gconf_engine_set /g;

	s/gconf_get\(/gconf_engine_get (/g;
	s/gconf_set\(/gconf_engine_set (/g;

2000-09-09  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-database.c (gconf_database_add_listener)
	(gconf_database_remove_listener): immediately log the addition
	or removal to the saved state file, which is now in a streaming
	(gconf_database_get_persistent_name): abstraction for getting
	the address of the database, of "def" if it's the default one
	(gconf_database_log_listeners_to_string): replaces conversion 
	from database to markup node; no longer using GMarkup here

	* gconf/gconf-listeners.c (gconf_listeners_get_data):
	new function to get listener data for a connection ID

	* gconf/gconfd.c (one_hour_timeout): save the logfile in the
	timeout, to compress it since we have just been appending over the
	last hour
	(logfile_read, logfile_save): rewrite to use new format, not the
	GMarkup format

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (gconf_object_to_string): Add 
	this function

2000-09-04  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* doc/gconf/ (LDFLAGS): libs have been renamed

2000-08-31  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* Massive rename from GConfError to GError

	* gconf/gconf-error.h, gconf/gconf-error.c: Remove
	redundant-with-GError stuff; add GCONF_ERROR domain

2000-08-30  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c (restore_listener): use gconf_string_to_gulong
	instead of atoi for reading a ulong out of the log file

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_get_default): assign to the
	default_engine variable, so we don't keep creating new default

	* gconf/gconf-listeners.c (ltable_next_cnxn): Start "uniqueness
	bits" at a different location depending on pid

2000-08-30  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c: Change client to new system (use object
	references to ConfigDatabase instead of the integer context ID).
	* gconf/gconf-backend.c: Fix path to uninstalled modules, and 
	put the whole uninstalled modules thing in GCONF_ENABLE_DEBUG 

	* gconf/gconf-database.c: add some missing includes, and fix
	a typo bug

	* gconf/gconfd.c: CORBA_Object_duplicate() the ConfigDatabase
	objrefs before passing them back out to ORBit. Remove
	some bogus assertions.
	* TODO: Updates, added notes from Colm

2000-08-30  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c, gconf/gconf-database.h, gconf/gconf-database.c, 
	gconf/gconfd.h: Completed the server-side implementation of 
	the new system where a ConfigServer_Context becomes
	a ConfigDatabase object. Client side doesn't even compile
	yet. Will get it compiling in the morning.

2000-08-29  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c: Add logfile load/save; not really working 

	* gconf/gconf.c: Remove reinstall-listeners stuff and implement
	update_listeners() from the server. Most of this is about to get
	removed again when I fix context ID's to be object references

	* gconf/gconf-listeners.c: #include <string.h>, 
	store full key name on tree nodes, add connection ID to 
	foreach callback

	* gconf/GConf.idl: Add update_listener method on ConfigListener,
	so the daemon can tell a client that a listener's ID has changed

	* gconf/gconf-glib-public.h, 
	gconf/gconf-glib.c: Put in gmarkup.[hc], gunicode stuff, 
	and gerror.[hc] from GLib 2.0. The Unicode char tables are
	causing big bloat; may be able to get rid of them 
	before GNOME 1.4 if we are lucky.

2000-08-27  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-glib-public.h, 
	gconf/gconf-glib.c: Place to put cut-and-paste code from 
	GLib 2.0

	* gconf/gconf.c (notify): Only print warnings on bogus notifies
	if debugging is enabled; without debugging, silently ignore
	the notifies, it just means gconfd got confused.

2000-08-26  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-listeners.c (gconf_listeners_foreach): Add a foreach
	function, will use that to dump the daemon's listener table to
	a file.

2000-08-26  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* TODO: Created a TODO file

2000-08-09  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* 0.8

	* fixes from Ralph Loader for DESTDIR support (hopefully 
	got them all in)

	* gconf.spec: fix description (the G is just a G, doesn't stand
	for anything)
2000-08-09  Robin * Slomkowski  <>

	* made it so the specfile worked for rpm builds

2000-08-07  Robin * Slomkowski  <>

	* gconf/ use top_build instead of build
	and some beautification.

Wed Aug 02 18:11:37 2000  George Lebl <>

	* backends/xml-entry.c (node_set_schema_value) (node_unset_value)
	  (schema_node_extract_value):  Set the list_type and car_type and
	  cdr_type from the schema.  Unset these on clear.  Also get these
	  on extraction.

	* gconf/GConf.idl:  Add value_list_type, value_car_type,
	  value_cdr_type to the ConfigSchema struct

	* gconf/gconf-internals.c (fill_corba_schema_from_gconf_schema)
	  (gconf_schema_from_corba_schema) (corba_type_from_gconf_type)
	  (gconf_type_from_corba_type) (gconf_string_to_double)
	  (gconf_double_to_string) (gconf_unquote_string_inplace)
	  (gconf_value_decode) (gconf_value_encode):  When passing schema
	  to/from corba, pass the list_type and car/cdr_type fields as well.
	  When converting to/from doubles guard the printf/scanf with
	  setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C").  When encoding/decoding the lists
	  encode their type, for schemas encode/decode the list/car/cdr_type

	* gconf/gconf-internals.h:  For gconf_value_new_list_from_string
	  and gconf_value_new_pair_from_string add an GConfError field

	* gconf/gconf-schema.[ch] (gconf_schema_new) (gconf_schema_copy):
	  Add the list/car/cdr_type fields to the schema structure and
	  support it when creating and copying.  Also add accessors for
	  these fields.

	* gconf/gconf-value.c (escape_string)
	  (gconf_value_to_string):  Implement the list and pair_from_string
	  functions.  In to_string escape the characters that would cause

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_unique_key): use GPOINTER_TO_UINT to
	  avoid warning on alpha

	* gconf/gconftool.c (do_get) (do_set) (do_set_schema)
	  (fill_default_from_string) (extract_global_info)
	  (process_locale_info) (process_schema):  Add support for
	  setting lists and pairs by supporting the list/car/cdr_type.
	  Add these to setting schemas as well.  Also add support for
	  these in reading/setting schemas from .schema files and support
	  defaults of lists/pairs using this information.

2000-07-27  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* backends/ (backenddir): backenddir is
	pkglibdir/MAJOR_VERSION, not plain VERSION

	* Bump to 0.7

Wed Jul 26 12:40:45 2000  George Lebl <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_key_is_below):  Make sure that the segment
	  above is a complete directory and not just partial directory.
	  so that /foo is not taken as above /foobar/blah

Tue Jul 25 23:48:24 2000  George Lebl <>

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c:  || doesn't mean && :).  It would
	  consider as an above directory every directory that had a notify_id

2000-07-25  James Henstridge  <>

	*, gconf/ make relative symlinks rather than
	absolute path symlinks.  Again to help packagers.

	* (GCONF_CONFIG_SOURCE): don't use
	EXPANDED_SYSCONFDIR hack.  Instead just escape the dollar sign in
	${sysconfdir}.  This fixes build root installs used when building

Mon Jul 24 16:39:01 2000  George Lebl <>

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.[ch]: Allow adding overlapping
	  subdirectories.  What happens is that the real gconf notify
	  is not added for subdirectories.  When directories are added
	  or removed the hash is traversed and fixed up.  This is
	  done in a simple and incredibly inefficent manner and needs
	  to be fixed.  Also this change adds an "err" argument to
	  the _remove_dir call as errors can now happen.  Also
	  fix a minor warning by casting.

	* wrappers/gtk/testgconfclient.c: Add some testing of overlapping
	  directories.  Add buttons to add/remove the main directory and
	  the subdirectory.  This way you can see if things get proper

2000-07-24  Yukihiro Nakai <>

	* Add Japanese (ja)

2000-07-21  Robin * Slomkowski  <>

	* just fixed up some filename stuff

2000-07-14  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-sources.c (gconf_sources_query_value): Fix memleak
	of schema_name in case where we return a value
	(hash_lookup_defaults_func): Fix bug where we returned the schema
	instead of the default value stored in the schema, when returning
	default values for a directory listing, which GConfClient did in
	order to preload its cache. (Upshot: GConfClient with preloading
	was broken if you had schemas.)

2000-07-13  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconfd.c (shutdown_contexts): fix cheesy race condition 
	(context_list may not exist at this point)

2000-07-12  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* Change spec file to reflect my fooling with
	names of things

	* Some files converted to .in files, so we can 
	do versioning

	* output versioned names for libs and includes

	* gconf/ version all installed files

	* wrappers/gtk/ put version in the name of 

	* wrappers/gtk/testgconfclient.c (main): remove ref/sink to
	reflect change to GConfClient

2000-07-13  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* backends/xml-entry.c (schema_node_extract_value): fix a

2000-07-12  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* Bump library versions, bump to 0.6

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_get_local): Rename from
	(gconf_engine_get_default): rename from gconf_engine_new
	(gconf_engine_get_for_address): rename from

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c (gconf_client_get_default): rename
	from gconf_client_new. Always sink the client, so we are strictly
	refcounted, no floating state (for future GObject compatibility)
	(gconf_client_get_for_engine): rename from

2000-07-11  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* spew messages about needing to create
	prefix/etc/gconf/path, should make things easier for users.

2000-07-05  Eskil Heyn Olsen  <>

	adds output of oaf-config, since gconf uses oaf.

2000-07-05  Eskikl Heyn Olsen  <>

	Fixed som typos.

2000-06-22  Dan Winship  <>

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c (gconf_client_set_pair): Pass both
	car and cdr to gconf_set_pair rather than passing car twice. Oops.

2000-06-12  Eskil Heyn Olsen  <>

	* Removed the .a libs from the base package, but
	added them to -devel.

2000-06-11  Eskil Heyn Olsen  <>

	* Req oaf >= 0.3.0

2000-06-11  Eskil Heyn Olsen  <>

	* Added a .spec file.
	* Generate gconf.spec.
	* Added and gconf.spec to the

2000-06-07  Pavel Cisler  <>

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c: (gconf_client_get_string):
	Fix a storage leak -- a g_strdup and an string ownership
	swapping optimization were working against each other.
	Removed the g_strdup that is not needed.

2000-06-04	Mathieu Lacage	<>

	* add gtk-config --cflags and --libs
	output to the gconf-gtk --cflags and --libs output.

2000-06-01  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (lookup_engine): check whether the hash is NULL
	before looking up the engine.

2000-06-01  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_engine_new): If there's an existing engine
	for a given context, return that engine instead of creating a new
	(gconf_engine_new_from_address): ditto

	* wrappers/gtk/gconf-client.c (gconf_client_finalize): remove
	client from client registration table
	(gconf_client_new): register newly-created client in hash from
	engines to clients; return an existing client if there's already
	a client for the default engine
	(gconf_client_new_with_engine): register newly-created client,
	and try to return existing client.

2000-05-07  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf-listeners.c: Move struct _GConfListeners
	into the .c file, eventually need to simply get rid of this.

2000-04-24  Fatih Demir	<>

	* : Added tr to ALL_LINGUAS .

2000-04-19  Pablo Saratxaga <>

	* (ALL_LINGUAS): Added Catalan language

2000-04-19  Sebastian Wilhelmi  <>

	* gconf/gconftool.c (main): Don't g_free the result of g_getenv ().

Tue Apr 18 01:37:51 2000  George Lebl <>

	* gconf/gconf.c: make the default path sane by adding the flag
	  field with readwrite

	* gconf/gconf.path: add readwrite flag field to make the path legal

2000-03-30  Matthias Warkus  <>

	* (ALL_LINGUAS): Added German translation.

2000-03-13 Alastair McKinstry <>

	* (ALL_LINGUAS): Added Irish translation.

2000-03-09  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* (absolute_top_srcdir): don't do makefile for Guile 

	* create DIST_SUBDIRS with tests directory

2000-03-09 Elliot Lee <>
	* gconf/gconf-internals.c: Don't syslog things.
	* gconf/examples/ Fix for builddir != srcdir.

2000-03-08  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (gconf_init): exit on error.

	* examples/simple-controller.c (main): fix gconf_init() error

	* examples/simple-view.c (main): fix gconf_init() error 

2000-03-06  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* doc/intro-article.sgml: Add the examples

	* examples/simple-view.c: Change include to work before 
	we install.
	* examples/simple-controller.c: ditto

2000-02-29  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* Add goofy "--enable-docs" option to bypass all 
	library checks, we just want to generate sufficient makefile
	for the doc-building targets to run on

2000-02-26  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* examples/ Add new examples
	* examples/simple-view.c, examples/simple-controller.c:
	Two simple new examples

2000-02-23  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* Bump version and libtool versions, 
	and try to fix the prefix mess. Update required OAF version.	

	* doc/gconf/ srcdir != builddir fix

	* standard-schemas/ add schemas to EXTRA_DIST

2000-02-22  Elliot Lee  <>

	* tests/ srcdir != builddir fix.
	* wrappers/gtk/ Add to testgconfclient
	deps so that 'make -j' builds will work correctly.

2000-02-19  Havoc Pennington  <>

	* gconf/gconf.c (try_to_contact_server): Make sure we always set 
	an error

2000-02-15  Havoc Pennington  <hp@
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