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*** v. 1.7-0 (2011.12.20)

Addressed bug [#1383] (message about upgrade on loading the library 
not entirely correct) by adding new function checkPackageVersionOnCRAN() 
and re-writing zzz.R (.onLoad) using it.  

Addressed bug [#1673] (bug in and export.merlin when 
sorting is enabled, filed in by Daniel Taliun), added unit test 

Addressed bug [#1676] (regression in merge of, phenotypes 
don't get merged correctly; filed in by Lennart Karssen), added unit 
test runit.merge.R/test.merge.bug1676

Added 'KS' method to estimate lambda in 'estlambda'. Generates rather 
good results (under null) and may be considered as default option in the future, 
after testing under the alternative. 

Account for situation when HGLM fails to converge (s.e.'s set to NA in 

added option 'transposed' to 'export.plink' to export TPED files

speeding-up 'mmscore' by x1.8 through more efficient vector-matrix 
product computations 

export.merlin, export.plink now runs much faster (exports on C++ code)

Bug [#1641] (regression bug with in version 1.6.9; 
filed in by Karl Froner) fixed. Now GenABEL deals with exceptional 
situation in / monomorphic part; added case of no overlap 
in SNPs (skip monomorphic staff then). RUnit regression test 
runit.merge.R/test.merge.bug1641 added.   

Modifications in 'estlambda': plot=FALSE by default, added option 
to estimate Lambda with median method; added option 'filter' for 
filtering SNPs with 0-statistics

*** v. 1.6-9 (2011.08.30)

Change the name of 'maintainer' to to avoid spamming 
CRAN people

*** v. 1.6-8 (2011.08.25)

added 'strand<-' method for and gwaa.daat-class

added 'id' argument to 'load.gwaa.daat'. This may be handy when eg 
importing PLINK phenotypic data id="IID"

Update of 'polygenic_hglm' by Xia Shen. Quote:
We've updated the hglm package to version 1.2-2 recently on CRAN, where 
the major updates include:
- Sparse matrix implementation
- Multiple random effects
- Function hglm2() which accepts lme4-style formula input
In this update of polygenic_hglm() the speed could be slightly faster than 
before since the hglm() now uses sparse matrix technique (however I don't 
expect it to be much faster since the kinship matrix is always dense). Other 
modifications are:
- The current update of hglm package does not spit out profile log-likelihood 
since we haven't perfectly solved the likelihood computation for multiple random 
effects yet. But since polygenic_hglm() only needs one random effect (polygenic 
effect), I've re-implemented the likelihood computation directly in 
polygenic_hglm(), and no need to specify 'method = "REML"' anymore.
- In order to solve the problem from the forum about inputting formula as 
'y' or 'y ~ 1', I've added a check before creating the model.frame, so now 
 both types of inputs should work.

Added 'recodeChromosome' function, which must be handy when e.g. importing data 
from other software which uses integer for sex chromosomes and other non-autosomes
(X, Y, mt).

+> tutorial genetic data QC - list all options, do not use default?

'check.marker' added "none" (equal to ibs.mrk = -1); set "both" to default

Updated documentation for 'scan.glm.2D'.

Added GRAMMAR+ transformation and computation of GRAMMAR+ 
correction factors to 'polygenic'.

The default value for the stand option to convert.snp.tped() is now "u", 
instead of "+". Now convert.snp.tped() and convert.snp.ped() have the 
same defaults.

Added patch of bug [#1322] + regression test (contributed 
by Nicola Pirastu, see 
This is still suboptimal treatment -- the covariate is just dropped; 
in say 'lm' it is 'kept' with NA as estimate, and IDs with missing 
data dropped, which is not the case with 'polygenic'.

Speeding up 'polygenic' by avoiding multiple inverses of 
the matrix.

Fixed bug in 'polygenic' causing the offset in 
names(...$residualY) and names(...$pgresidualY) in 
case of missing observations.  

Updated the procedure to allow meaningful 
merging of mono- and poly- codings. Take care -- this is 
new and not tested much yet! You best check few results 
manually after the merge!

Added coding<- method to and classes

Added I/D encoding and monomorphic classes (AA, TT, GG, CC, 
--, II, DD, ...) to '' and convert.snp.*

Updated 'polygenic' with use of 'polylik_eigen' developed by 
Gulnara Svischeva. Now 'polygenic' works MUCH faster. The 
main advantage of Gulnara's method is that time to compute 
the likelihood function is approximately linear with number 
of subjects. In that, relative speed-up grows with sample 
size growth, e.g. for 100 IDs, it is x15, x40 for 200, 
x60 for 400, and xX for 800 individuals (using two fixed effect 
covariates, see runit.polylik.R). Also added RUnit test to check 
consistency of results based on old 'polylik' and new 

Upgrade version number 

*** v. 1.6-7 (2011.05.17)

Submitted 1.6-7, based on r727, to CRAN

Deleting some pdf from 'doc' and compressing 'data'

Fixed 'technical' bug [1398] (related to changes in R 2.14):

Set 'GenABEL developers' as a maintainer of the package; 
set the genabel-devel list as 'maintainer' e-mail 

Fixing bug [1388], added regression test

upgrade version number

fix in example of polygenic_hglm

*** v. 1.6-6 (2011.04.29)

Added Xia Shen's procedure 'polygenic_hglm'. Features: quick 
convergence, standard errors for fixed effects.

Updated check.marker, added warning if no. Y-markers is < 10 

Applied the patch of Nicola Pirastu
to descriptives.trait. Added RUnit regression tests, updated 
documentation. Bugs fixed: [#1184], [#1185], [#1259]

Added 'reconstructNPs' function; added extra options 
to 'findRelatives'. 

Added a number of functions facilitating relationship checks. 
The core function is 'findRelatives'. Compared 
to guessing relations from genomic kinship matrix, this 
procedure offers several enhancements: (1) by use of IBD/IBS 
3-state space, it allows to distinguish between some pairs, 
which have the same kinship (e.g. parent-offspring from 
brother-sister; uncle-nephew from grandparent-grandchild, etc.)  
(2) it reports likelihood, allowing for more rigorous inferences

Changes in convert.snp.mach documentation to reflect the fact that 
the map-file should have header; changes to convert.snp.illumina 
documentation to reflect the nature of the data better; added 
option 'mapHasHeaderLine' to convert.snp.ped and updated documentation
(resolving feature request #1317).  

***** v. 1.6-5 (2011.02.07)

Added '#include <cstdarg>' to iterator.cpp to solve 
'[#1273] GenABEL 1.6-5 does not compile'

commented S4methods... in NAMESPACE to meet the 
request from the R-team; patched documentation for 
summary.scan.gwaa and 
in order to avoid NOTE about S3methods "usage" 

added extra checks for impute2databel to ensure that 
sample file header is not used

change in by Maksim Struchalin, adding option 
"intersected_snps_only" (if TRUE, then only interesected SNPs 
will be in output)

Disabled check on intermediateXF in check.marker by setting intermediateXF=c(.5,.5) 
by default. This will be dealt with further (see tracker '[#1210] intermediate 
inbreeding checks with check.marker' ) 

patched Roxygen documentation for qtscore

use of 'setTxtProgressBar' in qtscore with times > 1 to indicate progress

polygenic() added default option patchBasedOnFGLS, if no convergence based 
on difFGLS criterion, fixed effect betas are patched to FGLS betas before 
starting re-iteration 

adding a wrapper chi2_CG -> cocohet

fixed 'demo(ge03d2)'

'stepids' argument added to export.merlin

Fan/Maksim's procedure for cocohet (CCH) procedure added, renamed by Yurii

Bug fix in export.plink() thanks to Nadya Belonogova

Made sure that SE reported does not carry the sign of beta (always 'abs')

added mechanism to check for updates at load time

moved to 'iterator' framework, changes in 
definition, now 'ANY' allowing for use of different types of data with 
interator. Interestingly, for 'old' data type computations became faster!

***** v. 1.6-4 (2010.08.30)

new official release tested by ESP29-2010 participants

many thanks to everybody who provided feedback!

***** v. 1.6-3 (2010.08.14)

changes in the code and tutorial due to preparing 
for ESP29 course

added function 'export.plink'

added multiple methods to work with '', '' and 
'scan.gwaa classes, such as 'annotation', 'coding', 'refallele', 
'effallele', ...

more annotations are delivered for summary objects

***** v. 1.6-2 (2010.08.07)

changes due to DatABEL functions names change

***** v. 1.6-0 (2010.06.21)

changes in DatABEL-embed functions used by impute2databel (treating of NAs); 
added tests for that situation

***** v. 1.5-9 (2010.06.18)

change in DESCRIPTION anyDuplicated() is in R 2.10.0, but not in 2.4.0

small changes in polygenic -- convergence checks with intercept-only model; treatment 
for h2-boundary-stick situations (at small N)

***** v. 1.5-8 (2010.06.10)

multiple changes in polygenic default parameters 
and extra criteria now allowing better 
convergence. Many thanks to Nicola Pirastu for spotting 
poor convergence when multiple parameters were estimated!

added methods "dim" and "dimnames" to

***** v. 1.5-6 (2010.05.28)

fixes in filevector

Many thanks to Pau Navarro for help in identification of the bug!

***** v. 1.5-4 (2010.05.09)

changes in filevector related to DatABEL not passing checks on Windows 
(disconnect used FiltredMatrix destructor, which does not call AbstractMatrix destructor)

***** v. 1.5-2 (2010.05.04)

switching to new DatABEL with single class

***** v. 1.5-1 (2010.03.17)

further improvement and bug fixes in databel-facilitated functions

***** v. 1.5-0 (2010.03.17)

update of ABEL-tutorial (also few details on NCBI2R added)

general clean-up, submission to CRAN

extended add.phdata()

added del.phdata(), shortcut to @male slot (function male())

added checks for F in sex checks, ...$otherSexErr lists individuals with 0.2 > F > 0.8

multiple changes to xxx2xxx (mach, impute, databel)

***** v. 1.4-9 (2010.02.06)

added arrange_probabel_phe(), also shortcuts to 
slots of chromosome, coding, 
gtdata, idnames, map, nids, nsnps, phdata, snpnames, strand

***** v. 1.4-8 (2010.01.24)

added export.impute(), patch_strand(), mach2databel(), impute2databel(),
impute2mach, extract.annotation.impute(), extract.annotation.mach()

***** v. 1.4-7 (2009.12.03)

cleaned help for polygenic()

Diagonal elements returned by ibs(...,w="freq") changed from (0.5+F) to 
0.5*(1+F) (thanks to Chris Haley for pointing this problem out!) 

***** v. 1.4-6 (2009.11.06)

Default formetascore's argument transform set to "no"

***** v. 1.4-5 (2009.09.09)

New function "var.meta" added. 
Function is intended for pooling (meta-analysing) trait means for 
different genotypes separately.Input files have to be like in example 
below (plink generate this kind of files). At the end you have one file 
in same format but with pooled MEANs and SDs

***** v. 1.4-4 (2009.09.02)

bug fix in hom() and perid.summary() -- only polymorphic markers were used to 
report call rate etc. Many thanks to Patrice Godard, who has reported the bug!
The bug only appeared in version 1.4-3 

project submitted to r-forge

***** v. 1.4-3 (2009.07.21)

qvalue moved to "suggests"; no strict dependency on availability of that anymore
(thanks to Beate Glaser for noting that tcltk is not so obvious component 
of all systems)

changes to C++ LM code to improve portability (Solaris 10)

hom() function updated, now producing variances (to be used as diagonal 
elements of the genomic kinshp matrix when doing EIGENSTRAT analysis).
Many thanks to John Barnard for contributing the code!

all class checks changed to ensure compatibility with S4 
(thanks to Maxime Rotival)

***** v. 1.4-2b (2009.02.20)

small fix in (by="id")

***** v. 1.4-2 (2009.01.28)

Changes in polygenic()/mmscore() to allow for sub-setting on 

Bug fix in mmscore(). The bug concernes estimates of beta, the 
P-values reported by mmscore() were not affected.  

***** v. 1.4-1 (2008.11.26), well tested and 
recommended for wider use (special thanks to Arne 
Schillert and Michael Preuss)

Modifications of some functions for better parallelizability. 
[user-invisible] changes to: ibs, hom, r2fast, perid.summary
(thanks to Surakameth Mahasirimongkol and Unitsa Sangket)

Resolved R 2.8.0 issues with
(thanks to many people reporting the problem)

Partly resolving incompatibility between the way GenABEL
computes the diagonal elemnts of the "covariance matrix" 
for use in egscore() and the original EIGENSTRAT matrix 
(many thanks to Guiseppe Palermo)

***** v 1.4-0e (2008.09.18)

Small changes in mlreg for consistency to formetascore required input

Bug fix in mlreg (would produce meaningful results when no. snps is 
dividable by 4)

***** v 1.4-0d (2008.08.21)

bug fix in -- many thanks to Arne Schillert and Michael Preuss

***** v 1.4-0c (2008.07.25)

bug fix in estlambda() -- many thanks to Franz Quehenberger

***** v 1.4-0b (2008.07.21)

Multiple fixes in

Fix in check.marker (for Y-chromosome, the call rate 
was estimated using all people)

***** v 1.3-9 (2008.04.23)

Function mlreg() (aka reg.gwaa()) added. Implements maximum likelihood 
estimation and Wald test for linear and logistic regression and Cox 
proportional hazards models. 

Function convert.snp.affymetrix() added

***** v 1.3-7 (2008.04.16)

Function added

Modifications to formetascore() (now can run with mmscore())

Few cleanups 

***** v 1.3-6 (2008.03.20)

Function added

npsubtreated() updated with new functionality

"quality" measure used in convert.snp.mach changed to 7th column (r2)

plot.scan.gwaa(): option df="all" removed, options col, ystart added
add.plot(): option colors added

Improvement of formetascore function

***** v 1.3-5c (2008.02.27)

Bug fix in check.maker.internal (with "lower" option, would not exclude 
on IBS).

Small bug fix estlambda (would not run if supplied with P-values, and 
some P-values are < 1.e-16). This bug did not affect any other function.

***** v 1.3-5b (2008.02.21)

Bug fix in ztransform(): would not work without data argument, 
if formula supplied will not use it. This bug also affected rntransform().

***** v 1.3-5 (2008.02.15)

qtscore "binomial" workout

minor bug fix in check.marker() -- the procedure would fail to run 
in presence of more than couples of "twin" (e.g. multiple plant clones).

bug fix in formetascore() function: standard errors were reported with 
sign of beta

***** v 1.3-3d (2008.02.11)

A fix in npsubtreated() function (in some situations all medicated 
people's values were set to NA)

***** v 1.3-3c (2008.02.03)

npsubtreated() function, to be used in analysis of 
traits affetcted by treatment (medication) added.

formetascore() procedure extended with parameter "verbosity".

***** v 1.3-3 (2008.01.12)

autosomal() function added

Y and mtDNA markers-specific analyses added in QC function check.marker()
This also involves checks for people with XXY genotypes.

Robust Genomic Control added to correct 2df test in qtscore 
function -- yet experimental.

formetascore() function introduced -- analysis oriented to 
future meta-analysis.

ztransform function created, rntransform function modified to take 
similar syntax as ztransform.

Bug in convert.snp.merlin (similar to the one in convert.snp.illumina) 

***** v 1.3-2 (2007.12.18)

Extensive cleanup, including fixes to mmscore and grammar; 
examples introduced for polygenic, mmscore, grammar, and others.

Bug in convert.snp.tped (similar to the one in convert.snp.illumina) 

The number of people/genotypes (N) used in analysis of a particular SNP 
added to the output of qtscore, mmscore, ccfast, egscore, and grammar.

plot.scan.gwaa changed -- now it is possible to use ylim. 

Bug fix in qtscore with binary traits without covariates -- there was 
no test whether coding is 0/1 (if not, test would be wrong).

Changes in C code of concerns functions convert.snp.mach and 
convert.snp.ped. Speed of conversion from MACH format greatly 

***** v 1.3-1 (2007.11.05)

The strand information as based on build 35, is available from Yurii 
for Illumina 318K. 

Bug fix in convert.snp.illumina (alleles would change to the other one 
in large proportion of SNPs, e.g. A/G polymorphism, AA -> GG, GG -> AA).
Though this does not affect results directly (e.g. P-values and the absolute 
effect values are OK), this may couse confusion when you compare your 
results to other people's results (the sign of the effect may be swapped), 
also imputations would have gone wrong. 

Small bug fixes with strand operations (SNP names were lost in sub-setting).

New procedure rntransform(). This procedure performs 
rank transformation to normality. The transformed variable 
is perfectly normal, unless there are ties in the original 

***** v 1.2-9 (2007.10.22)

A bug fix in check.markers(ibs.exclude="lower") -- before the fix, the 
samples with HIGHER call were excluded. Thanks to Tuuli Lappalainen!

Bug fix in

option "details" added to qtscore().
When details=FALSE, SNP and ID names 
are not reported, which saves some memory

***** v 1.2-8 (2007.08.27)

GenABEL tutorial updated and, internals joined with 
tutorial, new introductory sections added.

New association analysis procedure introduced. 
egscore() computes association statistics adjusted 
for eigenvector(s), following Price et al, Nat. Genet.,

Improved and new functionality of check.marker(): 
much faster X-errors check, identification of female 
which are likely to be male. When "twin" DNAs are 
identified, the one with lower call may be dropped, 
or both (previously random).

***** v 1.2-7 (2007.08.13)

New list names added to output produced by qtscore(), 
grammar(), ccfast() and mmscore(): chi2.1df and 
chi2.2df. These correspond to Chi-square values produced. 
The minimal P-values, as before, are resti=ricted to 1e-16

Improvements in plot.scan.gwaa() and add.plot() -- 
now 0-probabilities converted to 1.e-16 (previously 
a warning message would be produced and the point would be 
dropped); also option df="Pc1df" introduced. 

***** v 1.2-6 (2007.08.08) 

A major improvement in GenABEL ability to import and export data
compatible in format to other packages and databases. 

NOTE: to convert your R data from old to new format within R, use function. Old phenotype- and genotype- files will load 
with with no problem.

One of the main goals behind this effort was to make GW imputations 
with MACH software (G. Abecasis) easy.

(a) New format of GenABEL data (0.1) developed. Now the 
    features stored by GenABEL include SNP coding (actual nucleotides) 
    and strand.  

(b) New and updated convert.snp.* functions, which convert genotypic 
    data from external to GenABEL format

  -- convert.snp.ped: large improvement in speed (now in C++), 
		      flexible control. Pre-makeped, MERLIN 
		      and MACH formats supported

  -- convert.snp.tped: some bug fixes, switch to 0.1 data format

  -- convert.snp.mach (NEW!): converts MACH files to GenABEL
			format, allowing for filtering on 

  -- convert.snp.illumina (NEW!): converter for Affymetrix / Illumina 
		       style of files

(c) export.merlin() function to export data in MERLIN format. MACH 
    can be directly applied on these files. Coupled with 
    convert.snp.ped(format="mach") this allows easy data export, 
    imputations, and re-import. 

***** v 1.2-5 (2007.07.11)

Some improvement of convert.snp.ped -- now is able to read
alleles coded as characters

***** v 1.2-4 (2007.07.10)

Few small fixes done for compatibility with R 2.6.0-devel

convert.snp.tped() procedure by Toby Johnson added. 
This procedure facilitates fast and effective conversion 
from PLINK TPED ("transposed pedigree") format to the 
GenABEL format. See help(convert.snp.tped).

Few other small improvements. This is beta release version 
for procedures facilitating analyses using genomic 
kinship (IBD) matrix, such as polygenic(), mmscore() and 
grammar(). We tested these procedures with quantitative traits
and they worked fine; for binary traits there may be few 
bugs yet.

***** v 1.2-2 (2007.06.07)

Improvement in polygenic() to ensure convergence, two 
optimisation methods are now allowed.

"Formula" part in qtscore changed to more standard format 
(now one can use any terms allowed in glm, no CRSNP term 

Bugs in grammar and mmscore fixed. Previous version tended 
to produse some very wrong results. 

Polygenic silightly modified (new output objects added).
A fix in polygenic with covariates.

Other bug fix in stratified analysis with X-chromosome.

***** v 1.2-1 (2007.06.04)

A set of new procedures to do analysis in samples of related 
individuals. They also can be used for analysis of samples 
with population staratification and cryptic relations.

polygenic() provides means to estimate "heritability" and effects 
of covariates, in data having some correlation, as described by 
(genomic) kinship matrix.

Mixed-model score test mmscore() added. This implements the test
for association between the vector of phenotypes y and vector of genotypes 
g by computing

((y-E[y]) Inverse[V] (g-E[g])^2/((g-E[g]) Inverse[V] (g-E[g])

where Inverse[V] is the inverse of variance-covariance matrix 
and E[y] is expectation of the trait, as provided by polygenic().

grammar() procedure implements fast variant of the above score test

((y-E[y]) Inverse[V] (g-E[g])^2/((g-E[g]) (g-E[g])

This statistics does not have chi-squared distribution, but becomes 
distributed so after GC (thus Pc1df are fine P-values to use)

NOTE: grammar is still experimental.

An error in qtscore, which led to using always only 2 strata 
(male/female) in analysis of X-chromosome fixed. 

***** v 1.2-0 (2007.04.17)

Large improvement in the speed of the qvaluebh95() procedure.
The time used to grow quadratic with the number of P-values to 
evaluate, now reduced to linear. 

ibs() procedure "freq" option is updated to provide weighted 
measure of genomic identity. 

dprfast() facilitating fast D' computations added. The results 
produced are not exacly the same with D's from LD/genetics.

***** v 1.1-9 (2007.04.04)

A procedure for fast r2 computations (r2fast()) added.
It seems that this procedure results in r2s which are biased upward 
at small values, compared to r2s from LD/genetics.

A procedure to estimate Morton-Collins rho added (rhofast()) 

***** v 1.1-8 (2007.03.12)

empirical derivation of GW significance is now embedded into 
qtscore/ccfast, emp.* are now serving as shortcuts to 
call these functions with argument times=100

qtscore: changes to treat binomial variables (residuals from glm)

Added new data sets: ge03d2, ge03d2c

Added demo ge03d2; this ones shows extensive QC + how to deal 
with genetic stratification.

***** v 1.1-7 (2007.03.05)

In scan.haplo.2D procedure with simulate = TRUE change 0s -> 1/(N+1)

add.plot.scan.gwaa() function changed to add.plot(), now delas with 
"scan.gwaa" and "scan.gwaa.2D" objects which takes out @phdata part is arranged

Fixed bug which made qtscore, ccfast and emp.* use phenotypes from 
the attached data frame, even when the data argument was supplied. 
For qtscore and emp.qtscore Formula now can be formulated as character 
and a formula. 

hom() function developed (previously heteroz; now is implemented in C)

perid.summary() designed to produce average heterozygosity and call rate
per person; this implied changes in check.marker() and summary.check.marker()

ibs() function developed, this one extends to check.marker()

A family of descriptives.* functions added: .marker, .trait, .scan

Much improved genetic data QC (check.marker); new function Xfix()

***** v 1.1-6 (2007.02.12)

Improved memory managmenet. In particular, @chromosome slot is now 
stored as a factor. 

***** v 1.1-4 (2006.12.21)

Due to accumulated changes, version number updated.

Multiple improvements and fixes + catable() function

***** v 1.1.3 (2006.11.12)

scan.glm.2D and scan.haplo.2D functions added

run.haplo.score.slide renamed to scan.haplo for consistency

heteroz() added

scan.gwaa-class is modified: effects are also returned. 
This led to modification of C code for fastcc, qtscore, R
code for qtscore(), ccfast(), fcc(), emp.qtscore(), emp.ccfast(), 

improved memory management in functions ccfats(), emp.ccfast(), 
qtscore(), emp.qtscore(), summary()

show.ncbi() added

***** v 1.1.2

scan.glm patched (it did not work with df=2 when a SNP had only 2 genotypes)

minor fix in sub-setting of class

ccfast, qtscore, scan.glm, emp.ccfast, emp.qtscore and plot.scan.gwaa are modified.
Major change concerns ccfast and qtscore: now, 1-df and 2-df tests are 
computed simultaneously within the C functions. 
The class "scan.gwaa" now contains both 1- and 2-df P-values. 
This also addresses the point on TODO:

2006.08.17	implement qtscore function with 2df

Small fix in qtscore and ccfast (to act on 1 d.f. when # genotypic classes is 2)

The function scan.gwaa removed as redundant

qtscore now allows for analysis using strata (Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel)

Added average/median chi2 to the "scan.gwaa" class (to be used for genomic

TODO fixed:
2006.10.11	q-value returned by qvaluebh95() is wrong

emp.qtscore and emp.qtfast optimised (runs 3-10 times faster) by
removing unnecessary checks and calling C function directly 
(instead of calling ccfast/qtscore)

NAMESPACE introduced

Update of documentation: now R CMD check passes all checks

Formal class introduced for scan.gwaa-class

demo(srdta): demo(srdtawin) is made by removing load-data from demo(srdta)
because this may not work when there are no administrator's priviliges

last modified 08.11.2006

***** v 1.0.2

Function scan.glm is introduced; this allows to scan for interactions in 
an easy way. This is essentially a modified scan.gwaa. 

New function to convert ped-files type of data to internal format, 
convert.snp.ped, was arranged

Function add.plot.scan.gwaa was added

Library "methods" loaded on start-up

last modified 01.11.2006

***** v. 1.0.1

is resolving the issue of 

2006.07.20 	need fast exact test for HWE, along the lines of fastcc, 
		as HWE.exact is too slow (Yurii)


2006.10.11 should be easily sub-settable -- now one 
		needs to extract @gtdata and subset and @phdata and 
		subset and then merge (also using base R things) (Yurii)

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