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2006.11.06	Arrange formal class for check.marker-class, scan.gwaa-class
		and scan.gwaa.2D-class

2007.02.14	Implement Fisher Product Method for multiple traits and 
		multiple SNPs

2007.02.23	Permutations (adaptive) for qtscore nominal significance

2007.03.16	Add "corrected" statistics to the P-P plot from estlambda,
		may be it is good idea if it will also return "corrected" 
		Ps (chi2s)

2007.11.04	QC: checks for autosomal SNPs which predict sex

2007.12.21	Add Pc2df to scan.gwaa output

2008.05.05	reg.gwaa: add permutations and report back residual variance

2008.09.18	Lambda correction with no. people
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