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=== ChangeLog discontinued ===

	With the move to git, we stop maintaining a separate ChangeLog and
	rely on proper commit messages instead.  Web view of changes:

2009-03-31  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/a.t: The g_log bug got fixed upstream, so don't skip its test
	when glib >= 2.20.1.

2009-03-29  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/a.t: Include 's390' in the list of platforms for which the
	problematic g_log test needs to be skipped.

2009-03-29  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* copyright.pod
	* README: Stable release 1.221.

2009-03-29  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/a.t: Using multiple log levels breaks g_log on some platforms,
	so don't do it on those platforms.  Tracked down by Wim Lewis, and
	reported here: <>.

2009-03-24  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Glib.exports: Add gperl_option_context_get_type and
	gperl_option_group_get_type to the export list so that dependent
	modules link correctly on MSWin32.  Patch by Martin
	Schlemmer.  (GNOME #576372)

2009-03-24  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/h.t: Correct a skip count.  Patch by Stefan B.  (RT #44428)

2009-03-19  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Space-separate the libs and cflags strings from
	gobject and gthread to avoid unwanted concatenation.  Patch by
	Daniel Macks.  (RT #44055)

2009-03-19  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* (postamble_docs_full): Use qq// instead of qq{} to
	quote the copyright string in order to avoid problems with dmake.
	Patch by Martin Schlemmer.  (GNOME #573099)

2009-03-17  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL
	* README: Stable release 1.220.

2009-03-08  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Unstable release 1.214.

2009-03-08  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GClosure.xs (gperl_callback_invoke): Fix a giant leak by
	properly unsetting all GValues used for the callback arguments.
	Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2009-03-08  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* (xsub_to_pod): Don't wrap the argument types of xsubs
	with a superfluous pair of '=over' and '=back'.

2009-03-08  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* (podify_enums_and_flags): Don't generate 'ENUMS AND
	FLAGS' entries for Glib::Enum and Glib::Flags since they don't
	have values anyway.

2009-03-01  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/7.t
	* GSignal.xs (gperl_signal_connect): Don't leak the GClosure
	object when an invalid signal name is passed in.  Patch by
	Kevin Ryde.

2009-03-01  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs (gperl_fundamental_type_from_obj): Check the SV for
	definedness before passing it to SvRV.  This fixes a test failure
	on MSWin32 in t/c.t.

2009-03-01  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/filename.t: Add more tests for Glib::filename_to_uri.  Patch
	by Kevin Ryde.

2009-02-22  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GBoxed.xs
	* GType.xs: Fix errors reported by podchecker.

2009-02-21  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Tell the CPAN indexer to ignore the package 'MY'
	used by Glib::MakeHelper.

2009-02-21  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* (xsdoc2pod): Instead of relying on one final '=cut',
	close every opened POD paragraph separately.  This fixes POD
	errors that occurred when '=for position COPYRIGHT' was used.
	Original patch by Ryan Niebur.

2009-02-18  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GBookmarkFile.xs: Don't document Glib::BookmarkFile::set_added,
	set_modified, and set_visited as functions; they're methods.

	* t/h.t: Test Glib::BookmarkFile::set_added, set_modified, and
	set_visited and their associated getters.

2009-02-18  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Use an '=encoding utf8' directive for the AUTHORS POD
	section so that non-ASCII characters are handled correctly.

2009-02-13  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Unstable release 1.213.

2009-02-11  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GError.xs: Document that Glib::Error->location returns raw
	bytes.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2009-02-11  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* In the documentation for filename_from_uri, hint at
	path separator issue.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2009-02-11  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GOption.xs (copy_string): Fix C99-ism.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2009-02-06  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/filename.t: Test Glib->filename_to_uri with hostname == undef.

2009-02-05  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Deprecate
	Glib::MakeHelper->get_configure_requires_yaml in favor of EU::MM's
	new META_MERGE and META_ADD features.

2009-02-05  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Unconditionally use META_MERGE; so you now need
	ExtUtils::MakeMaker >= 6.46 to roll a Glib tarball with a proper
	META.yml.  Also, tell the CPAN indexer (via META.yml) to not index
	xsapi.pod.head and xsapi.pod.foot.

2009-02-05  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GClosure.xs (gperl_closure_marshal): Synchronize the way signals
	with no return value are handled with how it's done in
	gperl_signal_class_closure_marshal.  This means that Perl handlers
	for these kinds of signals are now always called in void context,
	as they should be.

2009-02-05  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs (gperl_signal_class_closure_marshal)
	* t/signal_marshal.t: Correctly handle signals with no return type
	when invoking signal class closures.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2009-02-05  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs (gperl_register_fundamental_full): Handle
	wrapper_class_by_type being NULL gracefully.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2009-02-05  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Glib.xs: In Glib::filename_from_uri and filename_to_uri, use the
	gchar converters for the hostname.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2009-02-05  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GClosure.xs (gperl_callback_invoke): Use the <"%s", pointer>
	pattern when passing an error string pointer to croak().

2009-02-05  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs
	* t/c.t: Make the various Glib::Flags methods more robust with
	respect to receiving undefined input.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2009-02-05  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GBoxed.xs (gperl_register_boxed)
	* GObject.xs (gperl_register_object)
	* GType.xs (gperl_register_fundamental): When inserting into the
	package → type hash tables, use g_hash_table_replace instead of
	_insert so that the new string pointer is used as the key.  Patch
	by Kevin Ryde.

2009-02-05  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Unstable release 1.212.

2009-02-03  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/a.t
	* GLog.xs: Make sure that messages with % chars in them make it
	through Glib::log() and friends safely.

2009-02-02  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* (xsdocparse): Always use Data::Dumper on MSWin32
	for serialization.  Storable seems to consistently fail there,
	stating 'Magic number checking on storable file failed'.

2009-02-02  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Glib.xs
	* GSignal.xs: Hush some compiler warnings.

2009-01-20  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Add documentation for Glib->filename_to_uri and
	filename_from_uri.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2009-01-18  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GParamSpec.xs
	* t/e.t: Add Glib::ParamSpec->value_cmp.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2009-01-18  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/e.t: Use UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1 to encode umlauts.

2009-01-18  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GParamSpec.xs
	* t/e.t: Add Glib::ParamSpec->value_validate.  Patch by Kevin

2009-01-18  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/options.t: Don't use UTF-8 umlauts unconditionally as this
	causes trouble on non-UTF-8 locales.

2009-01-18  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Add
	Glib::MakeHelper->postamble_precompiled_headers to generate a make
	target for precompiling headers.

	* Makefile.PL: Use the above to create a 'precompiled-headers'
	target that precompiles gperl.h.  This speeds up the compilation
	of Glib by 16% on my machine.

2008-12-30  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs
	* t/c.t: Allow calling Glib::Flags::as_arrayref directly, as an
	alternative to the @{} syntax.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2008-11-24  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Unstable release 1.211.

2008-11-22  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Glib.xs
	* GOption.xs (added)
	* gperl.h
	* Makefile.PL
	* t/options.t (added)
	* typemap: Add Glib::OptionContext and Glib::OptionGroup, wrapping
	glib's command line option parser.

2008-11-22  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* gperl-private.h: Don't include perl.h.  This header is always
	included after gperl.h which includes everything already.  And
	including perl.h alone doesn't work and isn't enough anyway.

2008-11-15  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GBoxed.xs (gperl_register_boxed): Use the copy of the passed-in
	package name for the key of info_by_package to avoid problems when
	the package name is dynamically allocated.

	* GBoxed.xs (gperl_register_boxed)
	* GObject.xs (gperl_register_object)
	* GType.xs (gperl_register_fundamental): Always insert into the
	lookup tables in the correct order to avoid prematurely freeing
	the package name.

2008-11-12  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GObject.xs: Add newlines at the end of debugging messages that
	lack them to keep perl from adding line number information.

2008-11-03  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs (gperl_type_from_package): Also try
	gperl_param_spec_type_from_package on the package.

2008-11-03  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL
	* README: Unstable release 1.210.

2008-11-03  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs (add_interfaces): Fail loudly and with a clear error
	message when we encounter an unknown interface when registering a
	new type.

2008-11-03  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/lazy-loader.t -> t/lazy_loader.t: Rename this test to blend in
	with the others which use underscores to separate words.

2008-11-03  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Glib.exports
	* gperl.h: Properly export gperl_param_spec_type_from_package and
	gperl_register_param_spec, they are meant to be public.

2008-11-02  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs: Use gperl_register_fundamental_alias to register the
	"Glib::Uint" backwards-compatibility alias.

2008-11-02  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GBoxed.xs
	* GObject.xs
	* GType.xs
	* Glib.exports
	* gperl.h: Provide gperl_register_boxed_alias,
	gperl_register_fundamental_alias, and gperl_register_object_alias
	to register aliases for other registered types.  An alias is a
	package name that will resolve to the specified type, while the
	type will still resolve to its originally registered package when
	going the other way.

2008-11-01  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/9.t
	* GMainLoop.xs: Wrap g_child_watch_add as Glib::Child::watch_add.
	Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2008-11-01  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GMainLoop.xs
	* Add constants Glib::SOURCE_CONTINUE and SOURCE_REMOVE
	for use in source-type callbacks.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2008-10-19  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL: ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.46 removed support for
	EXTRA_META in favor of the new META_MERGE and META_ADD.  Adapt.

2008-09-20  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL
	* README: Stable release 1.200.

2008-09-20  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* TODO: Remove the entry about hushing about documentation
	generation.  That's done.

2008-09-07  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Unstable release 1.193.

2008-09-07  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GClosure.xs (gperl_callback_invoke): Instead of putting a mortal
	copy of the user data on the stack, increment its ref count and
	mortalize it.  This ensure that modifications to $_[-1] in the
	callback actually change the user data.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

	* GObject.xs
	* t/lazy-loader.t: Make sure the lazy loader can handle being
	invoked on packages which aren't registered with the Glib type
	system.  This can happen when a non-registered package is setup to
	inherit from a registered package, and when then some method is
	invoked on the non-registered package.  This gets rid of the
	spurious "asked to lazy-load Foo, but that package is not
	registered" warnings.

2008-09-06  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GParamSpec.xs:
	* GValue.xs: Handle NULL GParamSpecs in newSVGParamSpec by
	returning undef.  Consequently, remove the NULL handling in
	_gperl_sv_from_value_internal.  This partly reverts the commit
	from 2008-08-18 and brings newSVGParamSpec in line with the other
	SV* constructors.

	* GObject.xs
	* t/5.t: Fix the stack handling in Glib::Object::get to be robust
	against stack movement due to reallocation.  This can happen if a
	subclass' GET_PROPERTY triggers a stack resize.  Patch by Kevin

2008-08-31  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Unstable release 1.192.

2008-08-31  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* (postamble_docs_full): Fix the POD index
	generation.  For five months now, broken index pages (like
	Glib::index) were being created due to shell command quoting

2008-08-23  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs (gperl_convert_flag_one, gperl_convert_flags): Improve
	the wording of the error messages for invalid flags a bit.

	* t/4.t: Prettify a bit by using ok(), pass(), and fail()

2008-08-18  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Unstable release 1.191.

2008-08-18  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/e.t
	* GValue.xs (_gperl_sv_from_value_internal): Handle NULL
	GParamSpecs gracefully by returning undef.

	* GParamSpec.xs (newSVGParamSpec): Croak on NULL GParamSpecs.

2008-08-17  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GParamSpec.xs: Add hierarchy POD sections to the various
	Glib::ParamSpec subclasses.

2008-08-16  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Document how to hide arguments with "=for arg".  Cope
	with _noinc_ornull type variants.

2008-08-03  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GObject.xs (g_object_new): Check that we got a correct number of

	* t/2.t: Fix a typo uncovered by the above change.

2008-07-13  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs
	* t/c.t: In the overloaded flags operators, don't choke on undef
	in the swap argument.  This happens when a normal 'x' operator is
	used for handling 'x='.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

2008-06-22  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL
	* README: Unstable release 1.190.

2008-06-13  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GObject.xs (gperl_get_object_check): Croak on objects that don't
	carry magic.

2008-06-01  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs: Fix typo in error message output by Glib::Flags::new.

	* GUtils.xs
	* t/1.t: Provide Glib::strerror and Glib::strsignal.  Patch by
	Kevin Ryde.

2008-05-31  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GSignal.xs: In the xsub for g_signal_add_emission_hook, make
	sure that the type class exists before we try to fetch information
	about one of its signals.

2008-05-23  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs
	* t/c.t: Add Glib::Flags::new, a constructor for flags objects
	that can be used with the overloaded operators.  Patch by Kevin
	Ryde and muppet.

2008-05-22  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs
	* t/c.t: Overload '!=' and 'ne' for flags values for consistency.

2008-05-20  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GClosure.xs (gperl_callback_invoke): Put a mortal copy of the
	user data on the stack to avoid prematurely destroying it in
	certain cases.  Patch by Kevin Ryde.

	* t/c.t: Test that empty flags values ([], undef) work.

	* GType.xs (gperl_convert_flag_one): Don't call
	gperl_type_flags_get_values needlessly.

2008-05-04  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GBoxed.xs
	* GType.xs: Use const char* to store the return value of

	* Improve the documentation of GET_PROPERTY and
	SET_PROPERTY.  (Patch by Kevin Ryde)

2008-04-19  muppet <>

	* xs/GType.xs
	* t/c.t: Register Glib::Enum and Glib::Flags.  Remove special case
	logic for these from Glib::Type::register().

2008-03-30  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL
	* README: Stable release 1.182, requiring ExtUtils::Depends >=

2008-03-30  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs: For the 64 bit integer converters: use
	g_ascii_strtoll, g_ascii_strtoull, and _atoi64 when available.
	Only use _strtoi64 and _strtoui64 if _MSC_VER >= 1300.

	* Add setters set_copyright, set_year, set_authors, and
	set_main_mod for the corresponding package variables.

	* (postamble_docs_full): Use more portable ways to
	quote commands and strings, partly by using the new functions
	mentioned above.
	(postamble_rpms): Don't do anything unless $ENV{GPERL_BUILD_RPMS}
	is set.
	(quiet_rule): Use two lines for the prettified commands so that
	long commands don't get even longer.
	(do_pod_files): Prettify information message.

	* t/1.t
	* t/filename.t
	* t/g.t: Fix failures on MSWin32.

	* (clean_out_empty_pods): Stop being chatty.

2008-03-22  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Trap exceptions thrown by EU::PkgConfig->find.
	When one occurs, exit with status 0 to indicate to CPAN testers
	that their system isn't supported.

2008-03-14  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Stable release 1.181.

2008-03-14  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Remove the no_index specification from EXTRA_META
	because the YAML implementations currently in use don't seem to
	support this syntax yet.

	* Makefile.PL (MY::postamble): Handle the EU::Depends object $glib
	being undefined gracefully.

	* Makefile.PL: Don't warn about this release being unstable
	because it isn't.

	* copyright.pod: Update for 2008.

2008-03-10  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Stable release 1.180.

2008-02-24  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Tell the compiler to always look for headers in '.'
	first so that ours are preferred in case of name
	clashes.  (Suggestion by Daniel Macks in RT #32883)

	* Add a hyphen to the NAME section of POD
	indices.  (Suggested by Quentin Sculo)

2008-02-24  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Unstable release 1.174.

2008-02-24  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Rework the BLIB_DONE stuff to not rely on
	Makefile conditionals.  We should now build fine with any `make´
	again.  Also fix some incorrect and add missing dependencies for
	various documentation files.

2008-02-12  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Unstable release 1.173.

2008-01-17  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs
	* t/c.t: Make Glib::Type::list_values return the value of each
	enum/flags entry in addition to the name and nickname.  (Patch by
	Kevin Ryde)

	* t/9.t
	* t/filename.t: Hopefully fix test failures on Windows.

2008-01-16  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/4.t: Test Glib::Type->list_ancestors and

2008-01-09  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Unstable release 1.172.

2008-01-09  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* (parse_file): When parsing an #else pre-processor
	directive, make sure we have actually seen and parsed a
	corresponding #if before trying to negate its entry.  This can
	happen when our parsing heurestics fail.  The result was an
	exception: "Modification of non-creatable array value attempted."

2008-01-09  muppet <>

	* GType.xs:  Defer the instantiation of a newly-registered
	object class's class until after we've parsed the list of
	signals, properties, and interfaces to add to it.  This
	allows perl-derived GObjects to override GInterfaces that
	are implemented by parent classes.  Previously, the early
	instantiation confused GLib and caused the call to
	g_type_class_add_interface() to complain that the given type
	already conforms to the interface, because the type system
	considered the initialization of the class to be complete.

	Note that we do not currently have a way of chaining up to
	a parent's GInterface implementation, as can be done in C
	via g_type_interface_peek_parent().  Black magic may be
	required for that.

2008-01-07  muppet <>

	* GObject.xs:  Load GInterface types immediately, instead of
	leaving them for lazy loading.  Otherwise, it is possible to
	get into situations in which a GInterface has not triggered
	its lazy loading by the time it is needed.

2008-01-07  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GBoxed.xs
	* GError.xs
	* GObject.xs
	* GSignal.xs
	* GType.xs
	* GValue.xs
	* Glib.exports
	* Glib.xs
	* gperl.h
	* typemap: Rename gperl_sv_defined to gperl_sv_is_defined.

	* GBoxed.xs
	* GError.xs
	* GType.xs
	* gperl.h: Add new macros: gperl_sv_is_array_ref,
	gperl_sv_is_code_ref, and gperl_sv_is_hash_ref.

	* GObject.xs (class_info_finish_loading): When handling a class'
	@ISA, instead of simple av_fetch calls and a final av_clear, use
	repeated av_shift calls.  Invoking av_clear on an @ISA array seems
	to break the caching magic associated with it when running under
	perl 5.10.0.  This in turn breaks our lazy-loading scheme.

2008-01-07  muppet  <>

	* GSignal.xs, t/signal_emission_hooks.t:  Bind and test

2007-12-30  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* gperl_marshal.h: Mention in the POD that
	dGPERL_CALLBACK_MARSHAL_SP should always come last in a list of

2007-12-22  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* gperl.h (SvGObject)
	* t/2.t: Use gperl_get_object_check instead of gperl_get_object so
	that inproper usage of Glib::Object methods results in an error
	message and not in a segfault.

	* (gen_boxed_stuff): Correctly cast the return value of
	the Sv$classname macros for boxed types so as to avoid handing out
	void* pointers.

2007-12-16  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Unstable release 1.171.

2007-12-16  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GBookmarkFile.xs: Hush compiler warning.

	* gperl.h
	* typemap: Replace the last occurences of SvOK with

2007-11-20  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Glib.exports
	* Glib.xs
	* gperl.h: Add gperl_sv_defined, which checks an SV for
	definedness just like Perl's defined() does.

	* GBoxed.xs
	* GError.xs
	* GObject.xs
	* GSignal.xs
	* GType.xs
	* GValue.xs
	* Glib.xs: Use gperl_sv_defined instead of SvOK to check SVs for
	definedness.  This keeps Glib from erroneously thinking your
	scalars are undefined, for example when using tied hashes.

	* t/tied_definedness.t: Test that values from tied hashes get
	through the definedness checks.

2007-11-18  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GError.xs (gperl_gerror_from_sv): Fix the check for undefined
	domain keys in GError hashes.

	* GType.xs (add_interfaces): Fix the check for undefined interface

2007-11-15  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Glib.exports: Add SvGKeyFile.  (Reported by spicy jack)

2007-10-28  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL
	* README: Unstable release 1.170.

2007-10-28  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GType.xs: Define and use PORTABLE_LL_FORMAT and

2007-10-18  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* (postamble_docs_full): When constructing the
	add_types call, make sure to properly quote the paths.  (Patch by
	Andres König)

2007-10-14  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Use BEGIN { require 5.008; } instead of use 5.008;
	so automatic CPAN testers know which perl version we need.  Also
	get rid of the MY package by prefixing the relevant subs with

2007-10-08  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* GObject.xs (Glib::Object::CLONE): Check that perl_gobjects !=
	NULL before working with it, to avoid an assertion.

2007-10-07  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/make_helper.t: Add
	Glib::MakeHelper::get_configure_requires_yaml to generate YAML
	suitable for use with EU::MM's EXTRA_META.

	* Makefile.PL: Use the above to tell EU::MM to generate a correct
	configure_requires entry.  Also output a no_index entry to tell
	the CPAN indexer what to ignore.

2007-09-24	kaffeetisch

	* Makefile.PL: Prettify build output by summarizing what is done
	instead of printing executed command lines, and by removing
	unnecessarily verbose output.  Use `make NOECHO=" "´ if you want
	to see the command lines.

	* Implement custom Makefile rule generators in MY
	that print stuff like [ XS File.xs ] instead of the overly long
	command lines.  Again, use `make NOECHO=" "´ if you want to see
	the command lines.

2007-09-16	kaffeetisch

	* Makefile.PL
	* README: Stable release 1.160.

2007-09-15	kaffeetisch

	* GKeyFile.xs
	* GMainLoop.xs
	* GUtils.xs
	* gperl.h
	* t/1.t
	* t/9.t
	* t/g.t: Change version checks to refer to glib 2.14 instead of

2007-08-13	kaffeetisch

	* README: Unstable release 1.153.

2007-08-13	kaffeetisch

	* GMainLoop.xs
	* GObject.xs
	* GType.xs
	* Output a warning if a type name isn't recognized by
	the doc parser.  Add 'package' and 'list' to the basic types and
	fix the remaining type name issues the new warning uncovered.

	* Parse preprocessor conditionals in the XS code to
	add Since: tags to methods' POD.

	* Make it possible to document specific packages in
	different POD files by providing a new =for object variant.

	* t/1.t
	* t/9.t
	* t/filename.t: Fix win32 test failures.

2007-08-01	kaffeetisch

	* gperl.h
	* typemap: Add char_own_ornull and gchar_own_ornull typemaps.

2007-07-08	kaffeetisch

	* README: Unstable release 1.152.

2007-07-07	kaffeetisch

	* GObject.xs: Register G_TYPE_INTERFACES as Glib::Interfaces to
	avoid having it appear under Glib::Object::_Unregistered in
	hierarchies in the generated POD.

	* GMainLoop.xs
	* t/9.t: Wrap g_main_context_is_owner and g_timeout_add_seconds.

2007-06-24	kaffeetisch

	*, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.151.

2007-06-23	kaffeetisch

	* GUtils.xs
	* gperl.h
	* typemap
	* t/1.t: Wrap g_get_user_special_dir and provide converters for
	the new enum GUserDirectory.

	* t/g.t: In floating point tests, don't check for equality.
	Instead, check that numbers don't differ too much from their
	expected values.

2007-06-10	kaffeetisch

	* GKeyFile.xs, t/g.t: Wrap g_key_file_load_from_dirs.

2007-02-24	kaffeetisch

	* Use BSD make syntax for the BLIB_DONE stuff on
	BSD systems, unless the environment variable FORCE_GMAKE is set.

2007-01-08	kaffeetisch

	*, Makefile.PL, NEWS, README, copyright.pod: Unstable
	release 1.150.

2007-01-07	kaffeetisch

	* Only mark those objects as deprecated that have a
	non-empty list of replacements; this avoids marking each and every
	object as deprecated.  Move up the deprecation message in the POD
	to make it more prominent.  Also, hush the "podifying Foo"

2007-01-06  Emmanuele Bassi  <>

	* Add a "deprecated_by" key to the apidoc parser;
	you should use this to mark an object deprecated in favour of
	another.  Also add a __deprecated__ marker for functions and

2006-12-30	kaffeetisch

	* Glib.xs: Call g_threads_init before g_type_init.  Required (and
	probably enforced in the near future) by recent glib versions.

2006-12-02	kaffeetisch

	* NEWS: Merge from stable-1-14.

	* Makefile.PL: Check that glib >= 2.12.0, not 2.11.0, before
	including GBookmarkFile.xs.

2006-11-23	kaffeetisch

	* GType.xs, gperl.h: Revert the G_OS_WIN32 change and just use
	WIN32 instead.  G_OS_WIN32 doesn't seem to be defined on most
	win32 boxes.

	* AUTHORS, GType.xs: Use _strtoi64 and and _strtoui64 on win32 if
	compiling with MSVC; patch from Serguei Trouchelle.

2006-11-05	kaffeetisch

	* GType.xs, gperl.h: Use G_OS_WIN32 instead of WIN32 or _WIN32.

2006-10-21	kaffeetisch

	* GBookmarkFile.xs: Remove a custom "=for signature" directive
	that incorrectly specified a boolean return value for remove_item.

2006-10-17	kaffeetisch

	* Glib.xs, MANIFEST, ppport.h: Get rid of ppport.h, we don't seem
	to need it.

2006-10-03	kaffeetisch

	*,, Fix POD errors.  (Mainly
	=cut's not followed by a blank line.)

2006-09-13	kaffeetisch

	* GBoxed.xs (gperl_new_boxed_copy): Check for NULL before passing
	the boxed pointer to g_boxed_copy.

	centralize the preprocessor madness for 64bit integer support.  On
	win32, which apparently lacks strtoll or similar, use strtol and
	strtoul for now to make it at least compile.

	* t/7.t: Apply a patch from Michael G Schwern that introduces
	helper functions which make this complicated test easier to read.

	* t/filename.t: Remove two debug prints that were causing perl

2006-09-09	kaffeetisch

	* t/4.t, t/5.t, t/6.t, t/7.t, t/9.t: In hand-rolled test output,
	use '-' instead of '#' as the comment designator.  In TAP (Test
	Anything Protocol), the protocol we use, '#' is for directives and
	'-' is for comments.

2006-09-04	kaffeetisch

	*, Makefile.PL, NEWS, README: Stable release 1.140.

2006-09-04	kaffeetisch

	* t/9.t: Don't test Glib::main_depth on glib <= 2.4.0, where it
	first appeared.

	* t/g.t: Fix skip count.

2006-08-29	kaffeetisch

	* README: Add a bug reports section.

2006-08-07	kaffeetisch

	*, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.132.

2006-08-07	kaffeetisch

	* GKeyFile.xs, Glib.xs: Remove outdated FIXME comments.

	* GMainLoop.xs (async_watcher_install): Add FIXME comment about a

	* GObject.xs: Remove FIXME comment about gperl_object_check_type's
	semantics.  We can't do anything about anymore.

	* GSignal.xs (foreach_closure_matched): Fix to use guint instead
	of int for the return type.

	* Don't use indirect object syntax.

	* TODO: Update.

	* typemap: Add custom typemaps for guchar* to avoid compiler

	* t/g.t: Change version checks to refer to stable releases only.

2006-07-23	kaffeetisch

	*, Makefile.PL, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.131.

2006-07-23	kaffeetisch

	* GError.xs, GKeyFile.xs, Glib.xs, gperl-gtypes.h, gperl-gtypes.c,
	gperl.h: Change version checks to check for 2.12 instead of 2.11.

2006-07-19  Emmanuele Bassi  <>

	* GObject.xs: Bind g_object_class_find_property()...

	* t/4.t: ... and test it.

2006-07-14	kaffeetisch

	*, NEWS, README, copyright.pod: Unstable release 1.130.

2006-07-14	kaffeetisch

	* Turn a few 'use Config's into 'require Config's.
	Also remove some loud MSVC/nmake bashing. :-)

2006-06-20  Emmanuele Bassi  <>

	A GBookmarkFile.xs
	A t/h.t

	* GBookmarkFile.xs: Bind GBookmarkFile, a parser for desktop
	bookmarks, that comes with GLib 2.11/2.12.

	* t/h.t: Test suite for Glib::BookmarkFile.

	* GError.xs:
	* Glib.xs:
	* Makefile.PL:
	* doctypes:
	* gperl-gtypes.[hc]:
	* gperl.h:
	* typemap: Build glue for Glib::BookmarkFile.

	* Makefile.PL:
	* Update $VERSION to 1.130 and warn the user.

2006/06/19	kaffeetisch

	* GKeyFile.xs, t/g.t: Bind and test g_key_file_set_double,
	g_key_file_get_double, g_key_file_set_double_list, and
	g_key_file_get_double_list.  Fix a few API doc glitches.

2006/06/19	kaffeetisch

	* GObject.xs: Register GInitiallyUnowned as

2006/05/21	kaffeetisch

	* GObject.xs (class_info_finish_loading): Free the list returned
	by g_type_interfaces when we're finished with it.

2006/03/12	kaffeetisch

	*, Makefile.PL, NEWS, README: Stable release 1.120.

2006/03/06	kaffeetisch

	*, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.118.

2006/03/04	kaffeetisch

	* gperl-private.h, MANIFEST: Add a new header file for private
	functions that are used in more than one xs file.  For now these
	are _gperl_sv_from_value_internal, _gperl_fetch_wrapper_key, and
	some new threading-safety stuff described below.

	* Glib.xs, gperl-private.h: Add _gperl_set_master_interp and
	_gperl_get_master_interp to get and set a global master
	interpreter that can be used to setup perl's thread-local storage.
	For convenience, the new macro GPERL_SET_CONTEXT encapsulates this
	setup step.  Inspired by Dobrica Pavlinusic's approach in the Fuse

	* Glib.xs: Call _gperl_set_master_interp in BOOT to set the global
	master interpreter to the value of PERL_GET_INTERP.

	* GObject.xs (gobject_destroy_wrapper): Use GPERL_SET_CONTEXT to
	prevent a segfault that occured when this function was called from
	a different thread.  Apparently, PL_in_clean_objs tries to access
	invalid memory if you don't setup perl's context correctly.

	* GLog.xs (gperl_log_handler): Use GPERL_SET_CONTEXT to replace
	the hack that put the value of PERL_GET_CONTEXT into the user
	data.  The result should be the same: correctly setup perl's
	context before calling warn() to avoid segfaults when called from
	a different thread.

	* GType.xs, GObject.xs: Include gperl-private.h to get rid of the
	"extern" declarations.

2006/02/27	kaffeetisch

	*, Makefile.PL, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.117.

2006/02/14	kaffeetisch

	* GType.xs: Add a missing semicolon that caused compilation
	failures on perl 5.8.8.

2006/02/13	kaffeetisch

	*, Makefile.PL, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.116.

2006/02/13	kaffeetisch

	* MANIFEST, README.api-changes: Remove this outdated file.

2006/02/11	muppetman

	* GObject.xs: SvLEN() is the length of the SV's buffer; SvCUR() is
	the length of the SV's string.  Use SvCUR() instead of SvLEN()-1 in
	_gperl_fetch_wrapper_key(), or we get garbage key names with perl
	5.8.8, resulting in failures in t/f.t related to properties with no
	getter or setter.

	* Data::Dumper uses a lot of memory, and causes the
	docgen for Gtk2 to use up to 10MB.  Switch the serialization code
	over to Storable, using store_fd(), instead.  Runs a bit faster, too.
	Also allow passing by reference to parse_xsub(), to avoid copying
	potentially large xsub bodies.

2006/01/30	kaffeetisch

	*, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.115.

2006/01/28	muppetman

	* Slightly reduce the potentially ludicrous line
	length of the xsdocparse command.

2006/01/22	muppetman

	* GObject.xs: Honor the "don't warn about unregistered subclasses of
	this type" flags.  Use those flags to avoid creating _Unregistered
	names for what are typically private implementation classes.  This
	leaves the method a little misnamed, but oh well.  Updated the pod
	accordingly.  Also remove unused code.

2006/01/22	kaffeetisch

	* AUTHORS, Makefile.PL: Apply a patch from Wim Lewis that makes
	sure we don't use threading stuff if perl isn't configured to
	handle threads.

2006/01/21	muppetman

	* GObject.xs: Hide CLONE from the docs; it's not something user
	code should call.

2006/01/18	kaffeetisch

	* GObject.xs: Modify the MAKE_UNDEAD and REVIVE_UNDEAD macros so
	no casts are needed when using them.

2006/01/18	kaffeetisch

	* Fix a typo.

2006/01/16	kaffeetisch

	*, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.114.

2006/01/16	kaffeetisch

	* GObject.xs: Apply patch from Rafael Garcia-Suarez that fixes the
	undead object macros on 64-bit platforms.

2006/01/16	kaffeetisch

	* GObject.xs (class_info_finish_loading): Hush a compiler warning.

2006/01/16	kaffeetisch

	* GLog.xs (gperl_log_handler): Add a comment describing a rare
	threading-related crash.

2006/01/15	muppetman

	*, GObject.xs, GType.xs: Change the way GObject type
	mappings are initialized.

	Previously, gperl_register_object() would not only map a GType to a
	perl package name, but would set up the @ISA entry for that type by
	introspection; if the parent type was not yet registered, the
	mapping would go into a "pending isa" list, and the code would walk
	that list on each registration.  This left a nice loophole that was
	triggered by the addition of GInitiallyUnowned into libgobject -- if
	a type's parent is unknown to the bindings, that type simply doesn't
	get its ancestry set up correctly.  This ended up breaking all
	nontrivial gtk2-perl programs.  Shame on me for thinking up such a
	fragile scheme.

	Changed the code in various subtle ways.  Added the idea of "lazy
	loading", inspired by Gtk-Perl.  gperl_register_object() still
	registers the association of a GType and a package name, but adds to
	@ISA only "Glib::Object::_LazyLoader".  ISA setup is performed by
	the internal function class_info_finish_loading(), which replaces
	the _LazyLoader name in @ISA with the class's parent and implemented
	interfaces (preserving manually appended and prepended entries).
	This is triggered one of two ways: either by calling
	gperl_object_package_from_type(), which happens when you bless an
	object; or via an AUTOLOAD, isa, or can invocation in _LazyLoader,
	which happens when you try to invoke methods on the class.  When a
	class is set up, all of its parents are checked as well, so this
	happens fairly quickly.  This should be completely transparent to
	all existing code, as the new _LazyLoader stuff in private, and the
	external interfaces have not changed.  The one spot that could break
	is calling UNIVERSAL::(can|isa) on a Glib::Object-derived package
	name before that class has been set up.

	In addition, instead of giving up on unknown classes, we now create
	fake names for them in a "safe" namespace, along the lines of
	Glib::Object::_Unregistered::$c_type_name, and treat them normally.
	For foreign types, this still effectively means they can be treated
	as the first known parent, but the value of ref() will be different
	(but you shouldn't have been relying on that, anyway).

2006/01/13	muppetman

	* GObject.xs: Ignoring the undead flag in _gperl_fetch_wrapper_key()
	resulted in crashes when manipulating properties of objects with
	undead wrappers.

	*, Glib.xs, t/filename.t: Bind, test, and document
	g_filename_display_name and g_filename_display_basename.

2006/01/01	kaffeetisch

	*, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.113.

2005/12/19	kaffeetisch

	* GObject.xs (gperl_register_object): Move around the loop that
	puts interface packages into @ISA so it gets run on every call to
	gperl_register_object.  With the old code, you ran into problems
	when a GInterface was registered after the last GObject had been

2005/12/12	kaffeetisch

	*, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.112.

2005/12/12	kaffeetisch

	* GType.xs: Hush a compiler warning.

	* MANIFEST.SKIP: Use the more correct G.+\.c$ instead of G*\.c$.

2005/11/30      ebassi

	* GKeyFile.xs: fix the argument types in order to allow 'undef' values.

	* t/g.t: new tests for the functions allowing undefined values.

2005/11/18	kaffeetisch

	* GType.xs Register the fundamentals for gint64 and guint64 as
	Glib::Int64 and Glib::UInt64 respectively.

2005/11/14	kaffeetisch

	*, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.111.

2005/11/13	muppetman

	* GValue.xs, GObject.xs:  The GObject property interface passes around
	pointers to boxed objects, but does not transfer ownership of them.
	Thus, the old code was letting perl hold on to dead pointers.  We
	basically need to be able to specify whether to copy boxed objects
	when converting from GValue to SV.  Since gperl_sv_from_value() is
	public and API frozen, add a new private function,
	_gperl_sv_from_value_internal(), and call this from both
	gperl_sv_from_value() and Glib::Object::get().  Fixes and several other
	hard-to-diagnose intermittent bugs.

2005/11/12	kaffeetisch

	* xsapi.pod.head: Fix a few typos.

2005/10/18	kaffeetisch

	Unstable release 1.110.

2005/10/17	kaffeetisch

	* GParamSpec.xs, GType.xs, GValue.xs, gperl.h, typemap, t/64bit.t:
	Use custom converters for gint64 and guint64 that transform 64 bit
	integers to and from strings if perl's IV type isn't big enough.

	* AUTHORS, Add some documentation about the above;
	include a write up by A. Pagaltzis about the various big integer
	modules for Perl.

	* GSignal.xs (newSVGSignalQuery)
	(gperl_signal_emission_hook): Fix some signedness warnings.

	* GParamSpec.xs (gperl_param_spec_type_from_package): Fix a
	variable-data-in-struct-construction warning.

2005/10/15	kaffeetisch

	* GObject.xs (gperl_register_object): Free the interfaces list
	after use.

2005/10/14	muppetman

	* GObject.xs, AUTHORS: Patch from Steven Walter fixes nasty reference
	counting bug that could leave Perl wrappers pointing at dead C objects
	in some situations.  Because we have no C containers in glib-object, we
	can't really add tests for this.

2005/10/05	kaffeetisch

	*, NEWS: Merge from stable-1-10.

	* t/c.t: Change the flags test yet again.  Make it explicit this
	time by using is_deeply() and \@{} so it hopefully works with any
	version of Test::More.

2005/09/30	kaffeetisch

	* GObject.xs (gperl_register_object): Automatically add each known
	interface an object implements to the corresponding @ISA.
	(gperl_new_object): If we encounter an object which has no known
	type in its ancestry except for G_TYPE_OBJECT, register it with a
	unique package name and take a look at the interfaces it
	implements -- if there is one we know, add it to the new package's

2005/09/05	kaffeetisch

	* MANIFEST, META.yml: Remove META.yml.

	*, Makefile.PL, NEWS, README: Stable release 1.100.

2005/07/27	muppetman

	* Forgot to delete the leftover gtk junk before committing.

2005/07/27	kaffeetisch

	*, META.yml, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.093.

2005/07/26	muppetman

	*, Makefile.PL, MANIFEST: Take out the Gtk2-specific
	portions of Gtk2::CodeGen, make it extensible, and call it

2005/07/12	kaffeetisch

	*, META.yml, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.092.

2005/07/05	kaffeetisch

	* GUtils.xs, t/1.t: Bind and test g_markup_escape_text.

2005/07/02 00:32 pcg

	* GMainLoop.xs (add_watch): on native win32, convert the perl fileno
	to a winsock fileno using win32_get_osfhandle and call
	g_io_channel_win32_new_socket directly.
	* fix my contact address while we are at it.

2005/06/28	kaffeetisch

	* (podify_ancestors): Use one less space for the
	indention of ancestors to make them line up correctly.

2005/06/22	kaffeetisch

	* t/c.t: Use is() instead of is_deeply() to test flags values
	since the latter was changed to always use the string version of
	overloaded objects in recent versions of Test::More, whereas the
	former seems to work correctly.  Tested with Test::More 0.45 and

2005/06/20	kaffeetisch

	* xs/GLog.xs (gperl_log_handler): Set perl's context to the one
	gperl_handle_logs_for() was called in.  This is to make sure
	Perl_form accesses a valid memory pool, which prevents segfaults
	when the log handler is called from a different thread.

	* GType.xs: Fix a typo in gperl_package_from_type's POD.

2005/06/06	kaffeetisch

	*, MANIFEST, META.yml, NEWS, README: Unstable release

2005/05/30	kaffeetisch

	* GKeyFile.xs: Fix the g_key_file_get_keys XSUB to actually return
	anything, and make it omit NULLs.  Fix an incorrect offset in the
	g_key_file_set_locale_string_list XSUB.  Replace "const gchar
	const **" with "const gchar * const *" where appropriate.

	* GObject.xs (Glib::Object::set_threadsafe): Mark `threadsafe' as
	unused in the !GPERL_THREAD_SAFE branch.

	* typemap: Add a GSignalFlags typemap.  The corresponding
	converters already exist and are exported.

	* t/2.t: Test Glib::Object::freeze_notify and thaw_notify.

	* t/7.t: Test Glib::Object::signal_stop_emission_by_name,
	signal_handler_block, signal_handler_unblock and

	* t/9.t: Test Glib::main_depth, Glib::MainLoop::is_running,
	Glib::MainLooP::get_context, Glib::MainContext::new,
	Glib::MainContext::default and Glib::MainContext::pending.

	* t/c.t: Test the union operator of flags.

	* t/g.t: Test Glib::KeyFile::set_locale_string_list,
	get_locale_string_list, set_string_list, set_locale_string,
	set_comment, set_boolean, set_value, get_keys, remove_comment,
	remove_key, remove_group, to_data and set_list_separator.

2005/05/22	kaffeetisch

	* Glib.xs: Initialize filename and hostname in filename_from_uri.

	* t/filename.t: Add tests for the filename conversion facilities.

	* t/a.t: Correct existing and add new tests for Glib::Log.  Test
	set_fatal_mask and set_always_fatal.

2005/04/27	ebassi

	* doctypes: fix typo for GKeyFileFlags.

2005/04/27	ebassi

	* Glib.xs, GError.xs, doctypes, gperl-gtypes.c, gperl-gtypes.h,
	gperl.h, Makefile.PL, MANIFEST, typemap, GKeyFile.xs, t/g.t: bind,
	document and test GKeyFile, a parser for .ini-like files.

2005/04/25	kaffeetisch

	*, META.yml, Makefile.PL, NEWS, README: Unstable release

2005/04/19	rwmcfa1

	* fixed long running auto list of enums/flags problems.
	enums were only getting added when there was info assocaited with them,
	flags could always make it through. there was also a bug which allowed
	enums and flags in parent properties to be listed in children.

2005/04/17	kaffeetisch

	*, META.yml, NEWS, README: Merge from stable-1-08.

2005/04/04	muppetman

	* GSignal.xs, t/signal_emission_hooks.t, MANIFEST:
	Bind, document, and test g_signal_add_emission_hook and
	g_signal_remove_emission_hook, with a little refactoring in

2005/03/24	kaffeetisch

	* GType.xs, GValue.xs, gperl.h: Add API that allows binding
	developers to specify conversion functions when registering
	fundamental types that are to be used by gperl_value_from_sv() and
	gperl_sv_from_value().  gperl_register_fundamental_full() is the
	new function that takes a GPerlValueWrapperClass struct which
	contains a GPerlValueWrapFunc and a GPerlValueUnwrapFunc.
	gperl_fundamental_wrapper_class_from_type() can be used to
	retrieve the GPerlValueWrapperClass that corresponds to a given

	* GBoxed.xs, GType.xs: Document that gperl_register_boxed() and
	gperl_register_fundamental_full() assume that the wrapper class is
	statically allocated and that it will always be alive.

2005/03/07	kaffeetisch

	*, Makefile.PL, META.yml, NEWS, README: Stable release

2005/03/06	kaffeetisch

	* GBoxed.xs: Fix a typo.

2005/02/28	kaffeetisch

	*, META.yml, Makefile.PL, NEWS, README: Unstable release

2005/02/15 15:48 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* GMainLoop.xs: likely type-o on Glib::MainLoop->new causing ref count
	to start out at 2 and thus main loops never die, should of been unref.

2005/02/07 23:40 (-0500) muppetman

	*, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.073

2005/02/07 23:30 (-0500) muppetman

	* t/9.t: Disable the async signal test on win32.

2005/02/07 23:20 (-0500) muppetman

	* GSignal.xs, gperl.h, Glib.exports: Bind and document g_signal_query
	as Glib::Object::signal_query.  Add newSVGSignalQuery to marshal a
	GSignalQuery to perl.

	* GType.xs: Move guts of list_signals to newSVGSignalQuery, and call
	that function instead.

	A t/signal_query.t: New test for signal_query and list_signals.

2005/02/07 23:20 (-0500) muppetman

	* GLog.xs: Call abort() rather than croak() on G_LOG_LEVEL_ERROR
	messages.  croak()ing didn't do anything useful, and abort()ing
	allows you to stop gdb on an error and get a backtrace.

2005/02/04 22:36 (-0500) muppetman

	* (select_files_by_version) do not escape . in glob
	patterns; it is unnecessary on unix and win32 thinks the \ is a path
	separator.  This one-character change fixes an intermittent win32
	build problem.

2005/01/29 21:22 (-0500) muppetman

	* better handling for xsubs with continuation lines.

2005/01/29 13:45 (-0500) muppetman

	* copyright.pod: update for the new year.

2005/01/29 01:38 (-0500) muppetman

	* GBoxed.xs, implement support for the boxed type GStrv
	as a native perl anonymous array of strings

2005/01/25 23:34 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* t/c.t: remove [] around test 12. caused failures on newer

2005/01/09 23:50 (-0400) muppetman

	*, META.yml, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.072

2005/01/09 23:08 (-0400) muppetman

	* Glib.xs: minor documentation updates

2005/01/09 16:29 (-0400) muppetman

	* Glib.exports: add gperl_format_variable_for_output, which needs to
	be exported but got missed somehow for 1.060.

2005/01/08 23:45 (-0400) muppetman

	* GMainLoop.xs, t/9.t: Ensure that asynchronous signals, deferred by
	perl's safe signal handling, are delivered on time when a main loop
	is running.  Thanks to Jan Hudec.

2005/01/04 15:15 (-0400) rwmcfa1

	* t/1.t: we need to make it clear to perl that g_get_user_data_dir and
	friends are functions or we'll get syntax errors and test failures when
	no symbols with those names are found (even though they'll be skipped.)

2005/01/02 16:31 (+0100) kaffeetisch

	* GParamSpec.xs, TODO: Remove documentation that doesn't apply

	* GUtils.xs, t/1.t: Bind and test g_get_user_data_dir,
	g_get_user_config_dir, g_get_user_cache_dir,
	g_get_system_data_dirs, g_get_system_config_dirs, and

2004/11/29 21:28 (+0100) kaffeetisch

	* Makefile.PL: Correct the unstable warning message to say 1.06x
	instead of 1.04x.

	*, META.yml, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.071.

2004/11/01 21:22 (+0100) kaffeetisch

	*, META.yml, Makefile.PL, NEWS, README: Unstable release

2004/10/24 11:55 (-0400) rwmcfa1

	* MANIFEST.SKIP: updates

	* new scheme that addresses x86_64 problems
	found by Carl Nygard

2004/10/20 19:32 (+0200) kaffeetisch

	* GParamSpec.xs, e.t: Add and test support for GParamSpecUnichar.

2004/10/17 12:27 (+0200) kaffeetisch

	* doctypes: Add a description for gunichar.

2004/10/14 15:27 (-0400) muppetman

	* Makefile.PL: use PREREQ_PM in both WriteMakefile calls, so META.yml
	gets created properly.

2004/09/27 09:35 (-0400) muppetman

	* README, NEWS, stable release 1.061

2004/09/19 23:31 (+0200) kaffeetisch

	* GBoxed.xs: Use gperl_format_variable_for_output when croaking in
	the unwrap function.

	* GType.xs, Glib.xs: Fix two signedness issues.

	* Print an ellipsis after "Including ApiDoc pod" to
	indicate that it might take some time to comlete.

2004/09/11 15:23 (-0400) muppetman

	* README, NEWS, stable release 1.060

	* Makefile.PL: remove the "unstable" warning.

2004/08/29 14:19 (-0400) muppetman

	* README, NEWS, unstable development release 1.055

2004/08/27 17:44 (-0400) rwmcfa1

	* kaffee was seeing include failures which resulted in the 
	carp message comming out, but it was using $_ where it should of been
	$pod which caused a second level of errors which were fatal. 

2004/08/27 13:42 (-0400) rwmcfa1

	* preprocess_pod wasn't being called on each pod section
	as it used to be and still should be. couldn't get to sfcvs webui to
	find out when it quit being, but it's been a while.

2004/08/15 17:33 (-0400) muppetman

	* README, NEWS, unstable development release 1.054

2004/08/13 22:14 (-0400) muppetman

	* fix typo in doc

2004/08/06 21:10 (-0400) rwmcfa1

	* get the types from signals prototypes and properties so 
	their enum values will be listed at the bottom of the pod. (this is in
	addition to the xsubs and explicit stuff already in place)

2004/08/01 21:10 (-0400) muppetman

	* README, NEWS, unstable development release 1.053

2004/08/01 17:58 (+0200) kaffeetisch

	* Move select_files_by_version and
	read_source_list_file from Gtk2's Makefile.PL here so that other
	modules can use them too.  Also add Ross' cool "evenification"
	hack to select_files_by_version.

	* gperl.h, typemap: Add a char_own typemap.

2004/07/18 21:00 (-0400) muppetman

	* README, NEWS, unstable development release 1.052

2004/07/18 21:00 (-0400) muppetman

	* GObject.xs: one last bug; always prefer to create the key with an
	underscore in its name.  this preserves the semantics of the old
	property stuff from Glib::Object::Subclass::SET_PROPERTY(), although
	it means we'll always try twice on keys with no dashes.

	* remove the CHECK block (and the associated bugs) by
	changing how Subclass works.  we now rely on the new default property 
	handlers, and thus have no further need for GET_PROPERTY() and
	SET_PROPERTY(); by prepending Glib::Object::Subclass to the new
	class's @ISA, we can inherit new() normally.  tested extensively in
	my sandbox and a couple of people reported that all was well.

	* t/f.t: yes, it's bad form to change the tests to fit the code, but
	this test was verifying old behavior that we can't produce any longer,
	and which was actually quite annoying in practice.  verify the new

2004/07/12 20:42 (+0200) kaffeetisch

	* typemap: Make the OUTPUT variant of T_GPERL_GENERIC_WRAPPER do
	the same as the INPUT one -- that is, strip leading "const"'s and
	trailing asterisks from the type.

2004/06/28 00:47 (-0400) muppetman

	*, README, NEWS: unstable development release 1.051

2004/06/28 00:40 (-0400) muppetman

	* GType.xs: document the new property stuff.

2004/06/28 00:27 (-0400) muppetman

	* GValue.xs: handle undef gracefully in gperl_value_from_sv(); let
	the GValue default.

2004/06/28 00:17 (-0400) muppetman

	* GObject.xs, GType.xs, t/f.t: add new semantics for Glib::Object
	properties.  when no GET_PROPERTY or SET_PROPERTY is defined, fall
	back to using the key in the wrapper hash with the same name as the
	property; also allow creation of properties with explicit getter and
	setter functions, which override [SG]ET_PROPERTY and the fallback.
	discussion of the ideas here is archived in the mailing list:

2004/06/21 22:15 (-0400) muppetman

	* Glib.xs: fine-tune gperl_format_variable_for_output(); don't
	truncate references, and disambiguate undef.

2004/06/08 21:55 (-0400) muppetman

	* AUTHORS, GLog.xs, GObject.xs, GParamSpec.xs, GType.xs, Glib.xs:
	patch from Albert Chin keeps us honest in ANSI/C89 compatibility,
	to allow compilation on IRIX.  C++ comments are not allowed in C
	files (some were on dead code, so i just removed them in applying
	the patch); and C89 doesn't allow for non-static member
	initialization (the FOO_TYPE_BAR macros usually evalulate to
	function calls, so we have to do the param_types arrays the hard
	and ugly way.)

2004/06/02 13:41 (-0400) muppetman

	Unstable development release 1.050

	* NEWS: updated.

2004/06/02 13:41 (-0400) muppetman

	* GParamSpec.xs: cast to hush compiler warning.

2004/06/01 11:44 (-0400) muppetman

	* GParamSpec.xs: remove stray debugging print

2004/06/01 11:18 (-0400) muppetman

	Greatly expanded GParamSpec support.

	* GParamSpec.xs: use attached-magic wrapper hashes and a GType
	registry for GParamSpecs.  Previous releases used blessed scalars
	for Glib::ParamSpec and a list of simple hashes from
	Glib::Object::list_properties; but they really should've been the
	same object.  this code puts the keys from the old simple hashes into
	the magical wrapper hash now used for all Glib::ParamSpecs, to retain
	backwards compatibility.  we also add accessors for all of the
	interesting members of the various GParamSpec child structures.
	this allows you to get the extended metadata from paramspecs, such
	as default or minimum values, etc.  Glib::ParamSpec->param is now
	supported, making it possible to use Glib::Object's notify signal.
	lots of new manpages for the various param spec types, consolidated
	where possible.

	* gperl.h, Glib.exports: add new external function,

	* GObject.xs: use the new and improved newSVGParamSpec() instead of
	creating a plain hash.

	* GType.xs: search through the paramspec type registry in
	gperl_package_from_type().  register more fundamental types on boot,
	with a nasty hack to correct the old mispelling of Glib::UInt (was
	"Glib::Uint") with some semblance of backwards compat; use the new
	correct name, but silently allow the old incorrect name.

	* update docs to reflect the type registration differences.

	* MANIFEST, t/e.t: new test for all this new stuff

2004/05/31 21:05 (-0400) rwmcfa1

	* add the type (flags|enum) back to the heading

2004/05/31 23:10 (+0200) kaffeetisch

	* GObject.xs (CLONE): Remove unused variable.

	* GType.xs: Document the interfaces keyword of register_object.

2004/05/31 15:11 (-0400) rwmcfa1

	* reworked flags/enums code, added autodetection based on
	return and param types. so all pod files should now docuement the
	flags/enums used within them as returns and/or parameters.

2004/05/16 17:44 (-0400) rwmcfa1

	* GObject.xs: code to allow gobject tracking which and threadsafeness.
	needs lots of testing, documentation, and needs a way to tell if thread
	support was compiled into perl. right now it's enabled (if compiled in)
	by calling Glib::Object->set_threadsafe.

2004/05/16 11:25 (-0400) muppetman

	* GObject.xs: disable stash caching.  this fixes a few bizarre
	things that go wrong when using perl threads; different threads
	have separate copies of the stashes, but the caching kept only
	one copy, which had a tendency to be incorrect in at least one
	thread.  to avoid an ABI break, we just look up the stash in
	gperl_object_stash_from_type() every time, and save a pointer
	on every registered object class.

2004/05/16 01:44 (-0400) muppetman

	* GObject.xs: add missing Glib::Object::notify().

2004/05/11 19:35 (+0200) kaffeetisch

	* GClosure.xs: Fix a debug message.

	* GValue.xs: Adjust the apidocs for gperl_sv_from_value to match
	the implementation.

	* gperl.h
	* Glib.xs: Implement and export new helper function

	* GObject.xs: Use the new helper in gperl_get_object_check to
	output a stringified version of the variable.

2004/05/04 18:11 (-0400) muppetman

	* t/1.t, t/2.t, t/3.t, t/4.t, t/5.t, t/6.t, t/7.t, t/8.t, t/9.t,
	t/a.t, t/b.t, t/c.t, t/d.t: add some commentary to explain what's
	going on in each test.  there's a lot of duplicated testing, so we
	probably need to rework them at some point.

2004/04/21 12:36 (-0400) muppetman

	* GSignal.xs: remove invalid alias do_stuff_by_func().

2004/04/14 19:50 (+0200) kaffetisch

	Merge from the stable-1-04 branch:

	* NEWS: Update.

	* typemap, GBoxed.xs: use INT2PTR to hush warnings about improper
	casting on cygwin.

	* GError.xs: Mark unused variables.

	* Glib.xs: Use explicit casts in the version checking part of the
	BOOT code.

	* document the __hide__, __gerror__, and __function__
	modifiers for the apidoc directive.  Add $MAIN_MOD to the head of the
	see alsos list if it's set, so that the generated pages link to the
	correct extension.  Clean up the semantics of the copyright
	generation stuff, and make the docs a little clearer.

	* set $Glib::GenPod::MAIN_MOD with the module name in
	Glib::MakeHelper::postamble_docs_full, either from the depends object
	or the NAME key.

	* Fix a spelling error here, adjust some grammar there.

	* t/8.t
	* GClosure.xs: don't clobber $_ when warning of unhandled exceptions.
	apparently the SAVE_DEFSV trick from a while back doesn't work.

	* beef up the docs.

2004/04/05 23:33 pcg

	* Glib.xs: gperl_sv_from_filename didn't check the return status
        of g_filename_to_utf8 properly, causing segfaults on invalid

2004/04/04 00:52 (-0500) muppetman

	* Glib.xs: actually do work in filename_from_unicode().  thanks to
	Jan Hudec for noticing this was broken.

2004/03/21 00:00 (-0500) muppetman

	merge from stable:

	* GMainLoop.xs, GObject.xs: bump version check versions

	* GUtils.xs, t/1.t: add Glib::GET_VERSION_INFO

	* sort the index

	* fix broken quoting

2004/03/17 17:09 (+0100) kaffeetisch

	* gperl.h (SvGObject_ornull): Use SvOK instead of SvTRUE.

	* gperl.h
	* typemap: Add typemaps for "const char_ornull *" and
	"char_ornull *".

2004/03/13 22:05 (-0500) muppetman

	* portability fixes; ask Config what make program we're
	using and generate the proper conditional syntax, lest we generate bogus
	makefiles.  we now work with Gnu Make and NMake.

2004/03/12 16:00 (-0500) muppetman

	*, Makefile.PL, README: 1.04 will be released from
	the stable-1-04 branch; bump HEAD's version to 1.050.

2004/03/11 23:15 (-0500) muppetman

	* Glib.exports: sort the list, to make it easier to spot missing
	symbols.  add missing symbols.

	* GBoxed.xs: fix dubious logic in parameter test.

	* give propers to kaffee

2004/03/11 21:51 (-0500) muppetman

	* README: minor fixups.

2004/03/10 11:30 (-0500) muppetman

	D Changes
	  remove the grossly-out-of-date and unused Changes file.

2004/03/08 23:52 (-0500) muppetman

	FIXME sweep:

	* GMainLoop.xs, GType.xs: cleanup and commentary

	* GObject.xs, t/5.t: make the 'bad property' message from set() match
	the one from new().  clean up properly before croaking if new()
	encounters a bad property name.  verify this behavior with tests.

	* GParamSpec.xs: fix ALIAS on param_spec/boxed/object to remove
	invalid symbol; document the fact that param_spec is unimplemented.

	* GValue.xs: fix a nasty bug in gperl_value_from_sv that would've
	resulted in a segfault when trying to read the C pointer out of an
	SV containing a GParamSpec; implement the other direction in
	gperl_sv_from_value.  there's currently no way to trigger these in
	Glib or Gtk2, but it would be conceivable to run across GParamSpec
	properties in other GObject-based bindings, so we don't want to barf
	on them.

	* rework and simplify internal function podify_see_alsos()

	* t/9.t, t/a.t: use version guards on tests that suffer from GLib
	bugs that are now fixed.

	* TODO: updated

2004/03/07 23:54 (-0500) muppetman

	* don't add L<> around items that already have it in

2004/03/07 03:33 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	*, added support for the __gerror__ keyword on
	=for apidoc lines. to be used at a latter date.

2004/03/05 00:28 (-0500) muppetman

	* Makefile.PL: add version checks to the import attempts for our
	black-sheep ExtUtils modules; more recent versions actually support
	the version checks.

	* use almost excessive validation to detect whether
	ExtUtils::Depends is of sufficient vintage, and bail out if not,
	using the same trick as Makefile.PL to coax CPAN into updating.

2004/03/04 09:52 (-0500) muppetman

	* fix a bug in the MY::const_cccmd override which
	rendered makefiles broken and useless when there were no C or XS
	files to compile.

	* Makefile.PL: install the MakeHelper manpage.

2004/03/02 20:59 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* alter the behavior of read only/write only tied properites.
	setting a read only croaks, reading a write only returns
	'[write-only]'.  shouldn't affect anything/anyone, just make things
	work a little better with Dumper and stuff like that.

	* GObject.xs: doc changes ^

2004/03/02 00:42 (-0500) muppetman

	* README,, NEWS: API-frozen unstable release 1.038

	* GMainLoop.xs: change version guard on g_main_depth() to 2.3.5,
	which was released today; minor cleanup and doc.

2004/03/01 12:17 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* GMainLoop.xs: g_main_depth bound as Glib::main_depth (ver 2.4)

2004/02/27 22:12 (-0500) muppetman

	* GClosure.xs, GLog.xs, GMainLoop.xs, GType.xs: short descriptions
	for the NAME sections

2004/02/27 14:38 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* mystery solved, Exporter needed quotes around it in the use
	base call. as to why it died the way it was with "Unknow
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