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Revision history for Perl extension HTTP::Lite.

2.4 2012-07-20
    - Fixed RT #13791, which meant you couldn't request --
      had to have to trailing slash on the URL.
    - Don't add request header if value passed is undef (RT #4546).
    - Fixed bug where writing the request can get stuck in a loop.
      Bug reported by Florian Kirchmeir. Fix based on Florian's patch.
    - RT #35360 fixed (fix included in report).
    - Documentation tidy-up
    - Neil Bowers (NEILB) granted co-maint by Adam (thanks)

2.3 Tue 14 Dec 2010
	- No functional changes
	- Updated Module::Install to 1.00
	- Updated author tests and moved to xt directory

2.2 Thu  1 Oct 2009
	- Moved into lib directory
	- Reversed the Changes file order to reverse chronological
	- Moved to Makefile.PL to Module::Install to autodetect more things
	- Add no_index entries for the test data
	- Remove reliable on (partially) dead website for testing
	- Now this module is mature and unlikely to change much, move to
	  a more stable and less complicated versioning scheme that suffers
	  less complications in the Perl toolchain. Also, dotted integers
	  without the use of something like isn't strictly

2.1.6 Wed Jan 21 16:54:31 2004
	- Fixed User-Agent header problem
	- Fixed lowercase header bugs
	- Thanks goes to contributed patches by various people

2.1.5 Sun Oct  5 20:55:00 2003
	- Fixed duplicate my in method()
	- Added default content-type for posts
	- header_at_once mode, patch submitted by Roman Radaschutz

2.1.3 Mon Feb 10 16:15:00 2002
	- Documentation fixes
	- Fixed large write bug in http_write
	- Documented callback system
	- Added local_addr and local_port settings
	- Added method setting to allow use of any request method (GET, PUT,

2.1.1 Thu Jun 13 15:55:00 2002
	- Documentation fix
	- Compatibility fix for 5.005

2.1.0 Tue Jun 12 17:50:00 2002   MAJOR UPDATE
	- Added a callback hook to request() to allow handling of very large
          files and to allow filtering of content.
	- Rewrote significant parts of the code to use references instead
	  of passing data.
	- Rewrote the engine to read data in blocks instead of by lines
	  when not transferring headers
	- Removed the redundant ->content method and associated variables to
          enable handling of large files.
	- Added lots of debugging code (Enable with $http->{DEBUG}
	- Changed ->reset to only clear state and headers instead of also
	  resetting all switches (HTTP/1.1 state, DEBUG state).
	- Singnificant speedup of data transfer code
	- Changed filehandle names to be $url.time()
	- Eliminated all -w warnings

1.0.2 Tue Jun 11 15:30:00 2002
	- Fixed a few errors in the distribution including missing
 	  test files.

1.0.1 Tue Jun 11 15:30:00 2002
	- Changed default protocol to HTTP/1.0 and added a switch to
	  activate HTTP/1.1 protocol.

1.0.0 Tue Jan  8 19:42:00 2002
	- Fixed bug where content-type was always set to only set it has not
	  yet been set.
	  Thanks to Rui Miguel Seabra <>
	- Fixed bug where file descriptors were not being released by
 	  Thanks to Ross Snyder" <>
	- Fixed a bug preventing the module from working with Win32.  The
          side-effect is that timeouts do not work in Win32.
	  Thanks to Andrew Brown <>

0.2.5 Thu Dec 21 13:09:00 2000
	- fixed minor bug with MIME type provided for posts to be
	  x-www-form-urlencoded, as reported by 
	  Tobias Kunze <>

0.03  Sat Sep  9 14:05:00 2000
        - fixed two minor bugs as found and reported by "Marcus I. Ryan"
	  <>.  See for details.

0.01  Sun Aug 27 21:51:45 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs
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