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Inline::Java - Write Perl classes in Java.

Inline::Java lets you write Perl classes in Java.


    use Inline Java => <<'END';
        class JAxH {
            public JAxH(String x){
                System.out.println("Just Another " + x + " Hacker") ;
    new JAxH('Inline') ;

When run, this complete program prints:

    Just Another Inline Hacker


Inline::Java now provides a JNI extension that allows you to load the Java 
virtual machine as shared object instead of running it as a separate process. 

See README.JNI for more information on building the JNI extension.


- This module requires Inline version 0.44 or higher to be installed.
- It also requires a version of the Java SDK 1.2 or higher to be 
  installed. You can get the latest Java SDK from Sun Microsystems
  at Follow the provided instructions in order
  to install the Java SDK properly.

To install Inline::Java do this:

  % perl Makefile.PL J2SDK=/your/java/dir   (see Note 1)
  % make                                    (see Note 2)
  % make test                               (see Note 3, 4)
  % make install

You have to 'make install' before you can run it successfully. 

Note 1: Under Win95/98/Me, you may need to do 'cd ..' to get back to the
your original directory after the command has completed. Also, you may set
either the JAVA_HOME or the PERL_INLINE_JAVA_J2SDK environment variable to 
/your/java/dir instead of using the J2SDK Makefile.PL parameter.

Note 2: Use nmake on Win32.

Note 3: If you have built the JNI extension and want the test suite to use 
it, you will need to set the PERL_INLINE_JAVA_JNI environment variable to 1 
BEFORE running 'make test'.

Note 4: When testing Inline::Java, it's always a good idea to run 'make test'
twice. The first time you test the building and loading of a module, the 
second time you test loading of an already built module.


Inline::Java version 0.52 is a minor upgrade that includes:
    - Fixed JNI on cygwin (many thanks to Eric Rybski for the patch)
    - Improved installation. 'make java' is now performed automatically.
    - Fixed problems with disappearing exceptions by localizing $@.
    - Other minor bug fixes.

See CHANGES for a full change list.


= For more information on Inline::Java, see 'perldoc Inline::Java'.
= For information about Inline, see 'perldoc Inline'.
= For information on using Java, visit

Inline::Java's mailing list is 
To subscribe, send an email to

Please send questions and comments to Patrick LeBoutillier <>.

Copyright (c) 2001-2005, Patrick LeBoutillier. All Rights Reserved.  
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