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This directory contains unit test scripts for the LaTeX::Driver module.

The test scripts invoke the module to format documents in
subdirectories of the testdata directory.  Each subdirectory
corresponds to a single test script (so 14-makeindex.t uses the files
in testdata/14-makeindex.t, with the main LaTeX file being
14-makeindex.tex). The subdirectory should be cleaned out at the start
of the test script and again at the end of the script.

The test documents are structured so that they each test an aspect of
LaTeX formatting and the test scripts look for a series of patterns in
the generated dvi files.  The function test_dvifile uses the dvitype
program if found to extract the strings from a DVI file.


write test scripts to cover

* included graphics

* documents with errors (in progress)

* test generation of PDF and PostScript files

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