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Locale::SubCountry - convert state, county, province etc names to/from code


    my $country_code = 'GB';
    my $UK = new Locale::SubCountry($country_code);
    if ( not $UK )
        die "Invalid code $country_code\n"; 
    elsif (  $UK->has_sub_countries )
        print($UK->full_name('DGY'),"\n");           # Dumfries and Galloway
        print($UK->regional_division('DGY'),"\n");   # SCT (Scotland)
    my $australia = new Locale::SubCountry('Australia');
    if ( not $australia )
        die "Invalid code: Australia\n"; 
        print($australia->country,"\n");        # Australia
        print($australia->country_code,"\n");   # AU
        if (  $australia->has_sub_countries )
            print($australia->code('New South Wales '),"\n");     # NSW
            print($australia->full_name('S.A.'),"\n");            # South Australia
            my $upper_case = 1;
            print($australia->full_name('Qld',$upper_case),"\n"); # QUEENSLAND
            print($australia->category('NSW'),"\n");              # state
            print($australia->FIPS10_4_code('ACT'),"\n");         # 01
            print($australia->ISO3166_2_code('02'),"\n");         # NSW
            my @aus_state_names  = $australia->all_full_names;
            my @aus_code_names   = $australia->all_codes;
            my %aus_states_keyed_by_code  = $australia->code_full_name_hash;
            my %aus_states_keyed_by_name  = $australia->full_name_code_hash;
            foreach my $code ( sort keys %aus_states_keyed_by_code )
               printf("%-3s : %s\n",$code,$aus_states_keyed_by_code{$code});
    # Methods for country codes and names
    my $world = new Locale::SubCountry::World;
    my @all_countries     = $world->all_full_names;
    my @all_country_codes = $world->all_codes;
    my %all_countries_keyed_by_name = $world->full_name_code_hash;
    my %all_country_keyed_by_code   = $world->code_full_name_hash;


    perl Makefile.PL
    make test
    make install


This module allows you to convert the full name for a countries administrative
region to the code commonly used for postal addressing. The reverse lookup
can also be done.  Sub country codes are defined in "ISO 3166-2:1998,
Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions".

Sub countries are termed as states in the US and Australia, provinces
in Canada and counties in the UK and Ireland.

Names and ISO 3166-2 codes for all sub countries in a country can be
returned as either a hash or an array.

Names and ISO 3166-1 codes for all countries in the world can be
returned as either a hash or an array.

ISO 3166-2 codes can be converted to FIPS 10-4 codes. The reverse lookup can 
also be done.


Locale::SubCountry was written by Kim Ryan, kimryan at cpan dot org


Alastair McKinstry provided many of the sub country codes and names.

Terrence Brannon produced Locale::US, which was the starting point for
this module. 

Mark Summerfield and Guy Fraser provided the list of UK counties.

TJ Mather supplied the FIPS codes and many amendments to the sub country data


Copyright (C) 2012 by Kim Ryan. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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