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2010-12-15  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Stop the unit test from lying to syslog

2010-12-12  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Bump version
        * Correct instance where incorrect stack frame was logged
        * Add debuggery in case I need it
        * When subroutine name cannot be determined, assume main()
        * Add additional tests

2010-12-11  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Correct incorrect stack frame logging issue

2010-12-03  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Update

2010-12-02  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Bump version
        * Close out stress test script TODO
        * Add note about support for log format templates
        * Merge branch 'master' of
        * Ship

2010-12-01  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Expand *.pl files
        * Initial entry
        * Merge branch 'master' into STRESS-SCRIPT
        * Add format() example
        * Closed out formatter tests TODO
        * Place L::F::F::Template tests into separate file
        * Add TODO about breaking up 04-formatter.t tests
        * Overcome MSWin32 strftime(3) deficiencies
        * MSWin32 does not support getgrgid() or getpwuid()

2010-11-28  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Update
        * Match documentation w/ reality
        * Verbiage

2010-11-27  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Merge branch 'TEMPLATE-SUPPORT'
        * Bump version

2010-11-26  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Regen
        * Merge branch 'TEMPLATE-SUPPORT'
        * Final TODO item about speed
        * Add note about speed
        * %%millis%% placeholder is now case-insensitive
        * s/_fullhost/_fullHost/
        * Reference getter/setters as methods
        * Close out some TODO elements
        * Update with TODO items
        * Test combination string and lower-case placeholders
        * More notes

2010-11-25  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Make POD documentation more assertive
        * Brainstorming
        * Correct SYNOPSIS
        * Oops!  Add support for filename and line number
        * Update POD documentation
        * Update with new Template class
        * Update
        * Initial entry

2010-11-24  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Regen
        * Add Login and Group
        * Initial ideas for template options
        * Update TODO entries
        * Switch TODO file to use org-mode
        * Add $VERSION
        * Add CONTRIBUTING section
        * Add note about template class
        * Bump version
        * perltidy
        * Make sure user can define one and _only_ one L::F::H::S object
        * Revert "Do not call closelog() if this is perl 5.8.9"
        * Revert "Add CAVEATS"
        * Revert "Clarify CAVEATS"

2010-11-23  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Bump version
        * Clarify CAVEATS
        * Add CAVEATS
        * Do not call closelog() if this is perl 5.8.9
        * Use different ident when testing multiple handles

2010-11-21  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Bump version
        * Lose RCS-style keywords
        * Log failed line
        * Revert "Add rcs-keyword attribute to TODO"
        * Add rcs-keyword attribute to TODO
        * Initial entry
        * Remind myself to tell the world about git
        * Bump version
        * Use a facility that is supported by older versions of perl

2010-11-17  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Bump version
        * Correct typo

2010-10-02  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Add README
        * regen
        * Revert "Remove Revision Information"
        * Revert "Remove Revision Information"
        * Initial entry
        * Commenting & Documentation clean-up

2010-09-21  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Add missing perl modules to test

2010-08-30  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Remove redundant check
        * Add some anti-test-report logic
        * Tell Emacs what to do with itself
        * Explicitly require Sys::Syslog 0.13

2010-08-30  Christopher Fuhrman

        * Add missing Log::Fine modules

2010-08-29  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * _fatal() has been documented

2010-08-28  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Refresh
        * Remove Revision Information
        * Remove Revision Information
        * Bump version

2010-07-05  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Clean up comments where appropriate

2010-05-10  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Optimize code where appropriate
        * Mollify Perl::Critic

2010-05-09  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * perltidy
        * Add support for {autoclose}
        * Document constructor arguments
        * Explicitly set {autoflush} to 0 unless it is already defined.
        * Sync
        * More verbiage
        * Verbiage
        * Minor cleanups

2010-05-08  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Document _fatal()

2010-04-19  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Improve documentation where applicable

2010-04-09  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * use, don't require Log::Fine::Logger
        * Commenting
        * Replace getter/setter functions with single function

2010-04-05  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Set svn:ignore on sub-directories

2010-03-15  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Bump version
        * Modified Formatter::Syslog unit tests to support multiple locales.

2010-03-12  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Revert -r221
        * Test multiple locales

2010-03-09  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Modify regex to handle non-English month representations found in other locales.  This commit addresses the following CPAN Reports:
        * Initial shot at supporting Chinese
        * Branch to address the following:

2010-03-06  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Remind myself to tag new release based on $Log::Fine::VERSION
        * Bump version and update Changes

2010-03-03  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Add new formatter, Syslog
        * Refer to LOG_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT* via object

2010-01-03  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Add README for changes found in v0.30
        * Style changes
        * _formatTime() replaces _getFmtTime()
        * Update documentation to match reality
        * Add 0.30 Changes
        * Regen based on r200 of
        * Happy New Years!  Bump copyright year as appropriate
        * Bump version
        * Add support for configurable levelmaps when using
        * Use a single private getter/setter, _logger
        * Merge in changes from ^/branches/LOGCONFIG
        * perltidy before merge to trunk
        * Revert -r150:148

2009-12-31  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Make sure methods are declared in alphabetical order.
        * Update
        * Use bullet points as appropriate
        * Update documentation
        * Replace getSkip() with skip()
        * Replace getFileHandle() with fileHandle()
        * Replace setFormatter() with formatter()
        * Replace setTimestamp() and getTimestamp() with timeStamp().
        * Add support for java.util.logging levels
        * Add Levels classes and associated unit tests to manifest

2009-12-30  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Merge in changes from ERROR_HANDLE branch
        * perltidy
        * Add some negative tests
        * Add some fine-grained validity checking to Logger.  Also, clean up error message in
        * We skip 2 tests, not 3 if Test::Output isn't installed
        * Test Error handling
        * Add secret option "no_croak".  I need to document this.
        * Use Test::Output for trapping error messages
        * Elaborate on error messages
        * Add new method, Log::Fine::_fatal() for handling error situations. Note that this can be overridden.
        * Optimize logLevels()
        * logMasks() now returns masks in ascending order by mask value
        * Branch for development of better error handling

2009-12-29  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Fix which now passes unit tests.  While here, do some other touch-ups.

2009-12-15  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * perltidy
        * Port comprehensive testing from ^/branches/LOGCONFIG branch

2009-09-29  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Switch to new API (s/getLogger/logger/g)

2009-09-28  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Make Log::Fine::Levels compatible.
        * Add support for new Log::Fine::Levels to Log::Fine::Handle.  While here:

2009-09-22  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Add new method, bitmaskAll() for returning a mask with all possible values enabled
        * Make the following changes to Log::Fine:
        * Add Log::Fine::Levels* to tests

2009-09-17  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Remove support for clone, which isn't really needed

2009-09-16  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Mention that this class is the default for Log::Fine::Levels
        * Possible TODO: Tutorial for extending Levels class
        * Fill in SYNOPSIS and DESCRIPTION of pod documentation

2009-09-09  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Fill in POD documentation for Syslog module

2009-09-08  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * :Fine::Levels::Syslog will now export log levels and log masks via Exporter/AutoLoader <Log>
        * Fix tyop

2009-09-07  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Set levels when initializing any Log::Fine based class.  Use new Levels class where applicable.  Add new API, getLevels, for getting the stored Levels object

2009-09-03  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Correctly match revision number.  Also fix spacing
        * Use subversion revision for version number
        * Initial entry of Levels class and associated Syslog class Also added unit test
        * Directory for holding level definitions
        * Branch for development of configurable log levels

2009-08-16  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Add ideas about levels and callback.

2009-02-06  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Add 10-hires test to manifest.
        * Optmize high-resolution time calculation

2009-02-05  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Minor formatting change
        * Remind myself to regenerate README when making a release.
        * Update to latest wish list
        * regen

2009-02-04  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Bump version and copyright date in
        * Bump copyright date
        * Update documentation to include information about high-resolution timestamps.
        * perltidy
        * Add support for fine-grained logging via the Time::HiRes module.  Also add associated test to make sure things work okay.

2008-12-12  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Update date
        * Oops.  Forgot to include Carp!
        * Add error checking to Log() and OpenLog().  Also include CAVEATS section.

2008-12-09  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Mention Log::Fine::Utils.

2008-12-08  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Fix tyop
        * Bump version to 0.21
        * perltidy
        * Add new module, Log::Fine::Utils which provides a functional interface to Log::Fine.  Also add associated test file and update manifest.

2008-08-26  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Don't forget to test Log::Fine::Handle::File::Timestamp.  Reorder testing of modules while we're here.
        * Add item for loadable log levels

2008-07-23  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Avoid redundant testing
        * Be more intelligent about testing mask combinations.  Not completely comprehesive, but getting there.

2008-07-05  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Maybe switch to Module::Build?
        * We can just use Test::Simple for handle tests
        * Bump version
        * Make sure we only use Sys::Syslog when we need to
        * Updated to include bitmask testing
        * Welcome to 0.20
        * Implemented
        * Add test to make sure we don't log when we're not supposed to.  This brings the total number of tests for this file to 132.

2008-07-04  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Handles do not need {level} attribute anymore.  Remove from tests while we're at it.
        * Properly test mask combinations

2008-07-02  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Update for version 0.15
        * Welcome to version 0.15
        * Add TODO and include in Manifest
        * Do bitmasking properly.

2008-06-30  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Optimize how we grab the class name in _init()

2008-06-07  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Update changelog

2008-06-06  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * regen
        * Welcome to 0.14
        * Set continuation indentation to 4 per

2008-06-03  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Grammar fix ;)

2008-05-27  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Welcome to 0.13!
        * Addition of Checklist for when I make commits
        * Bump version to reflect minor fixes
        * Version 0.12
        * Bump version
        * Require version 0.13 of Sys::Syslog.  Apparently older versions did not export tags we need.

2008-05-25  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Final perltidy before release
        * Make sure Chris Josephs is also mentioned.
        * Bump version before release

2008-05-24  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Effective immediately, Log::Fine is distributed under the 2-clause BSD license.
        * Link clean-up
        * Clean up POD for HTML format

2008-05-23  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Welcome to 0.05
        * regen
        * Proof-read POD documentation.  Clean-ups and elaborations where necessary.

2008-05-22  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * regen
        * Audit POD documentation
        * regen
        * We are now at version 0.04
        * Add API for adjusting the timestamp within log messages.  Also add a sanity check for Formatter->format().
        * Give inspirational credit as appropriate.  Also update documentation here and there.

2008-05-21  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Lose redundant logger test
        * Reference file handle directly in test to avoid confusion.
        * Fix context leak ;)
        * Skip tests if Test::Output isn't installed
        * Use Test::Output to validate printing to STDERR & STDOUT
        * Lose some redundant POD documentation that slipped in.
        * Fix small case of context leaking ;)
        * Replace lib/Log/Fine/Handle/ with ../ and update references as appropriate
        * Make sure that a logger object's name doesn't include any funky characters

2008-05-20  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Elaborate on cloning
        * Add cloning capabilities.
        * Oops.  s/output/console/
        * Bump version
        * Add two new shorthand masks: LOGMASK_ALL (for all log masks) and LOGMASK_ERROR (for LOGMASK_ERR and below).
        * Per suggestion from Dan, rename to and update references accordingly.

2008-05-16  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Add api for adjusting log skip.  Also renamed {skip} to {_skip} indicating that it's a value that shouldn't be touched.

2008-05-15  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Make sure we store any new Logger object that's created.  Various pod and code clean-ups while I'm here.

2008-05-09  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Add some tests for both log levels and masks.
        * Bump version
        * All good boys clean up after themselves!

2008-05-08  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * Blank meta file so 'make dist' works
        * Initial entry of Log::Fine::Handle::File::Timestamp and associated unit test.
        * Lose $VERSION.  Also add SEE ALSO section
        * Revert -r12. needed to pass 'make test'
        * :Fine::Handle::Test is no longer necessary.  Removing. <Log>
        * Lose $VERSION which is only necessary in
        * Clean up POD documentation

2008-05-07  Christopher M. Fuhrman

        * new objects now take a regular hash rather than a hash ref.
        * Replace all instances of BSDLog with Fine as appropriate.
        * Move and friends to Fine to reflect the name of this module: Log::Fine
        * The great massive perltidy into KNF!
        * Set svn:keywords as appropriate
        * Copy imported Log::BSDLog from LOG-BSDLOG vendor tag
        * Initial import of Log::BSDLog
        * New repository setup

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