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Also see Moose::Manual::Delta for more details of, and workarounds
for, noteworthy changes.

2.0604 Wed, Sep 19, 2012


  * Fix nonsensical error message for inlined accessors of required attributes.

  * Stop trying to localize a lexical (blead now throws an error for this). RT
    #79257, perl #114628. (sprout)


  * Depend on a version of Carp new enough to have caller_info. RT #79367.

2.0603 Thu, Jun 28, 2012


  * Fix test failure in blead. RT #78085.

2.0602 Mon, May 07, 2012


  * Ensure that the Moose::Exporter-generated init_meta returns the same value
    that it did previously. This isn't really a bug, since the return value has
    never been tested or documented, but since the generated init_meta is
    nothing more than a compatibility shim at this point, there's no reason to
    not make it as compatible as possible. Reported by Moritz Onken. (doy)

2.0601 Tue, May 01, 2012


  * Fix init_meta order when multiple also packages are specified (this matters
    when one of them is being used to actually initalize the metaclass,
    typically with also => 'Moose'). Reported by Randy Stauner. (doy)

2.0600 Sun, Apr 29, 2012


  * Releasing 2.0502 as stable.

2.0502-TRIAL Wed, Apr 25, 2012


  * The Test::DependentModules test now covers a much wider range of downstream
    dependents (all of them in fact, for some definition of "all"). This should
    allow us to track inadvertent backwards compatibility breakages much more
    effectively. (doy)

  * A few test tweaks to avoid spurious failures. (doy)

2.0501-TRIAL Tue, Apr 03, 2012


  * Avoid syntax errors on pre-5.14. (doy)

2.0500-TRIAL Tue, Apr 03, 2012


  * Class::MOP::Class now has methods for introspecting and modifying the
    overloaded operators for a class. (doy)


  * The cookbook recipes have all been renamed. Instead of numbered recipes
    (Basics::Recipe1), we now have descriptive names
    (Basics::Point_AttributesAndSubclassing). This makes it easier for us to
    add and remove recipes in the future, and makes it a little easier to
    converse about them, since the name gives us some clue of what they


  * Re-declaring a class_type or role_type constraint that has already been
    declared now just returns the original type constraint, rather than
    replacing the original constraint and ergo losing any coercions that were
    on the original constraint. Fixes RT #73289. (t0m)

  * Moose::Exporter now calls init_meta methods in the correct order, when
    multiple levels of 'also' parameters are specified. Reported by Rocco
    Caputo. (doy, perigrin)

  * Moose::Exporter no longer generates init_meta methods in order to apply
    metaroles, since the metaclass itself isn't guaranteed to exist yet at that
    point. Metaroles are now applied at the end of import, after all
    user-defined init_meta methods have been called. Fixes RT #51561. (doy)

  * Fixed a memory leak. This occurred when creating an anonymous
    class. Immutabilizing an anonymous class still leaks memory due to a bug in
    Eval::Closure (which should hopefully be fixed soon). Based on code and bug
    report from Carlos Lima. RT #74650.

  * Fix a segfault when adding a method to a class which was defined in a
    package which was deleted. (doy)

2.0403 Tue, Apr 03, 2012


    * No changes, reupload to fix indexing.

2.0402 Sat, Feb 04, 2012


  * Minor documentation fixes.

  * Fix test failure on blead (test was unnecessarily strict). Reported by
    Nicholas Clark. (doy)

2.0401 Thu, Nov 17, 2011


  * Attributes with weak_ref now weaken their associated slot when they are
    initialized through a lazy default or builder. Reported by tome. (doy)

2.0400 Tue, Nov 15, 2011


  * No changes from 2.0302 (other than a few minor documentation tweaks).

2.0302-TRIAL Wed, Nov 02, 2011


  * Fix test failure on 5.8. (Dave Rolsky)

  * Make make_immutable return value consistent and document it to be true.

2.0301-TRIAL Fri, Oct 21, 2011


  * Fix compilation on 5.8. Reported by ether. (doy)

  * A custom error class caused a warning when the class that used it was made
    immutable. Reported by Maroš Kollár. RT #71514. (Dave Rolsky)


  * The enum type will now allow single value enumerations. Previously, two or
    more values were required. (rjbs)

2.0300-TRIAL Fri, Sep 23, 2011


  * The optimize_as option for type constraints has been deprecated. Use the
    inline_as option to provide inlining code instead. (Dave Rolsky)


  * Methods to introspect a class's methods will now return methods defined in
    UNIVERSAL (isa, can, etc.). This also means that you can wrap these
    methods with method modifiers. RT #69839. Reported by Vyacheslav
    Matyukhin. (Dave Rolsky)

  * The ->parent and ->parents method for a union now return the nearest
    common ancestor of that union's component types. See Moose::Manual::Delta
    for more details. (Dave Rolsky)

  * The ->parents method used to return an arrayref for union types, and a
    list of one or more types for all other types. Now they all return
    lists. (Dave Rolsky)

  * The ->is_subtype_of and ->is_a_type_of methods have changed their behavior
    for union types. Previously, they returned true if any of their member
    types returned true for a given type. Now, all of the member types must
    return true. RT #67731. (Dave Rolsky)


  * The Moose::Exporter module now has a "meta_lookup" option when creating an
    importer. This allows you to specify an alternate method for determining
    the metaclass of a caller. This is useful for modules like
    MooseX::Role::Parameterized which generate new metaclasses on the
    fly. (sartak)

  * Added a Moose::Meta::Method->is_stub method. (Dave Rolsky)


  * A subtype of a union type did not return the right results when you called
    ->is_subtype_of or ->is_a_type_of on it. This has been fixed. RT
    #70322. (Dave Rolsky)

  * An attribute accessor or delegation method can overwrite a stub method and
    this will no longer throw an error. Reported by Mark-Jason Dominus. RT
    #69988. (Dave Rolsky)

  * The error generated by unfulfilled method requirements during role
    composition now mentions how to work around imported methods not being
    recognized. Reported by Michael Schwern. RT #60583. (doy)

  * class_type and role_type will now throw errors if you attempt to use them
    to override existing types, just like type and subtype have always done.

  * Implicitly creating class or role types by using them as the 'isa' or
    'does' parameter to attribute construction will now register the type. This
    means that it cannot later be redefined as something else. (doy)

  * $class_type->is_subtype_of no longer returns true if passed the name of the
    class that the class type represents when the class type wasn't registered.

  * Removing anonymous metaclasses prematurely no longer prevents reaping of
    the associated stash. (doy)


  * The Class::MOP::load_class and Class::MOP::is_class_loaded subroutines are
    no longer documented, and will cause a deprecation warning in the
    future. Moose now uses Class::Load to provide this functionality, and you
    should as well. (Dave Rolsky)

2.0205 Tue, Sep 06, 2011


  * The Array and Hash native traits now provide a "shallow_clone" method,
    which will return a reference to a new container with the same contents as
    the attribute's reference.


  * Specifying an invalid value in a hashref 'handles' value now throws a
    sensible error. Reported by Mark-Jason Dominus. RT #69990. (Dave


  * When specifying an attribute trait, passing options for the trait besides
    -alias or -excludes caused a warning. However, passing other options is
    totally valid when using MooseX::Role::Parameterized. Fixes RT
    #70419. (sartak)

  * Allow regexp objects in duck_type constraints (to bring this in line with
    the Object constraint).

2.0204 Thu, Aug 25, 2011


  * Validating duck_type type constraint turned out to work only by accident,
    and only when not running under the debugger. This has been fixed.
    (Florian Ragwitz)


  * Loosen the dependency on ExtUtils::ParseXS.

2.0203 Tue, Aug 23, 2011


  * is_class_loaded now properly detects packages which have a version object
    in their $VERSION.

  * Fix XS compilation under blead.

2.0202 Tue, Jul 26, 2011


  * Be more consistent about how type constraint messages are handled.

2.0201 Fri, Jul 22, 2011


  * Moose::Util::does_role shouldn't call ->does on things that don't inherit
    from Moose::Object.

  * Make ->does initialize the metaclass, so that calling it as a class method
    on a class which sets up inheritance via some method other than extends
    works properly (this fixes an issue with MooseX::Types).

  * Make Dist::CheckConflicts a runtime requirement, so moose-outdated always

2.0200 Mon, Jul 18, 2011


  * No changes from 2.0105 (other than a few minor documentation tweaks).

2.0105-TRIAL Mon, Jun 27, 2011


  * Moose::Util::does_role now respects overridden ->does methods. (doy)

2.0104-TRIAL Mon, Jun 20, 2011


  * Include changes from 2.0010.

2.0103-TRIAL Mon, Jun 20, 2011


  * Several things that have been deprecated for a while have been removed. See
    the 2.0000 section in Moose::Manual::Delta for details.


  * New Moose::Util::TypeConstraints::union function for creating union type
    constraints without having to rely on the string type constraint parsing.
    This also allows for creating unions of anonymous type constraints.


  * Include changes from Moose 2.0009.

2.0102-TRIAL Sat, Jun 18, 2011


  * The native Array trait now has a 'first_index' method, which works just
    like the version in List::MoreUtils. (Karen Etheridge)

  * Clean up some internal code to help out extensions.


  * Include changes from Moose 2.0008.

2.0101-TRIAL Mon, Jun 06, 2011


  * Various packaging issues.

2.0100-TRIAL Mon, Jun 06, 2011


  * Using a hand-optimized type constraint is now deprecated. In keeping with
    our release policy, this won't actually start warning until the 2.0200


  * Type constraints can now provide inlined versions, which should make
    inlined code which uses type constraints (such as accessors) faster. This
    replaces the existing hand-optimized constraint feature.  (Dave Rolsky)


  * Remove a lot of cases where generated methods closed over meta objects.
    Most simple cases should now only close over simple data types and
    coderefs. This should make deparsing simpler.

2.0010 Mon, Jun 20, 2011


  * Fix regression in 2.0009 and 2.0103 when applying roles during init_meta in
    an exporter that also re-exports Moose or Moose::Role. (t0m, ilmari)

2.0009 Sun, Jun 19, 2011


  * duck_type type constraints now report reasonable errors when given
    something which isn't an instance of an object. (t0m)

  * Moose::Util::apply_all_roles now works even if the applicant is a non-Moose
    class. (perigrin)

  * When an object is reblessed, triggers are called on attributes that are
    set during the reblessing. (Karen Etheridge).


  * Better error message if Moose->init_meta is called with a 'metaclass'
    option when that metaclass hasn't been loaded. (jasonmay)

2.0008 Thu, Jun 16, 2011


  * The 'accessor' native delegation for hashrefs now allows setting the value
    to undef. (sugoik, doy)


  * Various generated methods have more useful context information. (doy)

2.0007 Sun, May 15, 2011


  * Make sure weak attributes remain weak when cloning. (doy, rafl)

2.0006 Mon, May 09, 2011


  * Revert the List::MoreUtils version bump, as it breaks backwards
    compatibility. The dependency will be bumped with Moose 2.0200.

2.0005 Mon, May 09, 2011


  * Only sort the alias keys when determining caching.

2.0004 Mon, May 09, 2011


  * Bump the List::MoreUtils dep to avoid buggy behavior in old versions.

  * Sort the list of roles and the alias and excludes parameters when
    determining caching, since their order doesn't matter.

2.0003 Mon, May 09, 2011


  * Applying multiple role objects (rather than role names) at once no longer
    skips every other role. (rjbs)

  * Caching of anon classes now works more sanely in the presence of role
    application parameters - alias and excludes options are taken into account,
    and caching is disabled entirely if other parameters exist. Asking for
    caching (instead of just not weakening) when parameters are given will
    begin warning in Moose 2.0200. (doy, autarch)

2.0002 Thu, Apr 28, 2011


  * Provide definition context information for constructors and destructors, so
    that they will show up as something other than "generated method (unknown
    origin)". Also, add the package that accessors are defined in to their
    definition context.

  * Use Devel::PartialDump in type constraint error messages, if it is


  * Stop hiding warnings produced by throwing errors in DEMOLISH methods.

  * The 'reset' native delegation for Counter attributes will now also respect
    builders (previously, it only respected defaults).

2.0001 Fri, Apr 22, 2011


  * Anonymous classes and roles now have a unified implementation in
    Class::MOP::Package. This means that anonymous packages are now also
    possible. (Shawn M Moore, doy)


  * No longer call XSLoader from multiple places, as this causes issues on
    older perls. (doy, ribasushi)

  * Moose::Meta::Role->create now accepts the 'roles' parameter, as it was
    documented to. (Chris Weyl)

  * Depend on Eval::Closure 0.04, which fixes some issues in mod_perl
    environments. (doy, mateu)

2.0000 Mon, Apr 11, 2011


  * The RegexpRef type constraint now accepts regular expressions blessed into
    other classes, such as those found in pluggable regexp engines.
    Additionally the 'Object' constraint no longer rejects objects implemented
    as a blessed regular expression. (David Leadbeater)


  * Moose::Manual::Support now explicitly states when major releases are
    allowed to happen (January, April, July, or October).

1.9906-TRIAL Mon, Apr 04, 2011


  * Update conflicts list.
  * Minor pod updates.

1.9905-TRIAL Mon, Mar 28, 2011


  * The Moose::Meta::Role::Attribute class now has an original_role method
    which returns the role which first defined an attribute. See the docs for
    details. (Dave Rolsky)

  * Moose::Util::MetaRole will make sure that the class to which you're
    applying metaroles or base class roles can actually have them applied. If
    not (it's not a Moose class, it has a non-Moose metaclass, etc.), then it
    gives a useful error message. Previously, this would just end up dying in
    the MetaRole code without a useful message. (Dave Rolsky)


  * When a role had its own applied_attribute metaclass (usually from MetaRole
    application), that metaclass would get lost when that role participated in
    role composition. It was also lost if that role was consumed by some other
    role. Both of these cases have been fixed. Attributes are always applied
    with the applied_attribute metaclass of the role which originally defined
    them. (Dave Rolsky)

1.9904-TRIAL Fri, Mar 04, 2011


  * Reinitializing anonymous roles used to accidentally clear out the role's
    stash in some circumstances. This is now fixed. (doy)

  * The Int type constraint now rejects integers with trailing newlines.
    (Matthew Horsfall)

1.9903-TRIAL Mon, Feb 28, 2011


  * Reverse the order that Moose::Exporter 'also' exports are dispatched. When
    trying to re-export from a package that itself exported a modified set of
    Moose sugar, you'd get the original Moose sugar instead of the overrides.
    There are also now tests for this. (perigrin)

  * Don't initialize lazy attributes with defaults in the constructor (for
    immutable classes). (mo)

  * When reinitializing meta objects for classes and roles, we failed to
    preserve roles and role applications. This led to weird bugs. Many MooseX
    modules end up reinitializing your class or role. (Dave Rolsky)

1.9902-TRIAL Mon, Jan 03, 2011


  * Fix generation of CCFLAGS.

  * Add a bit more Dist::Zilla functionality.

1.9901-TRIAL Mon, Jan 03, 2011


  * Fix some indexing issues.

  * Fix a few issues with the conflict checking stuff.

1.9900-TRIAL Sat, Jan 01, 2011


  * The entire Class::MOP distribution has been merged with Moose. In the
    future, the Class::MOP code itself will be merged into Moose, and
    eventually the Class::MOP namespace will disappear entirely. For the
    current release, we have simply changed how Class::MOP is
    distributed. (Dave Rolsky).

  * Switched to Dist::Zilla for development. However, we still have a minimal
    Makefile.PL in the repository that can be used for development. (Dave


  * Roles now have their own default attribute metaclass to use during
    application to a class, rather than just using the class's
    attribute_metaclass. This is also overridable via ::MetaRole, with the
    applied_attribute key in the role_metaroles hashref (doy).

  * The internal code used to generate inlined methods (accessor, constructor,
    etc.) has been massively rewritten. MooseX modules that do inlining will
    almost certainly need to be updated as well.


  * We now load the roles needed for native delegations only as needed. This
    speeds up the compilation time for Moose itself. (doy)

1.25 Fri, Apr 1, 2011


  * Reinitializing anonymous roles used to accidentally clear out the role's
    stash in some circumstances. This is now fixed. (doy) (backported from

1.24 Tue, Feb 24, 2011


  * Reverse the order that Moose::Exporter 'also' exports are dispatched. When
    trying to re-export from a package that itself exported a modified set of
    Moose sugar, you'd get the original Moose sugar instead of the overrides.
    There are also now tests for this. (perigrin) (backported from 1.9903)

1.23 Sun, Feb 13, 2011


  * The 1.22 release had a bad MANIFEST. This has been fixed.

1.22 Sun, Feb 13, 2011


  * When reinitializing meta objects for classes and roles, we failed to
    preserve roles and role applications. This led to weird bugs. Many MooseX
    modules end up reinitializing your class or role. (Dave Rolsky) (backported
    from 1.9903)

1.21 Wed, Nov 24, 2010


  * The Support manual has been updated to reflect our new major/minor version
    policy. (Chris Prather)

  * The Contributing manual has been updated to reflect workflow changes based
    on this new support policy. (doy)


  * The role attribute metaclass did not inherit from Class::MOP::Object,
    which could cause errors when trying to resolve metaclass compatibility
    issues. Reported by Daniel Ruoso. (doy)

  * The lazy_build feature was accidentally removed from all the docs. Now
    it's listed in again. (Chris Prather)

1.20 Fri, Nov 19, 2010


  * When using native delegations, if an array or hash ref member failed a
    type constraint check, Moose ended up erroring out with "Can't call method
    "get_message" on unblessed reference" instead of generating a useful error
    based on the failed type constraint. Reported by t0m. RT #63113. (Dave

1.19 Tue, Nov 2, 2010


  * There was still one place in the code trying to load Test::Exception
    instead of Test::Fatal. (Karen Etheridge)

1.18 Sun, Oct 31, 2010


  * Type constraint objects now have an assert_coerce method which will either
    return a valid value or throw an error. (rjbs)

  * We now warn when an accessor for one attribute overwrites an accessor for
    another attribute. RT #57510. (Dave Rolsky)


  * The native Array and Hash delegation methods now coerce individual new
    members if the _member type_ has a coercion. In other words, if the array
    reference is defined as an ArrayRef[DateTime], and you've defined a
    coercion from Int to DateTime, then pushing an integer via a delegation
    method will coerce the integer to a DateTime object. Reported by Karen
    Etheridge. RT #62351. (Dave Rolsky)

  * An attribute using native delegations did not always properly coerce and
    type check a lazily set default value. (doy and Dave Rolsky)

  * Using a regexp to define delegations for a class which was not yet loaded
    did not actually work, but did not explicitly fail. However, it caused an
    error when the class was loaded later. Reported by Max Kanat-Alexander. RT
    #60596. (Dave Rolsky)

  * Attempting to delegate to a class or role which is not yet loaded will now
    throw an explicit error. (Dave Rolsky)

  * Attempting to set lazy_build in an inherited attribute was ignored. RT
    #62057. (perigrin)


  * The Moose test suite now uses Test::Fatal instead of
    Test::Exception. (rjbs)

1.17 Tue, Oct 19, 2010


  * Make native delegation inlining work with instance metaclasses where slot
    access is an do {} block, like Kioku. This fixes the use of native
    delegations together with Kioku. (Scott, doy)

1.16 Mon, Oct 18, 2010


  * Almost every native delegation method which changes the attribute value
    now has an explicitly documented return value. In general, this return
    value matches what Perl would return for the same operation. (Dave Rolsky)

  * Lots of work on native delegation documentation, including documenting
    what arguments each native delegation method allows or requires. (Dave

  * Passing an odd number of args to ->new() now gives a more useful warning
    than Perl's builtin warning. Suggested by Sir Robert Burbridge. (Dave

  * Allow disabling stack traces by setting an environment variable. See
    Moose::Error::Default for details. This feature is considered
    experimental, and may change in a future release. (Marcus Ramberg)

  * The deprecation warning for using alias and excludes without a leading
    dash now tells you the role being applied and what it was being applied
    to. (mst).


  * A number of native trait methods which expected strings as arguments did
    not allow the empty string. This included Array->join, String->match,
    String->replace, and String->substr. Reported by Whitney Jackson. RT
    #61962. (Dave Rolsky)

  * 'no Moose' no longer inadvertently removes imports it didn't create
    itself. RT #60013. (Florian Ragwitz, doy)

  * Roles now support passing an array reference of method names to method
    modifier sugar functions. (doy)

  * Native traits no longer use optimized inlining routines if the instance
    requests it (in particular, if inline_get_slot_value doesn't return
    something that can be assigned to). This should fix issues with
    KiokuDB::Class. (doy)

  * We now ignore all Class::MOP and Moose classes when determining what
    package called a deprecated feature. This should make the deprecation
    warnings saner, and make it possible to turn them off more easily. (Dave

  * The deprecated "default is" warning no longer happens if the attribute has
    any accessor method defined (accessor, reader, writer). Also, this warning
    only happens when a method that was generated because of the "default is"
    gets called, rather than when the attribute is defined. (Dave Rolsky)

  * The "default default" code for some native delegations no longer issues a
    deprecation warning when the attribute is required or has a builder. (Dave

  * Setting a "default default" caused a fatal error if you used the builder
    or lazy_build options for the attribute. Reported by Kent Fredric. RT
    #59613. (Dave Rolsky)

1.15 Tue, Oct 5, 2010


  * Major changes to Native Traits, most of which make them act more like
    "normal" attributes. This should be mostly compatible with existing code,
    but see Moose::Manual::Delta for details.

  * A few native traits (String, Counter, Bool) provide default values of "is"
    and "default" when you created an attribute. Allowing them to provide
    these values is now deprecated. Supply the value yourself when creating
    the attribute.

  * New option 'trait_aliases' for Moose::Exporter, which will allow you to
    generate non-global aliases for your traits (and allow your users to
    rename the aliases, etc). (doy)

  * 'use Moose' and 'use Moose::Role' now accept a '-meta_name' option, to
    determine which name to install the 'meta' name under. Passing 'undef'
    to this option will suppress generation of the meta method entirely. (doy)

  * Moose now warns if it overwrites an existing method named "meta" in your
    class when you "use Moose". (doy)


  * Native Trait delegations are now all generated as inline code. This should
    be much faster than the previous method of delegation. In the best case,
    native trait methods will be very highly optimized.

  * Reinitializing a metaclass no longer removes the existing method and
    attribute objects (it instead fixes them so they are correct for the
    reinitialized metaclass). This should make the order of loading many
    MooseX modules less of an issue. (doy)

  * The Moose::Manual docs have been revised and updated. (Dave Rolsky)


  * If an attribute was weak, setting it to a non-ref value after the object
    was constructed caused an error. Now we only call weaken when the new
    value is a reference.

  * t/040_type_constraints/036_match_type_operator.t failed on 5.13.5+. Fixed
    based on a patch from Andreas Koenig.

1.14 Tue, Sep 21, 2010


  * Work around what looks like a bug in List::MoreUtils::any. This bug caused
    a weird error when defining the same union type twice, but only when using
    MooseX::Types. Reported by Curtis Jewell. RT #61001. (Dave Rolsky)

1.13 Mon, Sep 13, 2010


  * The deprecation warnings for alias and excludes are back, use -alias and
    -excludes instead. (Dave Rolsky)


  * When composing one role into another and there is an attribute conflict,
    the error message now includes the attribute name. Reported by Sam
    Graham. RT #59985. (Dave Rolsky)

  * When a class is made immutable, the does_role method is overridden with a
    much faster version that simply looks role names up in a hash. Code which
    uses lots of role-based type constraints should be faster. (Dave Rolsky)

1.12 Sat, Aug 28, 2010


  * Fix the MANIFEST. Fixes RT #60831, reported by Alberto Simões.

1.11 Fri, Aug 27, 2010


  * An attribute in a subclass can now override the value of "is". (doy)

  * The deprecation warnings for alias and excludes have been turned back off
    for this release, to give other module authors a chance to tweak their
    code. (Dave Rolsky)


  * mro::get_linear_isa was being called as a function rather than a method,
    which caused problems with Perl 5.8.x. (t0m)

  * Union types always created a type constraint, even if their constituent
    constraints did not have any coercions. This bogus coercion always
    returned undef, which meant that a union which included Undef as a member
    always coerced bad values to undef. Reported by Eric Brine. RT
    #58411. (Dave Rolsky)

  * Union types with coercions would always fall back to coercing the value to
    undef (unintentionally). Now if all the coercions for a union type fail,
    the value returned by the coercion is the original value that we attempted
    to coerce. (Dave Rolsky).

1.10 Sun, Aug 22, 2010


  * The long-deprecated alias and excludes options for role applications now
    issue a deprecation warning. Use -alias and -excludes instead. (Dave


  * Inlined code no longer stringifies numeric attribute defaults. (vg, doy)

  * default => undef now works properly. (doy)

  * Enum type constraints now throw errors if their values are nonsensical.


  * Optimizations that should help speed up compilation time (Dave Rolsky).

1.09 Tue, Jul 25, 2010


  * You can no longer pass "coerce => 1" for an attribute unless its type
    constraint has a coercion defined. Doing so will issue a deprecation
    warning. (Dave Rolsky)

  * Previously, '+foo' only allowed a specific set of options to be
    overridden, which made it impossible to change attribute options related
    to extensions. Now we blacklist some options, and anything else is
    allowed. (doy, Tuomas Jormola)

  * Most features which have been declared deprecated now issue a warning using
    Moose::Deprecated. Warnings are issued once per calling package, not
    repeatedly. See Moose::Deprecated for information on how you can shut
    these warnings up entirely. Note that deprecated features will eventually
    be removed, so shutting up the warnings may not be the best idea. (Dave

  * Removed the long-deprecated Moose::Meta::Role->alias_method method. (Dave


  * We no longer unimport strict and warnings when Moose, Moose::Role, or
    Moose::Exporter are unimported. Doing this was broken if the user
    explicitly loaded strict and warnings themself, and the results could be
    generally surprising. We decided that it was best to err on the side of
    safety and leave these on. Reported by David Wheeler. RT #58310. (Dave

  * New with_traits helper function in Moose::Util. (doy)


  * Accessors will no longer be inlined if the instance metaclass isn't
    inlinable. (doy)

  * Use Perl 5.10's new recursive regex features, if possible, for the type
    constraint parser. (doy, nothingmuch)


  * Attributes now warn if their accessors overwrite a locally defined
    function (not just method). (doy)


  * Bump our required perl version to 5.8.3, since earlier versions fail tests
    and aren't easily installable/testable.

1.08 Tue, Jun 15, 2010


  * Refactored a small amount of Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor to allow it
    to be overridden more easily (doy).

1.07 Sat, Jun 05, 2010


  * Fixed a minor metaclass compatibility fixing bug dealing with immutable
    classes and non-class metaclass traits (doy, dougdude).

1.06 Tue, Jun 01, 2010


  * Added '0+' overloading in Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint so that we can
    more uniformly compare type constraints between 'classic' Moose type
    constraints and MooseX::Types based type constraints.

1.05 Thu, May 20, 2010


  * Packages and modules no longer have methods - this functionality was
    moved back up into Moose::Meta::Class and Moose::Meta::Role individually
    (through the Class::MOP::Mixin::HasMethods mixin) (doy).

  * BUILDALL is now called by Moose::Meta::Class::new_object, rather than by
    Moose::Object::new. (doy)


  * strict and warnings are now unimported when Moose, Moose::Role, or
    Moose::Exporter are unimported. (doy, Adam Kennedy)

  * Added a 'consumers' method to Moose::Meta::Role for finding all
    classes/roles which consume the given role. (doy)


  * Fix has '+attr' in Roles to explode immediately, rather than when the role
    is applied to a class (t0m).

  * Fix type constraint validation messages to not include the string 'failed'
    twice in the same sentence (Florian Ragwitz).

  * New type constraints will default to being unequal, rather than equal

  * The tests no longer check for perl's behavior of clobbering $@, which has
    been fixed in perl-5.13.1 (Florian Ragwitz).

  * Metaclass compatibility fixing has been completely rewritten, and should
    be much more robust. (doy)

1.04 Thu, May 20, 2010

  * This release was broken and has been deleted from CPAN shortly after its

1.03 Thu, May 06, 2010


  * Allow specifying required versions when setting superclasses or applying
    roles (Florian Ragwitz).

1.02 Sat, May 01, 2010


  * Stop the natatime method provided by the native Array trait from returning
    an exhausted iterator when being called with a callback. (Florian Ragwitz)

  * Make Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Class correctly reject RegexpRefs.
    (Florian Ragwitz)

  * Calling is_subtype_of on a Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Class with itself or
    the class the TC represents as an argument incorrectly returned true. This
    behavior is correct for is_type_of, not is_subtype_of. (Guillermo Roditi)

  * Use File::Temp for temp files created during tests. Previously, files were
    written to the t/ dir, which could cause problems of the user running the
    tests did not have write access to that directory.. (Chris Weyl, Ævar
    Arnfjörð Bjarmason)

  * Pass role arguments along when applying roles to instances. (doy, lsm)

1.01 Fri, Mar 26, 2010


  * The handles option now also accepts a role type constraint in addition to a
    plain role name. (Florian Ragwitz)


  * Record the Sartak/doy debt properly in Changes (perigrin)

1.00 Tue, Mar 25, 2010


  * Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait::Code no longer creates reader
    methods by default. (Florian Ragwitz)


  * Improve various parts of the documentation and fix many typos.
    (Dave Rolsky, Mateu Hunter, Graham Knop, Robin V, Jay Hannah, Jesse Luehrs)


  * Paid the $10 debt to doy from 0.80 Sat, Jun 6, 2009 (Sartak)

0.99 Mon, Mar 8, 2010


  * New method find_type_for in Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Union, for finding
    which member of the union a given value validates for. (Cory Watson)


  * DEMOLISH methods in mutable subclasses of immutable classes are now called
    properly (Chia-liang Kao, Jesse Luehrs)


  * Added Moose::Manual::Support that defines the support, compatiblity, and
    release policies for Moose. (Chris Prather)

0.98 Wed, Feb 10, 2010


  * An internals change in 0.97 broke role application to an instance in some
    cases. The bug occurred when two different roles were applied to different
    instances of the same class. (Rafael Kitover)

0.97 Tue, Feb 9, 2010


  * Calling ->reinitialize on a cached anonymous class effectively uncached
    the metaclass object, causing the metaclass to go out of scope
    unexpectedly. This could easily happen at a distance by applying a
    metarole to an anonymous class. (Dave Rolsky).

0.96 Sat, Feb 6, 2010


  * ScalarRef is now a parameterized type. You can now specify a type
    constraint for whatever the reference points to. (Closes RT#50857)
    (Michael G. Schwern, Florian Ragwitz)


  * ScalarRef now accepts references to other references. (Closes RT#50934)
    (Michael G. Schwern)

0.95 Thu, Feb 4, 2010


  * Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait::Code now provides execute_method as
    a delegation option. This allows the code reference to be called as a
    method on the object. (Florian Ragwitz)


  * Moose::Object::does no longer checks the entire inheritance tree, since
    Moose::Meta::Class::does_role already does this. (doy)

  * Moose::Util::add_method_modifier (and subsequently the sugar functions
    Moose::before, Moose::after, and Moose::around) can now accept arrayrefs,
    with the same behavior as lists. Types other than arrayref and regexp
    result in an error.  (Dylan Hardison)

0.94 Mon, Jan 18, 2010


  * Please see the changes listed for 0.93_01 and Moose::Manual::Delta.


  * Improved support for anonymous roles by changing various APIs to take
    Moose::Meta::Role objects as well as role names. This included

  - Moose::Meta::Class->does_role
  - Moose::Meta::Role->does_role
  - Moose::Util::does_role
  - Moose::Util::apply_all_roles
  - Moose::Util::ensure_all_roles
  - Moose::Util::search_class_by_role

  Requested by Shawn Moore. Addresses RT #51143 (and then some). (Dave Rolsky)


  * Fix handling of non-alphanumeric attributes names like '@foo'. This should
    work as long as the accessor method names are explicitly set to valid Perl
    method names. Reported by Doug Treder. RT #53731. (Dave Rolsky)

0.93_03 Tue, Jan 5, 2010


  * Portability fixes to our XS code so we compile with 5.8.8 and Visual
    C++. Fixes RT #53391. Reported by Taro Nishino. (rafl)

0.93_02 Tue, Jan 5, 2010


  * Depend on Class::MOP 0.97_01 so we can get useful results from CPAN
    testers. (Dave Rolsky)

0.93_01 Mon, Jan 4, 2010


  See Moose::Manual::Delta for more details on backwards compatiblity issues.

  * Role attributes are now objects of the Moose::Meta::Role::Attribute
    class. (Dave Rolsky).

  * There were major changes to how metaroles are applied. We now distinguish
    between metaroles for classes vs those for roles. See the
    Moose::Util::MetaRole docs for details. (Dave Rolsky)

  * The old MetaRole API has been deprecated, but will continue to
    work. However, if you are applying an attribute metaclass role, this may
    break because of the fact that roles now have an attribute metaclass
    too. (Dave Rolsky)

  * Moose::Util::MetaRole::apply_metaclass_roles is now called
    apply_metaroles. The old name is deprecated. (Dave Rolsky)

  * The unimport subs created by Moose::Exporter now clean up re-exported
    functions like blessed and confess, unless the caller imported them from
    somewhere else too. See Moose::Manua::Delta for backcompat details. (rafl)


  * Changed the Str constraint to accept magic lvalue strings like one gets from
    substr et al, again. (sorear)

  * Sped up the type constraint parsing regex. (Sam Vilain)

  * The Moose::Cookbook::Extending::Recipe2 recipe was broken. Fix suggested by

  * Added Moose::Util::TypeConstraints exports when using to allow
    easier testing of TypeConstraints from the command line. (perigrin)

  * Added a with_immutable test function to Test::Moose, to run a block of tests
    with and without certain classes being immutable. (doy)

  * We now use Module::Install extensions explicitly to avoid confusing errors
    if they're not installed. We use Module::Install::AuthorRequires to stop
    test extraction and general failures if you don't have the author side
    dependencies installed.

  * Fixed a grammar error in Moose::Cookbook::Basics::Recipe4.
    #51791. (Amir E. Aharoni)

0.93 Thu, Nov 19, 2009
    * Moose::Object
      - Calling $object->new() is no longer deprecated, and no longer
        warns. (doy)

    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - The get_attribute_map method is now deprecated. (Dave Rolsky)

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Delegation
      - Preserve variable aliasing in @_ for delegated methods, so that
        altering @_ affects the passed value. (doy)

    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - Allow array refs for non-anonymous form of enum and duck_type, not
        just anonymous. The non-arrayref forms may be removed in the
        future. (doy)
      - Changed Str constraint to not accept globs (*STDIN or *FOO). (chansen)
      - Properly document Int being a subtype of Str. (doy)

    * Moose::Exporter
      - Moose::Exporter using modules can now export their functions to the
        main package. This applied to Moose and Moose::Role, among
        others. (nothingmuch)

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - Don't remove attribute accessors we never installed, during
        remove_accessors. (doy)

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait::Array
      - Don't bypass prototype checking when calling List::Util::first, to
        avoid a segfault when it is called with a non-code argument. (doy)

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait::Code
      - Fix passing arguments to code execute helpers. (doy)

0.92 Tue, Sep 22, 2009
    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - added the match_on_type operator (Stevan)
        - added tests and docs for this (Stevan)

    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - Metaclass compat fixing should already happen recursively, there's no
        need to explicitly walk up the inheritance tree. (doy)

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - Add tests for set_raw_value and get_raw_value. (nothingmuch)

0.91 Thu, Sep 17, 2009
    * Moose::Object
      - Don't import any functions, in order to avoid polluting our namespace
        with things that can look like methods (blessed, try, etc)

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor
      - The generated code needs to called Scalar::Util::blessed by its
        fully-qualified name or else Perl can interpret the call to blessed as
        an indirect method call. This broke Search::GIN, which in turn broke
        KiokuDB. (nothingmuch)

0.90 Tue, Sep 15, 2009
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait::Counter
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait::String
      - For these two traits, an attribute which did not explicitly provide
        methods to handles magically ended up delegating *all* the helper
        methods. This has been removed. You must be explicit in your handles
        declaration for all Native Traits. (Dave Rolsky)

    * Moose::Object
      - DEMOLISHALL behavior has changed. If any DEMOLISH method dies, we make
        sure to rethrow its error message. However, we also localize $@ before
        this so that if all the DEMOLISH methods success, the value of $@ will
        be preserved. (nothingmuch and Dave Rolsky)
      - We now also localize $? during object destruction. (nothingmuch and
        Dave Rolsky)
      - The handling of DEMOLISH methods was broken for immutablized classes,
        which were not receiving the value of
      - These two fixes address some of RT #48271, reported by Zefram.
      - This is all now documented in Moose::Manual::Construction.
      - Calling $object->new() is now deprecated. A warning will be
        issued. (perigrin)

    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - Added more hooks to customize how roles are applied. The role
        summation class, used to create composite roles, can now be changed
        and/or have meta-roles applied to it. (rafl)
      - The get_method_list method no longer explicitly excludes the "meta"
        method. This was a hack that has been replaced by better hacks. (Dave

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Delegation
      - fixed delegated methods to make sure that any modifiers attached to
        the accessor being delegated on will be called (Stevan)
        - added tests for this (Stevan)

    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - Moose no longer warns when a class that is being made immutable has
        mutable ancestors. While in theory this is a good thing to warn about,
        we found so many exceptions to this that doing this properly became
        quite problematic.

0.89_02 Thu, Sep 10, 2009
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native
      - Fix Hash, which still had 'empty' instead of 'is_empty'. (hdp)

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait::Array
      - Added a number of functions from List::Util and List::MoreUtils,
        including reduce, shuffle, uniq, and natatime. (doy)

    * Moose::Exporter
      - This module will now generate an init_meta method for your exporting
        class if you pass it options for
        Moose::Util::MetaRole::apply_metaclass_roles or
        apply_base_class_roles. This eliminates a lot of repetitive
        boilerplate for typical MooseX modules. (doy).
      - Documented the with_meta feature, which is a replacement for
        with_caller. This feature was added by josh a while ago.
      - The with_caller feature is now deprecated, but will not issue a
        warning yet. (Dave Rolsky)
      - If you try to wrap/export a subroutine which doesn't actually exist,
        Moose::Exporter will warn you about this. (doy)

    * Moose::Meta::Role::Application::ToRole
      - When a role aliased a method from another role, it was only getting
        the new (aliased) name, not the original name. This differed from what
        happens when a class aliases a role's methods. If you _only_ want the
        aliased name, make sure to also exclue the original name. (Dave

0.89_01 Wed Sep 2, 2009
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - Added the currying syntax for delegation from AttributeHelpers to the
        existing delegation API. (hdp)

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native
      - We have merged the functionality of MooseX::AttributeHelpers into the
        Moose core with some API tweaks. You can continue to use
        MooseX::AttributeHelpers, but it will not be maintained except
        (perhaps) for critical bug fixes in the future. See
        Moose::Manual::Delta for details. (hdp, jhannah, rbuels, Sartak,
        perigrin, doy)

    * Moose::Error::Croak
    * Moose::Error::Confess
      - Clarify documentation on how to use different error-throwing
        modules. (Curtis Jewell)

    * Moose
      - Correct POD for builder to point to Recipe8, not 9. (gphat)

    * Moose::Exporter
      - When a nonexistent sub name is passed to as_is, with_caller, or
        with_meta, throw a warning and skip the exporting, rather than
        installing a broken sub. (doy)

    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - Moose now warns if you call C<make_immutable> for a class with mutable
        ancestors. (doy)

0.89 Thu Aug 13, 2009
    * Moose::Manual::Attributes
      - Clarify "is", include discussion of "bare". (Sartak)

    * Moose::Meta::Role::Method::Conflicting
    * Moose::Meta::Role::Application::ToClass
      - For the first set of roles involved in a conflict, report all
        unresolved method conflicts, not just the first method. Fixes #47210
        reported by Ovid. (Sartak)

    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
      - Add assert_valid method to use a TypeConstraint for assertion (rjbs)

    * Moose::Exporter
      - Make "use Moose -metaclass => 'Foo'" do alias resolution, like -traits
        does. (doy)
      - Allow specifying role options (alias, excludes, MXRP stuff) in the
        arrayref passed to "use Moose -traits" (doy)

    * Moose::Util
      - Add functions meta_class_alias and meta_attribute_alias for creating
        aliases for class and attribute metaclasses and metatraits. (doy)

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
    * Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor
      - A trigger now receives the old value as a second argument, if the
        attribute had one. (Dave Rolsky)

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor
      - Fix a bug with $obj->new when $obj has stringify overloading.
        Reported by Andrew Suffield [ #47882] (Sartak)
        - However, we will probably deprecate $obj->new, so please don't start
          using it for new code!

    * Moose::Meta::Role::Application
    * Moose::Meta::Role::Application::RoleSummation
      - Rename alias and excludes to -alias and -excludes (but keep the old
        names for now, for backcompat) (doy)

0.88 Fri Jul 24, 2009
    * Moose::Manual::Contributing
      - Re-write the Moose::Manual::Contributing document to reflect
        the new layout and methods of work for the Git repository. All
        work now should be done in topic branches and reviewed by a
        core committer before being applied to master. All releases
        are done by a cabal member and merged from master to
        stable. This plan was devised by Yuval, blame him. (perigrin)

    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - Create metaclass attributes for the different role application
        classes.  (rafl)

    * Moose::Util::MetaRole
      - Allow applying roles to a meta role's role application
        classes. (rafl)

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - Add weak_ref to allowed options for "has '+foo'" (mst)

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor
      - No longer uses inline_slot_access in accessors, to support
        non-lvalue-based meta instances. (sorear)

0.87 Tue Jul 7, 2009
    * Moose::Meta::Method::Delegation
      - Once again allow class names as well as objects for
        delegation. This was changed in 0.86.

0.86 Fri Jul 3, 2009
    * Moose::Meta::Class::Immutable::Trait
      - Fixes to work with the latest Class::MOP.

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Delegation
      - Delegation now dies with a more useful error message if the
        attribute's accessor returns something defined but
        unblessed. (hdp)

0.85 Fri, Jun 26, 2009
    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - The warning for 'no associated methods' is now split out into
        the _check_associated_methods method, so that extensions can
        safely call 'after install_accessors => ...'. This fixes a
        warning from MooseX::AttributeHelpers. (hdp)

0.84 Fri, Jun 26, 2009
    * Moose::Role
      - has now sets definition_context for attributes defined in
        roles. (doy)

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - When adding an attribute to a metaclass, if the attribute has
        no associated methods, it will give a deprecation
        warning. (hdp)
      - Methods generated by delegation were not being added to
        associated_methods. (hdp)
      - Attribute accessors (reader, writer, accessor, predicate,
        clearer) now warn if they overwrite an existing method. (doy)
      - Attribute constructors now warn very noisily about unknown (or
        misspelled) arguments

    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - Deprecated the totally useless Role type name, which just
        checked if $object->can('does'). Note that this is _not_ the
        same as a type created by calling role_type('RoleName').

    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::DuckType
      - Reify duck type from a regular subtype into an actual class
        - Document this because Sartak did all my work for me

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - Allow Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::DuckType in handles, since
        it is just a list of methods (Sartak)

    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - The get_*_method_modifiers methods would die if the role had
        no modifiers of the given type (Robert Buels).

0.83 Tue, Jun 23, 2009
    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - Fix _construct_instance not setting the special __MOP__ object
        key in instances of anon classes. (doy)

0.82 Sun, Jun 21, 2009
    * Moose::Manual::Types
      - Mention MooseX::Types early to avoid users falling down the
        string parsing rathole (mst)

    * Moose::Manual::MooseX
      - Add warnings about class-level extensions and mention considering
        using plain objects instead

0.81 Sun, Jun 7, 2009
    * Bumped our Class::MOP prereq to the latest version (0.85), since
      that's what we need.

0.80 Sat, Jun 6, 2009
    * Moose::Manual::FAQ
      - Add FAQ about the coercion change from 0.76 because it came up
        three times today (perigrin)
        - Win doy $10 dollars because Sartak didn't think anybody
          would document this fast enough (perigrin)

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Destructor
      - Inline a DESTROY method even if there are no DEMOLISH methods
        to prevent unnecessary introspection in

    * Moose::*
      - A role's required methods are now represented by
        Moose::Meta::Role::Method::Required objects. Conflicts are now
        represented by Moose::Meta::Role::Method::Conflicting
        objects. The benefit for end-users in that unresolved
        conflicts generate different, more instructive, errors,
        resolving Ovid's #44895. (Sartak)

    * Moose::Role
      - Improve the error message of "extends" as suggested by Adam
        Kennedy and confound (Sartak)
      - Link to Moose::Manual::Roles from Moose::Role as we now have
        excellent documentation (Adam Kennedy)

    * Tests
      - Update test suite for subname change in Class::MOP
      - Add TODO test for infinite recursion in Moose::Meta::Class

0.79 Wed, May 13, 2009
    * Tests
      - More fixes for Win32 problems. Reported by Robert Krimen.

    * Moose::Object
      - The DEMOLISHALL method could still blow up in some cases
        during global destruction. This method has been made more
        resilient in the face of global destruction's random garbage
        collection order.

    * Moose::Exporter
      - If you "also" a module that isn't loaded, the error message
        now acknowledges that (Sartak)

    * Moose
      - When your ->meta method does not return a Moose::Meta::Class,
        the error message gave the wrong output (Sartak)

0.78 Tue, May 12, 2009
    * Moose::Cookbook::FAQ and Moose::Cookbook::WTF
      - Merged these documents into what is now Moose::Manual::FAQ

    * Moose::Unsweetened
      - Moved to Moose::Manual::Unsweetened

    * Moose::Cookbook::Basics::Recipes 9-12
      - Renamed to be 8-11, since recipe 8 did not exist

    * Moose::Exporter
      - Make Moose::Exporter import strict and warnings into packages
        that use it (doy)

    * Moose::Object
      - Fix DEMOLISHALL sometimes not being able to find DEMOLISH
        methods during global destruction (doy)

    * Moose::Meta::Class
    * Moose::Meta::Role::Application::ToClass
      - Track the Role::Application objects created during class-role
        consumption (Sartak)

    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - Fix metaclass incompatibility errors when extending a vanilla perl
        class which isa Moose class with a metaclass role applied (t0m)

    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - Add a role-combination hook, _role_for_combination, for the
        benefit of MooseX::Role::Parameterized (Sartak)

    * Tests
      - Some tests were failing on Win32 because they explicit checked
        warning output for newlines. Reported by Nickolay Platonov.

0.77 Sat, May 2, 2009
    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - Add explicit use of Devel::GlobalDestruction and Sub::Name

    * Moose::Object
      - Pass a boolean to DEMOLISHALL and DEMOLISH indicating whether
        or not we are currently in global destruction (doy)
      - Add explicit use of Devel::GlobalDestruction and Sub::Name

    * Moose::Cookbook::FAQ
      - Reworked much of the existing content to be more useful to
        modern Moose hackers (Sartak)

    * Makefile.PL
      - Depend on Class::MOP 0.83 instead of 0.82_01.

0.76 Mon, April 27, 2009
    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
      - Do not run coercions in coerce() if the value already passes the type
        constraint (hdp)

    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint::Class
      - In validation error messages, specifically say that the value is not
        an instance of the class. This should alleviate some frustrating
        forgot-to-load-my-type bugs. #44639 (Sartak)

    * Moose::Meta::Role::Application::ToClass
      - Revert the class-overrides-role warning in favor of a solution outside
        of the Moose core (Sartak)

    * Tests
      - Make Test::Output optional again, since it's only used in a few files

0.75_01 Thu, April 23, 2009
    * Moose::Meta::Role::Application::ToClass
      - Moose now warns about each class overriding methods from roles it
        consumes (Sartak)

    * Tests
      - Warnings tests have standardized on Test::Output which is now an
        unconditionally dependency (Sartak)

    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - Changes to immutabilization to work with Class::MOP 0.82_01+.

0.75 Mon, April 20, 2009
    * Moose
    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - Move validation of not inheriting from roles from Moose::extends to
        Moose::Meta::Class::superclasses (doy)

    * Moose::Util
      - add ensure_all_roles() function to encapsulate the common "apply this
        role unless the object already does it" pattern (hdp)

    * Moose::Exporter
      - Users can now select a different metaclass with the "-metaclass"
        option to import, for classes and roles (Sartak)

    * Moose::Meta::Role
      - Make method_metaclass an attr so that it can accept a metarole
        application.  (jdv)

0.74 Tue, April 7, 2009
    * Moose::Meta::Role
    * Moose::Meta::Method::Destructor
      - Include stack traces in the deprecation warnings.
        (Florian Ragwitz)

    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - Removed the long-deprecated _apply_all_roles method.

    * Moose::Meta::TypeConstraint
      - Removed the long-deprecated union method.

0.73_02 Mon, April 6, 2009
    * More deprecations and renamings
      - Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor
        - initialize_body => _initialize_body (this is always called
          when an object is constructed)

    * Moose::Object
      - The DEMOLISHALL method could throw an exception during global
        destruction, meaning that your class's DEMOLISH methods would
        not be properly called. Reported by t0m.

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Destructor
      - Destructor inlining was totally broken by the change to the
        is_needed method in 0.72_01. Now there is a test for this
        feature, and it works again.

    * Moose::Util
      - Bold the word 'not' in the POD for find_meta (t0m)

0.73_01 Sun, April 5, 2009
    * Moose::*
      - Call user_class->meta in fewer places, with the eventual goal
        of allowing the user to rename or exclude ->meta
        altogether. Instead uses Class::MOP::class_of. (Sartak)

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor
      - If an attribute had a lazy default, and that value did not
        pass the attribute's type constraint, it did not get the
        message from the type constraint, instead using a generic
        message. Test provided by perigrin.

    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - Add duck_type keyword. It's sugar over making sure an object
        can() a list of methods. This is easier than jrockway's
        suggestion to fork all of CPAN. (perigrin)
        - add tests and documentation (perigrin)

    * Moose
      - Document the fact that init_meta() returns the target class's
        metaclass object. (hdp)

    * Moose::Cookbook::Extending::Recipe1
    * Moose::Cookbook::Extending::Recipe2
    * Moose::Cookbook::Extending::Recipe3
    * Moose::Cookbook::Extending::Recipe4
      - Make init_meta() examples explicitly return the metaclass and
        point out this fact. (hdp)

    * Moose::Cookbook::Basics::Recipe12
      - A new recipe, creating a custom meta-method class.

    * Moose::Cookbook::Meta::Recipe6
      - A new recipe, creating a custom meta-method class.

    * Moose::Meta::Class
    * Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor
      - Attribute triggers no longer receive the meta-attribute object
        as an argument in any circumstance. Previously, triggers
        called during instance construction were passed the
        meta-attribute, but triggers called by normal accessors were
        not. Fixes RT#44429, reported by Mark Swayne. (hdp)

    * Moose::Manual::Attributes
      - Remove references to triggers receving the meta-attribute object as an
        argument. (hdp)

    * Moose::Cookbook::FAQ
      - Remove recommendation for deprecated Moose::Policy and
        Moose::Policy::FollowPBP; recommend MooseX::FollowPBP
        instead. (hdp)

    * Many methods have been renamed with a leading underscore, and a
      few have been deprecated entirely. The methods with a leading
      underscore are consider "internals only". People writing
      subclasses or extensions to Moose should feel free to override
      them, but they are not for "public" use.

      - Moose::Meta::Class
        - check_metaclass_compatibility => _check_metaclass_compatibility

      - Moose::Meta::Method::Accessor
        - initialize_body => _initialize_body (this is always called
          when an object is constructed)
        - /(generate_.*_method(?:_inline)?)/ => '_' . $1

      - Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor
        - initialize_body => _initialize_body (this is always called
          when an object is constructed)
        - /(generate_constructor_method(?:_inline)?)/ => '_' . $1
        - attributes => _attributes (now inherited from parent)
        - meta_instance => _meta_instance (now inherited from parent)

      - Moose::Meta::Role
        - alias_method is deprecated. Use add_method

0.73 Fri, March 29, 2009
    * No changes from 0.72_01.

0.72_01 Thu, March 26, 2009
    * Everything
      - Almost every module has complete API documentation. A few
        methods (and even whole classes) have been intentionally
        excluded pending some rethinking of their APIs.

    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - Calling subtype with a name as the only argument is now an
        exception. If you want an anonymous subtype do:

         my $subtype = subtype as 'Foo';

    * Moose::Cookbook::Meta::Recipe7
      - A new recipe, creating a custom meta-instance class.

    * Moose::Cookbook::Basics::Recipe5
      - Fix various typos and mistakes. Includes a patch from Radu

    * Moose::Cookbook::Basics::Recipe9
      - Link to this recipe from's builder blurb

    * Moose::Exporter
      - When wrapping a function with a prototype, Moose::Exporter now
        makes sure the wrapped function still has the same
        prototype. (Daisuke Maki)

    * Moose::Meta::Attribute
      - Allow a subclass to set lazy_build for an inherited
        attribute. (hdp)

    * Makefile.PL
      - Explicitly depend on Data::OptList. We already had this dependency
        via Sub::Exporter, but since we're using it directly we're
        better off with it listed. (Sartak)

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor
      - Make it easier to subclass the inlining behaviour. (Ash

    * Moose::Manual::Delta
      - Details significant changes in the history of Moose, along
        with recommended workarounds.

    * Moose::Manual::Contributing
      - Contributor's guide to Moose.

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor
      - The long-deprecated intialize_body method has been removed
        (yes, spelled like that).

    * Moose::Meta::Method::Destructor
      - This is_needed method is now always a class method.

    * Moose::Meta::Class
      - Changes to the internals of how make_immutable works to match
        changes in latest Class::MOP.

0.72 Mon, February 23, 2009
    * Moose::Object
    * Moose::Meta::Method::Constructor
      - A mutable class accepted Foo->new(undef) without complaint,
        while an immutable class would blow up with an unhelpful
        error. Now, in both cases we throw a helpful error
        instead. Reported by doy.

0.71_01 Sun, February 22, 2009
    * Moose::Cookbook
      - Hopefully fixed some POD errors in a few recipes that caused
        them to display weird on

    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
      - Calling type or subtype without the sugar helpers (as, where,
        message) is now deprecated.
      - The subtype function tried hard to guess what you meant, but
        often got it wrong. For example:

         my $subtype = subtype as 'ArrayRef[Object]';

        This caused an error in the past, but now works as you'd

    * Everywhere
      - Make sure is loaded before calling
        Moose->throw_error. This wasn't normally an issue, but could
        bite you in weird cases.

0.71 Thu, February 19, 2009
    * Moose::Cookbook::Basics::Recipe11
      - A new recipe which demonstrates the use of BUILDARGS and
        BUILD. (Dave Rolsky)

    * Moose::Cookbook::Roles::Recipe3
      - A new recipe, applying a role to an object instance. (Dave

    * Moose::Exporter
      - Allow overriding specific keywords from "also" packages. (doy)

    * Tests
      - Replace hardcoded cookbook tests with Test::Inline to ensure
        the tests match the actual code in the recipes. (Dave Rolsky)

    * Moose::Cookbook
      - Working on the above turned up a number of little bugs in the
        recipe code. (Dave Rolsky)

    * Moose::Util::TypeConstraints::Opti
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