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Revision history for Net-Fluidinfo

0.42    2011-10-25
        * /policies is gone and so is Net::Fluidinfo::Policy,
          now permissions inherit defaults from their parent.

        * Now there's a delay between tagging and being able
          to search against that tag. The test suite has been
          revised to tolerate such delays.

        * Net::Fluidinfo::ACL is gone, it was a common ancestor
          for policies and permissions only meant to be used
          through inheritance.
        * The methods Net::Fluidinfo->get_permission, and
          Net::Fluidinfo::Permission::get accept a namespace
          or tag in addition to a path.

        * Documents the new recommended idioms for creation of
          namespaces and tags.

        * Documents that all tags are indexed nowadays. Thus,
          the indexed flag is kept to mirror the Fluidinfo API,
          but the user can no longer set it.

0.41    2011-08-16
        * Changes are no longer available in searches immediately.
          This release only adds a delay tolerance to the test suite.

0.40    2011-03-20
        * FluidDB has been renamed to Fluidinfo. This module is a
          rename of Net:FluidDB at version 0.30. Net::FluidDB is
          not going to be maintained anymore, development continues

        * To migrate a program that used Net::FluidDB basically
          s/FluidDB/Fluidinfo/g, and s/fdb/fin/g.
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