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0.40 2009-10-07 | fixed GTK support, kinda
- minor API improvements
- added Ogre::Timer

0.39 2009-10-04 | getWorldPosition, getWorldOrientation removed
- API change for Ogre 1.6, these are not in Renderable and have
  been renamed in Node to _getDerivedPosition and _getDerivedOrientation

0.38 2009-10-03 | render Ogre in SDL-perl
- added currentGLContext param for Root->createRenderWindow,
  which at least in Linux allows rendering Ogre in SDL's GL context
- added example

0.37 2009-09-22 | update examples
- the instructions in the examples directory still said to use
  Ogre 1.4 media, but in fact 1.6 media are required now
  due to incompatibilities

0.36 2009-09-15 | update for Ogre version 1.6
- this breaks a little backward-compatibility, but not enough
  to affect any of the examples. I doubt I'll worry about
  maintaining version 1.4 (1.7 is coming out soon...)
- there is plenty of work to be done; I just removed/renamed
  enough to get it to compile

0.35 2007-12-15 | Ogre::AL (new module)
- new (separate) CPAN module Ogre::AL, which is a binding for
  the OpenAL audio library and lets you attach sounds to scene nodes
- added three Perl-specific methods to OverlayManager, to account for
  C++ casting (see note for 0.33): createTextAreaOverlayElement,
  createPanelOverlayElement, createBorderPanelOverlayElement,
  which are all variations of createOverlayElement; also wrapped
  those three classes while I was at it
- added -Wno-write-strings to Makefile.PL if you compile with
  g++ >= 4.2, otherwise you would get literally a thousand warnings
  which I have no control over (I think these might be gone
  in perl 5.10, so I also check for that)
- bumped up OIS requirement in Ogre::ExampleListener to version 0.04
- added more operator overloads to Degree and Radian
- wrapped Ogre::MaterialManager to fix Ogre::BetaGUI

0.34 2007-12-09 | scene query enhancements
- wrapped SceneQuery, ManualObject, and AxisAlignedBox methods
  (for Ogre::BetaGUI and examples)
  note: for ManualObject, still not the constructor/destructor,
  though it can be created through SceneManager
- wrapped createPlaneBoundedVolumeQuery in SceneManager,
  which takes an array ref of PlaneBoundedVolume* instead of
  a PlaneBoundedVolumeList (which is a std::vector)
- added more support for RegionSceneQuery and its subclasses

0.33 2007-12-04 | Ogre::BetaGUI (new module)
- new (separate) CPAN module Ogre::BetaGUI; see it and its example
  demonstrating a mouse cursor
- added createOverlayContainer method to OverlayManager.xs;
  this Perl-specific method is equivalent to createOverlayElement
  but returns an OverlayContainer (static_cast) instead
- fixed Quaternion operator overloading
- added Vector2 constructor/destructor, tests

0.32 2007-11-26 |
- added example
- implemented Controller<Real>, ControllerValue<Real>, ControllerFunction<Real>
  for use with lighting example; note that Controller<Real> is called ControllerReal
  in the Perl binding
- fixed a little bug with setDiffuseColour/setSpecularColour of Ogre::Light
- (internal) renamed PerlOGREListener.h to PerlOGRECallback.h, etc. (generalized from
  listener to any callback class in Perl, in particular to handle
  ControllerValue and ControllerFunction)

0.31 2007-11-17 |
- added example
- wrapped RaySceneQuery class, among others
- updated docs (note: I need to update the script,
  so there are some weird things like "$bool enabled" instead
  of "bool $enabled")

0.30 2007-11-16 |
- added example
- wrapped more classes, again to get the example working
- improved Vector3 and Quaternion operator overloading,
  so now the robot rotates in instead of moonwalking
- fixed a few places where I'd neglected to put the return value
  of some methods into RETVAL, so segfaults would happen
- added and genscripts
  that I use for generating/initializing new classes

0.29 2007-11-14 |,
- added and examples
- wrapped many classes, mainly to make the examples work
- fixed a tiny bug in Ogre::ExampleFrameListener
- note: one reason there was a 2-month gap between releases
  was that I tried to write a script to generate the entire API;
  the aftermath of that attempt is genscripts/,
  but I've given up on it for now

0.28 2007-09-16 | gtk2-perl and wxPerl
- added a VERY EXPERIMENTAL feature to allow Ogre's render window to be
  an existing Gtk2 or Wx window instead of the defaultly generated one.
  See README.txt for details (you have to have gtk2 libs/headers installed).
  I kind of got it working for Gtk2, see examples/
  I couldn't get examples/ to actually work yet, though it's no longer
  segfaulting at least. (I think the Ogre window is underneath the other ones,
  i.e it's the "parent" window.)
- wrapped more methods in RenderWindow, Viewport

0.27 2007-09-12 | constants
- API CHANGE: fixed constants, adding all enums (and script);
  now you export them normally, not call as static methods.
  Some export tags changed, too; they're all named after the corresponding
  enum's name now. (Note: OIS constants are still "broken".)
  Thanks to Vladimir Olenin for pointing me to `gccxml`, which was used
  in parsing the C++ headers.

0.26 2007-09-09 | documentation
- added some documentation (and script which generates it)
- added DegRad typemap to handle both Degree or Radian types,
  so now Degree and Radian are interchangeable like in the C++ API
  (and wrapping those methods is simpler :)

0.25 2007-09-07 |
- added example, which demos animation
  (note: this is still a little incomplete, so the robot moonwalks
   part of the way)

0.24 2007-09-06 | minor improvements
- added typemap for Real and changed all occurrences of float to Real
  (which can be float or double)
- added constructors, overloaded (bool) operators, tests to:
  ColourValue, ConfigFile, Degree, Plane, Quaternion, Radian, Vector3

0.23 2007-09-04 |
- moved ExampleFrameListener and ExampleApplication packages from
  examples/ out under Ogre/ , so they can be used by other
- added example, which implements OGRE's "Basic Tutorial 3"
- fixed unbuffered input in the Example* classes
- wrapped a lot of SceneManager

0.22 2007-09-02 |
- added, which implements OGRE's "Basic Tutorial 5"

0.21 2007-09-01 |
- added WindowEventListener functionality, though not "tested" yet
  (working on another example)

0.20 2007-08-30 |,
- added example, along with necessary wrappers
  to get it to work (you also need to install OIS,
  which I just uploaded to CPAN)
- also added example, along with
  FrameListener functionality
- wrapped several other classes, but not fully yet;
  will have another example next release

0.1  2007-08-26 |
(Note: I accidentally put version 0.1 instead of 0.01)
- first release, minimal wrapping
- includes example
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