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To generate code for the vistrails database interaction automatically,
you will need to run with a directory of specs files.

Usage: python -v <version> [-a] [-m] [-n] [-p] [-s] [-d <dir>] [-x] [-b <dir>] 
    -a            generate all database information (-p -s -x)
    -m            make all directories
    -n            do not change current version
    -p            generate python domain classes
    -s            generate sql schema and persistence classes
    -d <dir>  versions directory
    -x            generate xml schema and persistence classes
    -v <version>  vistrail version tag
    -b <dir>  base directory

If you have not created any directory structure for the version,
common usage would be something like

python -v 0.6.0 -m -a -n

with -n depending on whether you wish to change the current version or not.

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