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* Re: TCP resets in response to HEAD requests

* perlbal idea: X-Pick-Backend header (fwd)

* Perlbal rate limiting patch (fwd)

* Perlbal hook to modify response headers before getting sent to client

* sendmail from perlbal?

* Perlbal's SSL blocks during connect?

* window sizes, so_recvbuf

* perlbal memory leaks --- need to add watches

* Perlbal memory leak / spin on no servers in pool

* non-blocking SSL from DJabberd

* Perlbal with Danga::Socket and IO::KQueue

* Track disconnects from backends

* Allow option to say O_EXCL for PUTs

* reduce system calls (epoll_ctl, socket creation, corking)

* Allow configurable response code that means 'backend dead; replay request'

* Proxying TCP (non-HTTP) services

* more global & per node/service/pool bytes in/out

* make the response-code-tracking-per-ipport a plugin, not on by default

* pidfile writing

* acl stuff

* CREATE SERVICE foo LIKE webserver

* HTTP::Request (and other LWP/etc stuff) is required for make test but not the rest of the app.  fix that one way or another.

* ProxyPassReverse-like system

* getter commands to retrieve the running config (GET?) or DUMP/SHOW/LIST

* get rid of httpres vs. res distinction in HTTPHeaders

* verify that we support all the HTTP methods that subversion needs

* secure downloads

* perlbal needs "SERVER" command to drop root and change to another user

* in SSL mode, when role is web_server, you can't sendfile()!

* cacheable header perlbal plugin

* content caching perlbal plugin

* IP scoring to assist throttling IPs

* header counting and display perlbal plugin

* max conns to backend limit

* make AccessControl plugin efficient with tons of rules

* perlbal: fix Undef client_ip errors

* perlbal: fix "Use of uninitialized value in (split|bitwise|string)"

* Perlbal closes connection on some AJAX requests

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