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Things to add to PythonCAD, shortcomings to address, feature
requests, and reminders can go in this file.

* Replace GTKImage class with ImageView/ImageWindow classes.

* Write the DWG/DXF->PythonCAD data conversion routines to
utilize the DWG/DXF reading code so that files in those
formats can be loaded within PythonCAD.

* Enhance messaging system error handling - a tough problem
currently "solved" by a try/except block that merely prints
out the Exception

* Consolidate various routines in the Image and Layer classes
used for searching and testing entity existence.

* Utilize the Entity parent/child relationship info in the
Interface code more - a getParent() call will specify the
Layer an entity is stored in, which could replace various
find-and-test queries currently performed.

* Rewrite entity moving routines to utilize the move() methods
on the entities when possible. Also re-examine the issue
of moving the users of a Point entity (i.e. if the center point
of a circle is selected and moved, but the circle itself was
not selected, should the circle be moved or not?) [DONE]

* Make use of scaling - provide some sort of interface for
adjusting the scale, use the scale value when calculating
dimensions, etc.

* Make the selection/modifications routines consistent with regard
to the order of entity selection and operation - either select
entities before executing an operation or select an operation
to perform and then select entities on which to apply the
action. [DONE, mostly]

* Allow for the user preferences to be stored when the 'Preferences'
dialog is adjusted. The current behavior regarding handling of the
user preferences is not consistent with most other applications.
Possibly split the preferences up to be those applicable to all
Images and then an per-Image dialog?
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