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R-sciplot - Scientific Graphing Functions for Factorial Designs…  more info»


1.0-9 Fix to remove unused levels from factors. Change default
      ordering of factor levels in legend when more than one group factor. 
1.0-8 Fix to honor factor levels with more than one group factor
1.0-7 Fix to default ylim when all negative values in bargraph.CI
1.0-6 Fix for legend code with fixed=TRUE in lineplot.CI
1.0-5 Fix for incomplete factorial designs in bargraph.CI
1.0-4 Remove period from GPL license
1.0-3 Fix for labeling legend with "fixed=TRUE" option
1.0-2 Fix to enable "las" parameter in lineplot.CI
1.0-1 Fix for unbalanced designs.
1.0-0 Add ability to plot data with non-overlapping x-axis factors in
0.9-0 Remove functions (xppauto.plot, dev2ps) not associated with factorial
      graphs to package separately.
0.8-2 Add options for specifiying width, color and linetype of error bars.
0.8-1 Add example data file for xppauto.plot(). Upload package to CRAN.
0.8-0 Add xppauto.plot for plotting bifurcation diagrams from XPPAUT and
      utility function dev2ps.
0.7-0 Change trace.factor to group. Add option to create a "split plot" for the
      bargraph function similar to the appearance of a back-to-back histogram.
0.6-1 Fix bug with CI's in lineplot.CI().
0.6-0 Modified CI to allow asymmetric functions. Changed handling of data 
0.5-0 First release.

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