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This directory provides a simple example of using RInside with the Qt
toolkit---using a SVG renderer.  Usage is standard Qt usage, do


to generate a Makefile from the qmake source file ending in .pro, followed


which should generate the qtdensity binary.  Doing

    make clean

tidies things up.

To generate SVG output, this version depends on the cairoDevice package for R
which you may need to install.  According to its author Michael Lawrence,
there are two small issues.  The first is that the SVG produced by
cairoDevice is a littler richer than the subset which Qt can show.  We
address this by filtering the file before viewing it.  The other is an
apparent error in the clipping which we cannot do anything about---Michael
considers it a rendering issue.

All the help by Michael in getting the svg variant to roll is gratefully


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