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Rcplex -- An R interface to the ILOG CPLEX optimizer 

CPLEX is an industrial-strength solver for linear, quadratic and mixed integer programs.
This interface uses the CPLEX callable library to create and solve problems of these types.
Problem type is determined by problem data passed to the Rcplex function.
Many CPLEX parameters are allowed to be set with functions to set any CPLEX parameter forthcoming
in future versions. 

Installation of the Rcplex package REQUIRES a working CPLEX installation. Also, as in regular CPLEX usage,
the environment variable ILOG_LICENSE_FILE must be set to the location of a file with a valid ILOG license key.

See the file "INSTALL" for details on how to install the Rcplex package on Linux/Unix-like systems.
No support for Windows systems is currently available.

Author: Hector Corrada Bravo (to report bugs send email to
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