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1. About this tests

This is tests to check whether compiler understand or not some language
construction. It is NOT tests for language support libraries, only tests for

The main purposes of this tests is to help for developers to find correct
workarounds, if compiler don't understand some (correct) language constructions.


2. Compilation

Compilation with GNU Make utility and gcc compiler:

make -f gcc.mak -k


Notes about tests.

ttei1.cpp, ttei2.cpp, ttei3.cpp, ttei4.cpp, ttei5.cpp:

tests for template-in-the-template explicit specialization.
Indeed ttei3.cpp, ttei4.cpp, ttei5.cpp suggest syntax not approved by standard
(14.7.3, paragraphs 16--18), but ttei3.cpp, ttei4.cpp accepted (recheck!) by VC6,
while ttei5.cpp accepted by gcc before 3.4.0.
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