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			 Singular version 3.0
		     University of Kaiserslautern
     Department of Mathematics        Centre for Computer Algebra
	  Authors: G.-M. Greuel, G. Pfister, H. Schoenemann
		  (C) 1986-2005 All Rights Reserved


This directory contains the source files for the Singular interpreter and
the following subdirectories:
  'LIB'   -- contains Singular libraries written in Singular's
             programming language

See the following files in this directory
  'INSTALL' -- for information on how to install Singular
  'COPYING' -- for copying and license information

See below for an overview of Singular, and for distribution and
support information.

If you receive this file as part of a complete Singular distribution,
see also the files contained in the top
directory of the full Singular distribution.

Overview of Singular
Singular is a special-purpose computer algebra system for commutative
algebra and algebraic geometry. The main features of Singular are:

 * Computations in very general rings (polynomial rings, localizations
   of rings at a prime ideal, tensor products of rings) over many
   ground fields (rational numbers, mod p numbers, Galois fields,
   transcendental/algebraic extensions) and monomial orderings (all
   standard monomial orderings, including matrix orderings)

 * Very fast standard (resp. Groebner) bases computations

 * Polynomial factorization, resultant, and gcd computations

 * Large variety of implemented related algorithm: FGLM,
   Hilbert-driven, Factorizing Buchberger; Minimal resolutions,
   Primary decomposition; Usual ideal theoretic operations; standard
   combinatorial algorithms.

 * Efficient and flexible communication links based on the MP
   protocol and library

 * Easy-to-use, command-driven user-interface

 * Intuitive, C-like programming language

 * Extensive libraries of procedures, written in Singular's
   programming language

 * Written in C/C++. Available as source and binary for some hard- and
   software platforms (including most Un*x variants, MS-DOG, MacOS)

Distribution of Singular
The newest version of Singular is always available by anonymous ftp

Binary versions of Singular for common hard- and software
platforms are available.

Architecture - independent files (such as libraries written in the
Singular programming language, and the Singular documentation) are
distributed as Singular-<version>-share.tar.gz.

Singular's terminal i/o is most convenient if it is linked with the
GNU readline library.
The GMP library and the readline library is available at
your local GNU mirrors. You have to have these library
already installed, before Singular can be linked with them.

The MP library library is available from
For further information on MP, see also

The NTL library (Victor Shoup) is recommended.
It is avavailable from

The factory and libfac library are available from

More information about Singular: Comments, Questions, Bug Reports

More and up-to-date information about Singular is always available
We very much welcome any comments, questions, and bug reports. Please
contact us at

GOOD LUCK and ENJOY!                         Your Singular team.

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