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First release


More bug fixes


New cool feature: specify a src when defining a region and the 
module will determine the media dimensions and use those dimensions
as the dimensions of the region.

$s->addRegion( "sm-src" => "" ... );

This even works with hyperlinks, if LWP is installed.  You can also
specify locally referenced files within the current filesystem.

Currently, the only media type supported is GIF, but I plan to support
JPG and of course all the RealMedia file types.  I imagine that 
Flash/Shockwave won't be too hard since the file format is publically


Added more datatypes to the addRegion( "sm-src" ) functionality. You
can now specify a RealText or RealPix file and the region will snoop
out the size of the files and create the region with those sizes.


The makefile is now working.  This means that you can install simply
by untarring and running "perl Makefile.PL"  


Updated makefile so that it uses the standard ExtUtils::MakeMaker.


Added new member functions so that users can add arbitrary code to their 
SMIL files.  Call "addCode" to add user-defined code, or "addComment"
to add a comment.  The user is responsible for formatting.


Installation information was updated.  Make sure to run make after you
run the perl command.

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