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    Task::BeLike::JJNAPIORK - Stuff I always use

        cpanm Task::BeLike::JJNAPIORK

    When I bootstrap a new project, or when someone wants to contribute to
    one of my projects, there's a handful of modules you need which are not
    listed in the "Makefile.PL". Think of these as 'meta' projects files, or
    like a SDK for working on CPAN modules. They are not things someone who
    is just using the module needs, just authors.

    This module is intended to bundle those together so as to make it faster
    for me to bootstrap a new project and to make it easier for anyone that
    wants to contribute to a project I am working on. Also, its one less
    thing I need to do when getting started on a new project or reviving an
    old one.

    Typically when I start a new project, I build my "Makefile.PL" around
    the Module::Install ecosystem. I also use App::cpanminus and a few other
    bits to make using local::lib and git easier. This means before I can
    even get started (or a contributor started) we need some unnecessary
    ceremony. The "Makefile.PL" is great for managing the dependencies of a
    project, but it can't recursively manage its own dependencies, which
    means that authors (NOT installers) will always need to install a few
    bits to get started working. My goal here is to reduce that effort, at
    least for my current workflow. Hopefully you will catch some useful
    ideas that work for you.

    Unlike most of the distributions in the Task::BeLike namespace, this is
    not a catchall of everything I love to use. This is a pretty minimum
    list, most of which have no or few dependencies with a very high rate of
    installation success. So if you want to be like me when starting a new
    project, this is it!

    Typically I assume a locally installed perl (which is probably installed
    via App::perlbrew) and nothing else when starting a project. I then
    bootstrap a local::lib managed local directory of the basic dependencies
    and go from there. I use the online version of App::cpanminus to get
    this rolling:

      curl -L | perl - -l ~/mylocal Task::BeLike::JJNAPIORK

    After that, I open a command interpreter who's environment has been
    fixed up to find the local::lib which App::cpanminus has created:

      ~/mylocal/bin/localenv bash

    After that I will use the project "Makefile.PL" to install project level
    dependencies, start a new project, etc.

    This Task module installs the following

        Awesome searching power.

        Easier to install CPAN modules

        Easier to manage your project dependencies.

        Mark some tests as author only.

        Add github repository stuff.

        Make and clean manifest files for me.

        Make the readme file I am always forgetting to do.

        For when a text only README is desired.

        Start you off with a sane MANIFEST.SKIP file.

        For when I am too lazy to make my own project skeletons

        Make it easier to use local::lib

    John Napiorkowski " <<"> >

    Copyright 2010, John Napiorkowski

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.

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