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Tk::XMLViewer Module

Tk::XMLViewer is an extended Text widget which displays XML data in a
hierarchical tree. It's possible to hide parts of the tree.

As a bonus method, there is XMLDump, which can dump Tk::Text data to
XML (this method is still imperfect).

To install, type

	$ perl Makefile.PL
	$ make
	$ make test
	$ make demo
	$ make install

Additional requirements:
XML-Parser and, of course, the Perl/Tk distribution. To automatically
install these modules, use the prereqinst script:

	$ perl

To install with ActiveState Perl type

	$ perl Makefile.PL
	$ nmake
	$ nmake test
	$ nmake demo
	$ nmake install

If there are modules missing use the prereqinst script with the -ppm

	$ perl -ppm

Also included is a standalone program for viewing XML files:

Send bug reports, patches, comments and suggestions to

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