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This is version X10/6.6 of xterm, the VT102/Tektronix 4014 terminal emulator.
This program has been greatly changed and enhanced by:

	Edward Moy
	Academic Computing Services
	University of California, Berkeley


Notable features in 6.6 include scrollbars, titlebars, new menus and a new
menu package, auto-raising of windows, visual bell, new icons, logging
capability, status line, reverse wraparound and an alternate screen buffer.
A more detailed description can be found in the CHANGES file.

Included here are the pre-compiled executables of xterm (and resize) for
the MicroVax (under Ultrix) and for Sun-3s.

NOTE:  I am keeping the official SCCS directory on my MicroVax.  Any changes
made here may not appear on later releases unless you tell me about them
and I feel they are useful (I'm fairly reasonable).
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