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Last revised by Ron Newman, September 14, 1987

"bm-convert" reads an X10-format bitmap file on the standard input
and writes out the equivalent X11-format bitmap file on the standard
output.  It takes no command-line options of any kind, and does its
work without using an X server.

An X10-format bitmap file contains an array of 16-bit hex constants
declared as "static short foo_bits[]", where "foo" is usually replaced by
a name derived from the name of the file.  In X11 format, the declaration
is "static char foo_bits[]" and the hex constants are 8 bits wide.  In
addition, the X10 format pads each scanline to a 16-bit boundary,
while X11 format pads only to an 8-bit boundary.

For more information, look at the man page for the "bitmap" program,
and the descriptions of XReadBitmapFile, XCreateBitmapFromData, and
XPutImage in the Xlib manual.

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