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are we working with cpan's auto-dependency install system?
	if not, fix it.

release notes:
    this is harmless, but if you don't like it, upgrade to
    DBD::mysql > 3.0007
          SELECT table_name 
            FROM index_tables 
            WHERE doctype  = ? 
            AND textsearch = ? 
              ORDER BY table_type
        ) statement handle DBI::st=HASH(0x8b2b390) still Active at 
  .test/lib//XML/Comma/SQL/ line 755
- postgres support has been dropped for the moment. if you want to
    make it work again, please help!

- read, understand, document the 1.20 -> DEVEL changes
- make sure perl Makefile.PL && make && make test && sudo make install
  works out of the box w/o problems or errors. also do this on a 1.x
  upgrade install

- element-specific locking for when whole body lock is unnec. and too
  heavy weight?
- maybe use ExtUtils::MakeMaker::prompt for automated testers
- it'd be nice to have "iterators" on nested plural elements
- test cases for $blob_el->{append|set}() combinations
- make $blob_el->set() more efficient by nuking the fcopy and
  instead keep the appendage and the original data seperate
  use _set_was_called for this
- audit for SQL queries => parameterized queries, e.g.:
  my $sth = $dbh->prepare_cached ( "SELECT bla FROM foo WHERE key = \"$key\"");
  my $sth = $dbh->prepare_cached ( "SELECT bla FROM foo WHERE key = ? ");
  $sth->execute( $key );
this is MUCH more secure and less error prone. it appears most of the
SQL code we have (if not all) already does this, but since I just 
discovered it, I want to make sure it ALL does...

- t/indexing.t sometimes fails because of an incomplete previous run, or
	cruft in the database. make it more robust.
	think: table to drop, delete entryy in index_tables, delete any comma_locks (dangerous)

- XML::Comma::Doc->store () could use exclude_hooks and include_hooks
	instead of just no_hooks => 0/1 ... we happen to luck out with cache_static
	macro and Gadgets's Post.def, but it'd be nice to say WHICH hooks to exlude

- make postgres support work again. introduction of transaction support in DBD::Pg
  seems to have broken most everything, yuck.
- postgres support in
- add some support for locking an entire table
    (there are common defs which which have race condition pre_store_hooks (other
     hooks?) without this)
   (ie, die "duplicate" if ($self->def()->get_index("main")->single(where_clause => 
    "special_key = '$this_docs_key'"));
    #here another thread calls store...
    #when we leave the pre_store_hook, we are written to disk & index, and we have a dupe)
- lazy allocation of doc structure (ie, do nothing on call to read/retrieve(), but on
  subsequent call to $doc->somefield, grab from db if poss. else grab from disk for 
  speed reasons. allow old behavior with read(slow => 1), but I'm not sure why you'd
  need that except debugging)
  this will also allow things like my @docs = $it->all() - right now you couldn't do
  that without calling a read_doc on each item, which is verrrrry slow...
- it'd be nice if we could do some SQL-ish things with storage iterators... but best to
  read up on the progress (or is that lack of progress) with SQLite first...

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