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= written by Alan Wind, 2008-04-15

[The following text reflects the situtation with XML::Compile::SOAP 0.72]

WS-Security uses SOAP header fields which are not found in the WSDL
specification.  To fix this, we have to modify the WSDL by hand.

 1. Modify wsdl:
    1.1. Add namespace to definitions node:
    1.2. Add to message name for request here called nameOfMsg:
           <part name="header" element="wss:Security"/>
    1.3. Add to operation node's input:
           <soap:header message="tns:nameOfMsg" part="header" use="literal"/>

 2. Modify your program to populate the Security header fields

[This procedure will certainly be simpler in later versions of this
SOAP implementation.  I'll try not to forget updating this text. MO]

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