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Revision history for Perl module XML::TreePP::XMLPath.

0.56    2009-09-08 reg
        - This fixes a bug for getElements and getAttributes methods. These
          methods were only returning values for the first found node instead of
          all found nodes. The fix was to change these methods to use the
          filterXMLDoc method, instead of the deprecated getSubtree method.
        - New test cases added to test the aformentioned scenario.
        - The helper script '' was added to allow for manually
          executing all test cases at once.
        - Documentation added to README and POD to describe how to use this
          module with a generic (non-XML) PERL code reference tree.

0.55    2009-08-10 reg
        - This is a rerelease of 0.54 for CPAN. There are no modifications.

0.54    2009-08-10 reg
        - There was a conflict in the documentation as to the true name of the
          getValue() method. However, I like getValues() better as the method
          name. So the function getValue() changed names to getValues().
        - This update was released on the same day as 0.53

0.53    2009-08-10 reg
        - The author has decided to attempt some level of XPath compatibility.
        - Added new method getValue() to retrieve values from an XML Document
          as derived from the given XMLPath.
        - Changed warning implementation to carp
        - Added Data::Dump dependency in Makefile.PL. This dependency was
          introduced in version 0.52, but failed to be added as a dependency
          in the Makefile.PL. This resulted in test and runtime errors if that
          module did not exist on the system.

0.52    2009-05-12 reg
        - Removed dependency on Params::Validate
        - Updated documentation with corrections
        - Expanded the fundamental filter support recognized by XMLPath
          philosophy. Additional filtering now includes:
          + attribute/element existence testing : /books/book[@author]
          + accessing items with positional a argument : /books/book[3]
          + access the current context with '.' : 
            /path/node[.="CDATAvalue"] -sameas-> /path[node="CDATAvalue"]/node
            or /path/node/.[@attr="val"] -sameas-> /path/node[@attr="val"]
        - Expanded parseXMLPath() to support the new XMLPath filter options
        - Added filterXMLDoc() method
          + replaces getSubtree() and validateAttrValue() methods
          + implements the new XMLPath filter options
        - Deprecated getSubtree() and validateAttrValue() methods
        - Added get() and set() methods to support passing in properties that
          should be used when this module loads XML::TreePP (ie 'attr_prefix')
        - Added tpp() accessor method to access the loaded instance of
          XML::TreePP, or to load an instance for this module to use.

0.51    2008-11-10 reg
        - Added Params::Validate dependency to Makefile to allow for
          successful building

0.50	2008-11-03 reg
	- original version
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