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aacgain Linux build instructions

Based on Prakash Punnoor's Unix Build System

This document describes how to build a statically-linked
aacgain executable on a Unix-based system. It has been tested
on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) and Mac OS X 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard). 

Note that aacgain/ specifies
   LDFLAGS = -static
Due to the subclassing of mp4v2 C++ code, and use of faad2 internal
interfaces, use of shared libraries is not recommended.

Please refer to the main README file in the aacgain directory
for more details.

1) Extract required code into the following directory structure,
   as described in the main README file:

      --faad2 (rename if necessary)
      --mp4v2 (rename if necessary)

2) Build libmp4v2 as follows:
   cd <top_srcdir>/aacgain
   patch -p0 <mp4v2.patch (optional but recommended, see main README for details)
   cd <top_srcdir>/mp4v2

2) Build libfaad as follows:
   cd <top_srcdir>/faad2
   cd libfaad

3) Set up the build environment for aacgain as follows:
   cd <top_srcdir>/aacgain/linux
   chmod +x (sorry I am unable to make this file executable in CVS)
   This runs autoreconf to create the configure script, and applies a
   required patch to mp3gain/mpglibDBL to allow it to #include the
   uintXX_t types.

4) Build aacgain as follows:
   cd <top_srcdir>/aacgain/linux (or any other location you choose)
   mkdir build && cd build (optional but recommended)

5) The generated executable is build/aacgain/aacgain. Once compilation is
   finished, you may reduce its size by running strip -s on it.
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