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 Change history for aafigure

aafigure 0.5    2010-03-24
    Bugs fixed ( IDs):
    - #392949 aafigure fails to run examples : missing font files cause breakage
    - #411253 KeyError is raised for PDF rendering with -O font= option
    - #411255 Importing PIL fails on some installation
    - #411257 East-asian wideglyphs breaks alignment
    - #462593 KeyError: 'format' when using through MoinMoin parser "aafig"
    - #529409 aafigured SVGs are not rendered by evince, nautilus-thumbnailer, zim and perhaps others

aafigure 0.4    2009-07-04
    Internal code cleanups, add "process" function to external API.
    Improved and for a more complete source distribution.
    Documentation is done with Sphinx.
    Command line tool: added --option.
    Several bug fixes.

aafigure 0.3    2009-06-13
    Added type detection by filename. Added examples and man page and did some
    internal cleanups.

aafigure 0.2    2009-06-12
    Separated into standalone project. Previously it was found in the docutils
    sandbox. The Docutils plugin for the aafigure directive is separated and
    aafigure is now a standalone package and command line tool. The plugin is
    still available as separate package that uses aafigure as dependency.

    Added Debian control files to build a package.
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