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aaphoto Changelog:
2010/07/18 - aaphoto v0.38 - additional verbose message showing presence of alpha channel in PNG images
                           - bugfix: fix compile with only BMP support
                           - fix some warning messages during build
                           - removing unnecessary __WIN32__ macro
2010/05/10 - aaphoto v0.37 - OpenMP support added for multi processing, all possible time intensive codes paralleled
                             __OPENMP__ directive and -fopenmp option are needed at compile time (supported since GCC v4.2)
                             (not available on windows platform yet)
                           - new -t, --threads switch added for manually setting the number of working threads
                           - new aaRGB v0.61 version update
                           - bugfix: exif info was missed out after last version's change in JPEG handling
                           - improvement in exif handling and verbose messages
                           - refining additional verbose messages
                           - removing pgx file type support because it is outdated
                           - some changes in documentation
                           - some minor code cleanup and bugfixes
2010/03/16 - aaphoto v0.36 - bugfix: fix for tmpfile() patches of libjasper and libjpeg (windows platform only)
                             when running more than one instances of aaphoto at a time, they all used the same
                             temporary files and therefore the images became corrupt
                           - bugfix: it doesn't ask for administrative privileges anymore while running in an admin account
                             under vista and windows 7 (windows platform only)
                           - bugfix: the --rotate180 switch didn't turn the middle line in images with odd heights
                           - JPEG format handling entirely rewritten to be able to handle extra parameters in this format
                             separately, now libjpeg is used directly instead of libjasper for reading / writing JPEG images
                             so libjpeg is a new dependency from now on, formerly only libjasper was depended on it
                           - original DPI values of images are restored in BMP, JPEG and PNG formats during conversion
                           - refining program messages
                           - printing the time elapsed in seconds since program start in verbose mode if not zero
                           - printing extra info of bitmap dimension, resolution and color depth in verbose mode
2010/02/25 - aaphoto v0.35 - bugfix: possible buffer overflows fixed
2010/02/19 - aaphoto v0.34 - __UNIX__ macro removed from Makefile, not needed anymore
                           - bugfix: static binary update with patches of libjasper and libjpeg
                             1) sleep() function missing on mingw32 platform
                             2) bad implementation of tmpfile() function on windows platform
                                it tries to create temporary files in the root of current directory
                                instead of the system temporary path so that causes failure for unprivileged users
                                who don't have permissions to write there
                           - update: changes in new version of libpng 1.4.0, aaio.c updated as necessary
                                png_check_sig() function replaced with png_sig_cmp()
                                setjmp(png_ptr->jmpbuf) has been deprecated, changed to setjmp(png_jmpbuf(png_ptr))
                                see more at
2010/01/10 - aaphoto v0.33 - some changes in documentation
                           - bugfix: unfreed space caused memory leak
                           - bugfix: uninitialized variable caused --resize to misbehave
                           - fix: change of return values in procedures to reflect standard exit codes
                             now it has a sense to run something like "aaphoto image.jpg && echo OK"
                             formerly return codes meant opposite
                           - fix a warning message during compile time, an include was missing
                           - boundary check of fixed size arrays added for safety reasons
                           - the --speed switch removed, it made the code less platform independent and was fussy anyway
                           - error messages printed to stderr instead of stdout from now
                           - more verbose error message on failure of image load
2009/10/18 - aaphoto v0.32 - new aaRGB v0.60 version update
                           - new --noexif switch added for the ability to save new image without exif info
                           - new --bmp switch added for BMP format output
                           - new -o, --output switch added for alternate directory output
2009/08/23 - aaphoto v0.31 - bugfix: __BMP_ONLY__ directive fix in source code
                           - bugfix: writing of BMP images could result in corrupt BMP structure
                           - code cleanup in BMP write function
                           - parameters of switches also work with spaces between them
                           - new aaRGB v0.59 version update
2009/02/22 - aaphoto v0.30 - implementation of PNG format (RGB and Gray images read / write with alpha channel support)
                           - bugfix: reading corrupt exif info in JPEG files could get into an infinite loop
                           - bugfix: length of exif info was determined wrongly
                           - rework of the parameters and switches parsing part
                           - lots of code cleanup
                           - most of the comments in code translated into english
                           - print messages get flushed out with fflush now during process
                           - the --info switch removed
                           - the -o switch removed for safety reasons, --overwrite still available
                           - the -h switch added for unix compatibility
                           - the -j1 and -j2 switch removed, --jpg and --jp2 still available
                           - the --png switch is now new for PNG output
                           - the -s switch changed from --speed to --silent for compatibility reasons
                           - the --mute switch changed to -s, --silent and --quiet for unix / posix compatibility
                           - the -V, --verbose switch is now new for more detailed output during image process
                           - the --test switch now turns the --autoadjust switch on by default
			   - the -d, --description and -l, --license switches removed
                           - new aaRGB v0.58 version update
2008/02/02 - aaphoto v0.29 - bugfix: color space variable was not defined during the load of BMP format
                           - bugfix: BMP format handling fixed for JPEG conversion
                           - grayscale images can also be used as an input
                           - change: file name buffer increased (for processing files in folders)
                           - Exif meta data information is now restored during conversion in JPEG images
2007/08/11 - aaphoto v0.28 - new aaRGB v0.57 version update
                           - bugfix: removing extra slashes from the end of folders
2007/07/04 - aaphoto v0.27 - new aaRGB v0.56 version update v0.56 with "Apply only on selection" function
2007/05/26 - aaphoto v0.26 - bugfix: Win32 version crashed during JPEG-2000 conversion
2007/05/19 - aaphoto v0.25 - expanding functions: Rotate 90, 180, 270, Flip x, Flip y
2007/05/01 - aaphoto v0.24 - improving timing values
                           - input parameter can be folders too beside files
                           - bitmap info parameter now working with bmp too
                           - simplifying parameter input: no --autoadjust parameter needed from now, default is on
2007/04/03 - aaphoto v0.23 - new aaRGB v0.55 version update
2007/04/01 - aaphoto v0.22 - new aaRGB v0.54 version update
2007/03/30 - aaphoto v0.21 - bmp_only macro created in source code for other platforms
                           - bug fixes
2007/03/29 - aaphoto v0.20 - new aaRGB v0.53 version update
2007/02/25 - aaphoto v0.19 - extra information output within image for testing purposes
2007/02/22 - aaphoto v0.18 - custom code for BMP input/output (helps in testing)
2007/01/24 - aaphoto v0.17 - JasPer coder implemented for further image formats
2007/01/04 - aaphoto v0.16 - stable working command-line version for linux environment with BMP format support

aaRGB Changelog:
2010/05/02 - aaRGB v0.61 - OpenMP support added for multi processing, all computing cycles paralleled
                         - warning issues solved with some uninitialized variables
                         - some code cleanup
2009/10/18 - aaRGB v0.60 - gamma handling of the lighter colors removed from the two-pole gamma computing
                           by setting the gamma_interval_high from 0.9 to 1
                           it proved to be inefficient
2009/04/05 - aaRGB v0.59 - some more code cleanup
2009/02/22 - aaRGB v0.58 - code cleanup
2007/08/11 - aaRGB v0.57 - improved black and white point analyzing
                           from now they won't be scaled to perfect black and white but to their darkest
                           and brightest color that have maximum saturation -with this, overexposure problem fixed
                         - improved saturation algorithm with full floating point computing and HSL conversion
                           with this, over saturated colors problem fixed
                         - expanded image information display with color balance circle for testing (--test switch)
                         - removed text information from test display (--test switch)
2007/06/21 - aaRGB v0.56 - expanded functionality with "apply only on selection" to apply the changes only on the selected area
2007/04/03 - aaRGB v0.55 - maximizing saturation limit with a predefined constant to avoid overexposure on saturation
                           when reconverting the same image
2007/04/01 - aaRGB v0.54 - new two-pole gamma computing
                         - new saturation compensation
2007/03/29 - aaRGB v0.53 - improved contrast computing to avoid underexposure
2007/02/25 - aaRGB v0.52 - improved image information display for testing (--test switch)
2007/02/16 - aaRGB v0.51 - improved average RGB color computing for more accurate color balance calibration
2007/01/04 - aaRGB v0.49 - stable working version with gamma handling and more clever image analyzing
2006/08/29 - aaRGB project begun...
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