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Auto Adjust Photo - TODO LIST

- ability to pipe through raw or bmp data
- try to make the image input/output code paralleled too
- check EXIF handling in libjpeg if it can restore data on its own
- give more verbose error messages on faliure of image load
- let more than one output format be specified

- include manual file with sources
- clean source code and correct tabs and spaces
- translate all comments to english in aargb.c too
- special progress bar in verbose mode
- recursive directory read with -R and --recursive switches
- at jpeg images, try to set back the original compression quality
- saturation gets too strong on images that are almost gray
- possibility for desktop menu integration in install script (xfce, gnome, kde)

- autorotate function according to exif info (not default)
- add --noframe option to leave out the frame part of the picture from computing
- add --nodate option for leaving out dates stamped on pictures
- camera raw format

- automatic red eye removal (print message if there was any)
- automatic noise reduction
- automatic selective gaussian blur
- automatic sharpening
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