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abby is a front-end for cclive and clive which are used to
download videos from Youtube and other similar video hosts.

abby is written in C++ and depends on the Qt framework.


You will need to set the path to either clive(1) or cclive(1) command.
You can do this by opening the preferences (Edit/Preferences). Note that
abby will check the path everytime it starts and prompts a notification
if it cannot run the c/clive command.

You can confirm that c/clive was found by opening the about dialog (Help/

First download

Once the path is set to c/clive, you can add a new link to the download
list by clicking the "plus" button left to the list widget. abby will
prompt for a video page link. Note that before anything gets added to the
list, abby verifies the c/clive supports the specified video host.

Now that you have added a video page link to the list, you can click the
download button (bottom-right to the list widget). This starts the c/clive
process. The download progress is presented using the progressbars and
various labels but you can also view various process details by opening
the "Log" tab.

Feature: RSS

abby can parse RSS feeds. This feature can be accessed by clicking the
"RSS". Once the dialog is open, you can enter a RSS feed link, for example:

You can also append "&orderby=updated" to the URL.

And hit "Fetch". When the parsed items appear in the list, you can select
each item to the download list by checking the box before the video title.
By hitting "OK", each selected item will be added to the download list.

Note also the tiny button before the "Fetch" button. This opens another
dialog (Feed manager) that can be used to save your feed links so that you
can select them later without having to type them again. To re-use a link
from "Feed manager", select a link from the list and hit "OK".

Note that this feature is not Youtube specific, although the example link
above was for Youtube. You can use the RSS parsing feature ultimately with
any website that provides RSS content containing video page links to the
c/clive supported websites.

Feature: Scan

abby can scan for video page links from any URL. This feature can be accessed
by clicking the button underneath the "RSS" button. The interface is somewhat
similar to the RSS dialog except that you are presented with the "Fetch video
title" option box.

Before you can start the scan, you will need to add a link to the "Link:"
field. This could be, for example, the front-page of Youtube website

If the "Fetch video title" is checked, abby will perform the scan in two
steps, first it will fetch the content from specified link and parses it for
video page links, and then visits those links for page title information.

Hit the "Scan" button to start the scan process.

Once the process has completed, abby adds the detected video page links
to the list widget from which you can check those items that you wish to
download. Clicking the "OK" button will then transfer the selected items to
the download list.

Note that the scan feature currently supports only Youtube links. This means
that it only recognizes Youtube video page links from the scanned content.

And yes, it works with Youtube playlists.


abby supports keyboard shortcuts. These are visible in the menu. For example,
Alt+A would open the "Add link" dialog.

You can edit list items by double clicking them. This applies to all windows
and dialogs with list widgets.

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